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When those who flatter'd and carest,

Or on your bounty fed ;

With frozen look, and callous breast,

Forsake your dreary bed.

May some blest angel still preside,

And gently break the fall; Your sinking frame sustain and guide,

'Till Heaven's last trump shall call.



“ Nor sullen lip, nor taunting eye,
“ Deform the scene when thou art by ;

“But morn with welcome lustre shines,
“And ey’ning unperceived declines.”


Tho' many a season now has fled,

With peace and comfort crown'd,
Since first enamoured of your charms,

Each blessing I have found.

Since I proclaim'd you mine for life,

(Thro' Cupid's flow'ry band,)

Since at the Altar we were seen,

And Hymen join'd our hand.

How brief to me each hour appears !

How swift each day has past !

Since we enjoy'd domestic bliss,

(The only bliss to last.)

And as revolving years roll on,

Fresh changes to reveal ;

This only change they ever bring,

Your value more to feel.

No angry jars, no keen rebukes,

Have been, thank Heav'n! our lot ;

Discord has ne'er disturb’d our couch,

Nor vex'd our peaceful cot.

In the gay spring of joyous youth,

When ev'ry charm was new ; That spring for me had double charms,

Since shared alike by you.



The song, the dance, the crowded stage,

That ev'ry grace combin'd;

E'en the rich banquet smil'd in vain,

Without your tasteful mind.

When friends deceived, or rivals press’d,

You ever brought relief;
Prov'd a sure balm for all their wiles,

And dried up ev'ry grief.

In all the anxious moments past,

In all Ambition's dream;

Thro' all the visions Fancy rais’d,

Of Grandeur's wildest scheme.

You, you alone engrossed each thought,

My first, my latest care ;
That you might share the splendid boon,

And shine both great and fair.

If then reflected joys can please,

As back we cast our view;
If Mem'ry's playful wand has power,

Each transport to renew.

How brighter far, those objects seem,

Those prospects wider ope,
As thro' the smiling glass we look,

Of that enchantress Hope.

For when Time wings his fatal shaft,

(Arrive we know it must,)

Makes us resign each darling scene,

Each pleasure turns to dust.

When young performers now appear,

To play their short-liv'd part; When each fleet year dissolves some tie,

That almost rends the heart.

The pledges then of nuptial love,

Shall ev'ry pang repay ;

Brighten the dark decline of life,

And gild our setting ray.

Like you, I trust, the girls will shine,

As gen'rous, good, and fair ;

My boys scarce claim an anxious thought,

Since reard beneath your care.

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