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Tho' far other scenes, you are call’d to adorn,
Where our standard is wav'd in the regions of morn;
Where an empire, unrivalld for grandeur extends,
And each once haughty Rajah submissively bends ;
Where the rose and the myrtle, perfume the soft bower,
In each long-vanish'd seat of Mahometan power ;
Yet Hope gently whispers, in language most dear,
You reflect on past moments with sympathy's tear,
Nor forget (while the lamp of existence shall burn,)
The gay seasons, I fear ! that can never return.
But Prudence, stern mentor! cries—“Cease to intrude;

And blushing—these visions of folly conclude;
“Why the warrior enthral, who each danger defies,
“ And the syren-strew'd poppies of sloth can despise ?
“ Who, unlike young Rinaldo, in Armida's grove,
“Or Mark Antony losing an empire for love,
“ In Pleasure's soft dream, scorns to slumber away,
“ But each life-stirring energy calls into play."
May all earthly blessings, your steps then attend,
While honour and fame in each action must blend,

Thro' the spice-grounds of Ceylon, or Hindostan’s plain, Or where Jumna's wide current is roll'd to the main ;



Thro' the stormy monsoon, when no art can avail,
And the direful tornado increases the gale;

May some angel preside, your protector and shield,
In each peril alike, of the flood and the field;"
And with tears for your bliss, let her offer each pray’r,
Tho' she sinks the sad victim of grief and despair.


“ From Pleasure's dream, in silence he retreats,
“ And envies ev'ry 'prentice boy he meets ;
Too proud one friendly visit to repay,
“ Too thoughtless to endure one lonely day;
“ Too indolent to read, too profligate to pray.”

S. Jenyne,


“ In his own grounds he loves to tread,
“Nor envies on his household bed,

“ The couch of Eastern Kings."

Old Ballad.

The hateful journey, oft deferr’d, or chang’d;
His lacqueys gone—his equipage arrang’d;
His tradesmen paid (in promises of gold);
His loves forsaken, and his hunters sold;



Tho' young Hilario, ev'ry effort tries,

Mark what reflections in his bosom rise !

“ Must I desert each long frequented street, “Of mirth and gaiety the favoured seat? “ Forsake the banquet, theatre, and ball, “ The brilliant court, and decorated hall ? “ Nor these alone, should nobler themes delight, 6. The feast of reason, with the Attic night; “ Should crowded senates lofty thoughts inspire,

6 Or Taste and Genius renovate their fire ?

“ Should Painting, Poetry, or Sculpture charm, “Heavens! to exchange them for a swampy farm ! “For Hamlet see, with guilty Richard's frown, “ The Marionettes' of some provincial town! 66 View for Almacks-(my languid spirits droop,) “ The · Colin Maliard of a Christmas group !

“With--oh! ye sisters from Castalia's fount, “ That direful sight-a steward's long account. “ No;— let grandees, who half a province own, “Despise our joys in hypocritic tone ; “With poor dependants rule some wild domain, “Some cringing borough, or obsequious train.



“ And till we hail the soft approach of spring, “ Till vernal gales our beauteous exiles bring,

“Let me, fair Dian! (mistress of the chase,)

“ Thy once-lov'd image in the forest trace;

“Let thy twin-brother, with his tuneful song,
“In fabled scenes the midnight hour prolong ;
“ Let Hospitality her form display,
“ And cheer the horrors of each wintry day,
“ 'Till Hope's bright vision is no more o'ercast,
“ But Pleasure beckons to her arms at last.”

Observe him now, his youthful ardour tam'd,

From all his errors, and his faults reclaim’d;

Each manly feature, furrow'd deep by care,
The long-sought tour, in foreign climes prepare;
With dreams of joy, each lovely daughter fir'd;

Hear his reflections from their mirth retir'd :

“ To-morrow's sun, the odious day reveals,
“ And o’er my bosom what emotion steals !
“ At quitting thee-my dear paternal seat,
“Of peace, and comfort, long the blest retreat!
Farewella long farewell ! to each delight,
“The studious morning, or the social night;

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