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Alas! what are the hopes of man, even when he concludes that things must alter for the better, seeing tbat they are at their worst? How is be to be quite sure, that things have been at their worst?-that his cup of calamity, full as it seemed, is not to be succeeded by, or wonderfully expanded into, a still larger cup, with a remaining draught of bitterness ? LEIGH HUNT- Men, Women, and Books.

Carfington Blundell, Esquire.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest.

k. POPE- Essay on Man. Line 95. For hope is but the dream of those that wake. 1. PRIOR— Solomon on the Vanity of

the World. Bk. II!. Line 102.



Where there is no hope there can be no endeavonr. b. SAN'L JOHNSONThe Rambler. No. 110.

Our hopes, like tow'ring falcons aim

At objects in an airy height; The little pleasure of the game Is froin afar to view the flight.

PRIOR- To llon. Chus. Montague. But years must pass before a hope of youth is resigned utterly. CHRISTINA G. ROSSETTI – A Pause of

Thought. Hope dead lives nevermore, No, not in heaven.

CHRISTINA G. ROSSETTIDead Hope. Hope is brightest when it dawns from fears. p. Scott-Lady of the Lake.

Canto IV. St. 1.

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The sickening pang of hope deferr'd. 9. SCOTT-- Lady of the Luke.

Canto III. St. 22.


Farewell The hopes of court! my hopes in heaven do


· Henry VIII. Act III. Sc. 2. Hope is a lover's staff; walk Jience with that And manage it against despairing thoughts. Tico Gentlemen of Verona. Act III.

Sc. 1. I died for hope, ere I could len 1 thee aid: But cheer thy heart, and be thou not dis

may d. t. Richard 111. Act V. Sc. 3.

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Don't cross the bridge till you come to it, Is a proverb old, and of excellent wit. d. LONGFELLOW-Christus. The Golden

Legend. Pt. VI. Races, better than we, have leaned on her

wavering promise, Having naught else but Hope. LONGFELLOW-- Children of the Last

Supper. Line 227. The setting of a great hope is like the setting of the sun, The brightness of our life f. LONGFELLOW— Hyperion.

Bk. I. Ch. I. Thoughts of him to-day have been oft borne

in ward upon me, Wherefore I do not know; but strong is the

feeling within me That once inore I shall see a face I have

Dever forgotten. g. LONGFELLOW-Tales of a Wayside Inn.

The Theologian's Tale. Pt. I.

is gone.

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Who bids me Hope, and in that charming

word Has peace and transport to my soul restor'd.

LORD LYTTLETON -- The Progress of

Love. Hope. Eclogue Il. Line 41. What reinforcement we may gain froin hope; If not what resolution from despair. i. Milton Paradise Lost. Bk. I.

Line 190.

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Where peace And rest can never dwell, hope never comes, That comes to all. ). MILTON-Para:lise Lost. Bk. I.

Line 65.

Through the sunset of hope,

Like the shapes of a dream, What paradise islands of glory gleam! y.


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