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OLY Jesus, in whose name
Thou hast bid Thy servants claim
Of the Father's love, to grant
All the good they wish or want;
Trusting in Thy name alone,
Draw we near Thy Father's throne.

Holy Jesus, at whose name,
Through this universal frame,
By the Almighty Sire's decree,
All its dwellers bow the knee;
To Thy Father's name we join,
In co-equal worship, Thine.

B 2

Son of Man, to whom is given,

With the majesty of heaven,
Partner Thou of man's estate,
For mankind to mediate ;
Hear us when to Thee we plead,
For Thy flock to intercede.

Son of God, to whom of right, Partner of Thy Father's might, "Sole, adorable, and true," Empire o'er the world is due; Hear us, when on Thee we call For Thy blessing, Lord of all.

Saviour of the world, to Thee Ever bows the Church her knee;

Thee, her only Advocate;

Thee, exalted to Thy state,

With the Holy Ghost most high

In the Father's majesty.


AND Thou art growing up, O Child divine!
While on Thy life a daily dying lies;
All things that open on this life of Thine
Are preludes to Thy dying agonies.

God, born of God, Himself He fain would hide
With a mean sire, the scorn of human pride;
And He who moulded Heaven's o'er-arching dome,
In a poor earthly cottage makes His home.

Hands, that sustain the pillars of heaven's roof,
Handle the ignoble craft of feeble man;
The Framer of the stars, that speed aloof,

Himself becomes a low-housed artizan.

Lo, He who hath the world beneath His feet,
He at whose dread behest Archangels fleet,
And far and wide His Kingly mandates bear,
Is subject to an humble carpenter.

Jesu, the maiden-born, to Thee we sing— Father, Son, Spirit; Maker, Lord, and King;Glory to Thee, when earth and heav'n have gone, And everlasting time his course hath run.

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