Annual Report and Proceedings, Объемы 8-13

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Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, 1840

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Стр. 29 - There is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
Стр. 80 - If such prisoner was in custody upon a conviction of any other felony: by imprisonment in the state prison not less than six months nor more than five years; 3. If such prisoner was in custody upon a charge of felony: by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars and imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding two years; 4.
Стр. 13 - Who can. with patience, for a moment see The medley mass of pride and misery, Of whips and charters, manacles and rights, Of slaving blacks and democratic whites. And all the piebald polity that reigns In free confusion o'er Columbia's plains?
Стр. 27 - Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again; The eternal years of God are hers; But Error, wounded, writhes in pain,' And dies among his worshippers.
Стр. 25 - Constitution, to abolish slavery and the slave-trade in the District of Columbia and in the territories of the United States.
Стр. 14 - States have long since declared they would do, as entirely independent of Mexico. The high obligations of public duty may enforce from the constituted authorities of the United States a policy which the course persevered in by Mexico will have mainly contributed to produce ; and the Executive, in such a contingency, will •with confidence throw itself upon the patriotism of the people to sustain the Government in its course of action.
Стр. 19 - Their principles led them to wage war against their oppressors, and to spill human blood like water, in order to be free. Ours forbid the doing of evil that good may come, and lead us to reject, and to entreat the oppressed to reject, the use of all carnal weapons for deliverance from bondage ; relying solely upon those which are spiritual and mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.
Стр. xii - No bill or resolve of the senate or house of representatives shall become a law and have force as such, until it shall have been laid before the governor for his revisal; and if he, upon such revision, approve thereof, he shall signify his approbation by signing the same.
Стр. 90 - a covenant with death and an agreement with hell' — involving both parties in atrocious criminality, and should be immediately annulled.
Стр. 40 - Yet nerve thy spirit to the proof And blench not at thy chosen lot, The timid good may stand aloof, The sage may frown — yet faint thou not, Nor heed the shaft too surely cast, The foul and hissing bolt of scorn; For with thy side shall dwell, at last, The victory of endurance born.

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