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Should you Ambition's lofty summit dare,
Grandeur and honours form your only care ;"
While Envy's spectre will each step attend,
Haunt you through life, and warp each youthful friend.
Think then no more to raise a Gresham's fame,

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No longer fancy some Pactolian stream, (Wild and romantic as a poet's dream);

Strive in the Senate and the Bar to shine,

Or the brave soldier's warlike banner join;

Implore of Heaven your future course to guide, And o’er your chequer'd path benignantly preside.

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“ Let Fate do her worst, there are relics of joy,

Bright scenes of the past which she cannot destroy ;
“ Which come in the night-time of sorrow and care,
“And bring back the features, that mirth used to wear.”


Tho'swift as a meteor six lustres have flown,

humble roof was transmitted my own;


Throughout this fair island, this gem of the wave,
On few, Fancy's wand could more truly engrave;
The line, a misanthropist scarcely could hate,
None arrive here too early, or quitted too late.
Rut the Monarch exclaims-(long for wisdom renown'd,)
“A time, and a season, for all things is found ;*
Too soon at the fountain the wheel is decay'd,
“Or the almond-tree's snow will our tresses invade ;
“ The grasshopper's voice is regarded with pain,
“ And the cord-tho' of silver, is broken in twain;

“E'en the bright golden bowl will soon tarnish and fail, “And the languor of pain, or of sickness assail ;

“ Then age ! palsied age! with an aspect of woe,
“Feebly whispers—each blessing prepare to forego ;'
“ Close! close! the apartment, bar swiftly the door,
66 And let dulness succeed to hilarity's roar ;
“ What avails now the · Bourdeaux' long cherish'd with care,

• Or still more seductive, each charm of the fair ?

66 The · Corso can neither attract or delight,
“ And your Claude-like horizon, seems gloomy as night.

* King Solomon in Ecclesiastes.



“ Without e'en a murmur, the hint I receive,

“ Too resign'd, and too grateful, one moment to grieve; “ And vive-valeque' apply to each toy, “ That once my poor bosom with pleasure could buoy ; “ Yet 'vive-valeque demands a fond sigh, “ As long-vanish'd phantoms pass rapidly by ; “ And if stranger or kinsman reign o'er the grey hall, “A few hasty precepts, let friendship recall. “ Join your guests in the chase o'er yon Box-cover'd hill, “ Or where the coy Mole winds her soft-flowing rill ; “ Rove! rove! the wide common, and thyme-scented glade, “ And the Muses invoke in some hawthorn's green shade, “As delighted you glance over . Esher's' fair grove, “Or · St. Anne's,' long devoted to friendship and love ;*

66 And when the old anthem at Christmas is sung,

“ Or with holly, the snow-drifted casement is hung; “ When the ' Yule-log' disperses the black northern wind, “And the soft village bells soothe and gladden the mind,

May the grave and the gay,' in one harmony blend, " While you shine the protector, the landlord, and friend;


* St. Anne's Hill, the beautiful and favourite villa of the late Mr. Fox.

“ May your terrace, your books, and your high-cultur'd farm,

6. With each rural amusement continue to charm;

“ 'Till Nature compels you, at last to retire,
“And dream o’er each object of youthful desire ;

“ Then, then, may your friends prove as steady and true, “ As those, to whom Gratitude falters--Adieu.”

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