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HOLY, holy, holy, Lord,

In the highest heavens adored,
Author of all nature's frame :

Father, hallowed be Thy name!

Though estranged from Thee in heart,
Doubtless Thou our Father art:

From Thy hand our spirits came:
Father, hallowed be Thy name.

Nor by nature's tie alone

Thou art as our Father known:
Nearer now, in Christ our claim :
Father, hallowed be Thy name.

Born anew,

Oh, may we feel

Filial love, the Spirit's seal;

Cleansed from guilt, redeemed from shame :

Father, hallowed be Thyname.

Whether, then, in want or wealth, Joy or sorrow, pain or health,

Still our prayer shall be the same : Father, hallowed be Thy name.


'Tis finished;-every circumstance fulfilled;
The conflict o'er; the sacrifice complete.
So He laid down His life, and went to meet
Death in his own domain :-not till He willed,
Yielding His breath; self-offered, but not killed.

That voice of power, it spoke of Hell's defeat ;
It rent the veil before the mercy-seat;
Through the dark regions of the dead it thrilled :-
Earth trembled; and the solid rocks were rent;
The Grave its Victor, its Invader, knew.
No need of costly balms, with fond intent
That which saw no corruption to imbue.

Go, seal the stone, and all approach prevent.

He burst the bands of death, and Heaven's gate open




Oн, cling not, Trembler, to life's fragile bark :
It fills-it soon must sink:

Look not below, where all is chill and dark;
'Tis agony to think

Of that wild waste; but look, oh! look above,
And see the outstretched arm of Love.

Cling not to this poor life: unlock thy clasp
Of fleeting, vapoury air.

The world receding soon will mock thy grasp;
But let the wings of prayer

Take the blest breeze of Heaven, and upward flee,
And life from God shall enter thee.


Oh, fear not Him who walks the stormy wave:
'Tis not a spectre, but the Lord.

Trust thou in Him who overcame the Grave,
Who holds in captive ward

The powers of Hell. Heed not the monster grim;
Nor fear to go through death to Him.

Look not so fondly back on this false Earth:
Let hope not linger here.

Say, would the worm forego its second birth,
Or the transition fear,

That gives it wings to try a world unknown,
Although it wakes and mounts alone?

But thou art not alone: on either side
The portal, friends stand guard :

And the kind spirits wait thy course to guide.
Why, why should it be hard,

To trust our Maker with the soul He gave,
Or Him who died that soul to save?

Into His hands commit thy trembling spirit,
Who gave His life for thine.

Guilty, fix all thy trust upon his merit:

To Him thy heart resign.

Oh, give Him love for love, and sweetly fall
Into His hands who is thy All.

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