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Still a soft rainbow thro' the clouds appear’d,
And each dark prospect was by mercy cheer'd;
Some dove seem'd hov’ring o’er the wintry waste,
To whisper comfort with benignant haste;
In Lethe's current then forget the past,

Nor let the future be with doubt o'ercast,

Spring's balmy zephyrs banish Winter's gloom,
And the sweet primrose leaves her frozen tomb;
Again Creation wakens from the dead,
Again the violet will her fragrance shed ;
The lark, once more, will renovate her song,
And soothe e'en Poverty's laborious throng.
Then emulate the hardy British oak,
That braves the gale, beat down, but never broke;

Spurn the low censure of the jealous crowd,

Soar in defeat, in adverse fortune proud ;

Prudence and courage will again avail,

To stem the torrent, or direct the sail ;

And while reflecting o’er each chequer'd year,

(That in the firmest oft excites a tear,) Taught by Adversity, our changeful state ; Taught that disasters on the proudest wait;

To each reverse, with gratitude conform, And thank the gracious Being who dispelld the storm. DISCONTENT.

“ Nemo quam sibi sortem,
“ Sen ratio dederit, sen fors objecerit, illâ

" Contentus vivat.”


The sense how perfect, the remark how true,
Immortal Horace in his poem drew;
From reason's dawn, Fortunio's cap we hail,
And dwell enraptur'd on some fairy tale.
Through school and college, mark th' aspiring boy,
With gaudy visions, ev'ry thought employ ;
The livery'd train, and splendid court admires,
Or gay Newmarket future bliss inspires ;

With rank and honours the rich noble crown'd,

Palls of the blessings, his domain surround;

Sighs for the thorny fields of public life,
Their arduous conflict, and incessant strife;

The Lawyer harass’d at the stormy bar,
With briefs, rejoinders, and forensic jar;
Fatigued by clients, hastens to regain,
His long-lost hamlet, and his native plain;
The wealthy Squire at Winter's frozen mien,
With “cara sposamoping in the spleen;
Home, peace, and comfort, gladly would resign,
In Dissipation's foremost walks to shine.
To toil and trade, the anxious merchant bound,

Dreams of his hunter, equipage, and hound;
On busy Commerce all his anger vents,
And sylvan triumphs banish Three per Cents.

The haughty Minister by clamour press’d,
His friends insulted, and his foes caress'd;

Views like a student, some paternal seat,

And looks with rapture, to his lov'd retreat.

While the brave Soldier, in Bellona's car,

(As the shrill bugle echoes from afar ;)



Borne by the gale, on Glory's prosp'rous tide,
Pants for his cottage, and bewitching bride.
Thus, as our destin’d part we briefly play,
Why, in vain murmurs waste the fleeting day?
Like Rome's great Poet, seize the present hour,

And leave the future to an higher power ;

Whose bounties still in ev'ry rank abound,

Thro' sandy plains, and wint'ry wastes are found;

In the rude cabin, by each tempest rent,

The Tartar hovel, or the Arab tent.

And as past scenes revolve in quick review,
Recall with rapture, some are kind and true ;
Whose gen'rous bosoms ever bring relief,
Share all our pleasure, and dispel our grief;
Each anxious thought then banish from the breast,
Each gloomy spectre that disturbs our rest;
And if to Nestor's honoured age you live,
Injustice pardon, and neglect forgive;
The recompense !-a greater can you find ?

Is the proud feeling of an upright mind.

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