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[blocks in formation]

Where the Merchant, (as yon lark,)

Early seeking wealth to gain ? View him in pale Charon’s bark,

Near grim Pluto's dark domain.

Last survey the Warrior bold,

Safe from many a battle's rage; Now entomb’d by foreign mould,

He but lives in Histry's page.

They began the passing year,

Active, gen'rous, frank, and gay; Youth and hope combin’d to cheer,

As Ambition led the way.

Or forsaking all her charms,

For seductive Pleasure's snare ;

Beauty op'd her willing arms,

Vainly Friendship cried—Beware.

When reflecting on their fate,

'Ere another season's fled;

Hapless Minstrel! (wise too late)

Cold and damp may be thy bed.



“ But Love could teach e'en Monarchs to be wise,
“ And light first beam'd, from beauteous Boleyne's eyes."


YE sages! whence this uproar, say,

In old St. Stephen's Hall ?

Return to school-and there survey,

The mightiest e'en may fall.

Obserye Olympus quit the sky,

Forget each care of state,

All Juno's anger dare defy,

On earth-born nymphs to wait.

Need we recall Europa's name,

(Whom foaming billows bore ;)

Semele’s folly-Leda's shame,

Or Danae's golden store.

View, firm Alcides idly spin ;

Apollo pasture sheep;

Forsake the club, and lion's skin,

Or toilsome harvests reap.

To gain his Psyche Cupid strove,

And dying for her charms, Scorn'd Paphos and Idalia's grove,

To revel in her arms.

E’en Orpheus left the realms of day,

For Acheron's domain ;

How he escap'd from Pluto's sway,

His lyre can best explain.

What made the storm Leander brave,

(As Love a torch display'd ;) When o'er th' Hellespontic wave,

He sought his blooming maid.

[blocks in formation]

What sunk Persepolis in fire,

With each majestic dome ? Taught young Endymion to aspire,

And what betray'd old Rome?

What from Leucadia's lofty hill,

Plung'd Sappho in the deep? That voice (the cure for ev'ry ill,)

No more her Phaons weep.

What led in Greece the Phrygian boy,

To violate each tie?

Or with fair Egypt's Queen to toy,

Once made a hero fly ?

What swerv'd a King from duty's call ?

(Who saw his crime too late ;*)

Caus'd tuneful Rizzio's long-wept fall,

And seald poor Mary's fate ?

* David.

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