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Lord, men's hearts in sternest mood
Open lie before Thee;

He who in Thy children's blood,
Would blot out Thy glory,

With His blood shall it rehearse
Through the boundless universe.

Praise the Father, by whose might
Life to us is given;

And the Son, by whose blest light
We are born to heaven;

And the Spirit, by whose breath

We are saved from endless death.



THEE will I love, my strength and tower,
Thee will I love, my joy and crown ;
Thee will I love with all my power,
In all my works, and Thee alone!
Thee will I love, till that pure fire
Fill my whole soul with chaste desire.

In darkness willingly I stray'd;

I sought Thee, yet from Thee I roved;
For wide my wandering thoughts were spread,
Thy creatures more than Thee I loved :

And now, if more at length I see,

'Tis through Thy light, and comes from Thee.

I thank Thee, uncreated Sun,

That Thy bright beams on me have shined;

I thank Thee, who hast overthrown
My foes, and heal'd my wounded mind;
I thank Thee, whose enlivening voice
Bids my freed heart in Thee rejoice.

Give to my eyes refreshing tears,
Give to my heart chaste, hallow'd fires;
Give to my soul, with filial fears,

The love that all heaven's host inspires;
That all my powers, with all their might,
In Thy sole glory may unite.

Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown! Thee will I love, my Lord, my God! Thee will I love, though all may frown, And thorns and briars perplex my road; Yea, when my flesh and heart decay, Thee shall I love in endless day.


GIVE to the winds thy fears;

Hope, and be undismay'd;

God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears,

God shall lift up thy head.

Through waves, through clouds and storms,

He gently clears thy way;

Wait thou His time; so shall the night
Soon end in joyous day.

He everywhere hath sway,

And all things serve His might;

His every act pure blessing is,

His path unsullied light, When He makes bare His arm,

What shall His work withstand ?

When He His people's cause defends,

Who, who shall stay His hand?

Leave to His sovereign sway,

To choose, and to command; With wonder fill'd, thou then shalt own, How wise, how strong His hand : Thou comprehend'st Him not,

Yet earth and heaven tell,

God sits as sovereign on the throne,
He ruleth all things well.

Thou seest our weakness, Lord,

Our hearts are known to Thee; O lift Thou up the sinking hand, Confirm the feeble knee!

Let us, in life and death,

Boldly Thy truth declare;

And publish with our latest breath,

Thy love, and guardian care.

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