The Greenland Entomofauna: An Identification Manual of Insects, Spiders and Their Allies

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Jens Böcher, Niels P. Kristensen, Thomas Pape, Lars Vilhelmsen
Brill, 2015 - Всего страниц: 881
In The Greenland Entomofauna an international team of 64 taxonomic specialists provide for the first time a richly illustrated guide to the identification of the ≈1200 species of Hexapods/Insects, Arachnids and Myriapods so far known to occur in the country.

While the composition, origin and adaptations of the Greenland fauna has always been a challenge to biogeographers and ecologists/ecophysiologists, the provision of a tool for detailed identification of its constituent species is now particularly timely, since global climate change will expectedly have a particularly noticeable impact on biota at high latitudes. This obviously renders the feasibility of monitoring distributional range shifts of the principal components of this biota a matter of some urgency.

Contributors are: Achterberg, Cornelius van; Ahola, Matti; Barták, Miroslav; Behan-Pelletier, Valerie; Bird, Jeremy M.; Bøg, Katrine; Brodo, Fenja; Buhl, Peter N.; Dahl, Christine; Disney, R. Henry L.; Dittmar, Katharina; Fjellberg, Arne; Gammelmo, Øivind; Forshage, Mattias; Gerecke, Reinhard; Gertsson, Carl-Axel; Haastriter, Michael M.L.; Haenni, Jean-Paul; Heie, Ole E.; Heraty, John M.; Hodgson, Chris; Hodkinson, Ian D.; Horsfield, David; Huber, John T.; Jaschoff, Matthias; Jensen, Frank; Johanson, Kjell A.; Jussila, Reijo; Karsholt, Ole; Krzeminska, Ewa; Lantsov, Vladimir I.; Láska, Pavel; Lindegaard, Claus; Lyneborg, Leif (+); Makarova, Olga; Marusik, Yura M.; Mathis, Wayne N.; Mazánek, Libor; Michelsen, Verner; Munk, Thorkild (+); Murphy, William L.; Nielsen, Søren A.; Nielsen, Tore R.; Noyes, John S.; Oosterbroek, Pjotr; Ozerov, Andrey L.; Pape, Thomas; Pinto, John D.; Pollet, Marc; Rindal, Eirik; Rohácek, Jindrich; Simonsen, Thomas J.; Smith, Vincent S.; Söli, Geir; Starý, Jaroslav; Strassen, Richard zur; Svensson, Bo. W.; Vilhelmsen, Lars; Vilkamaa, Pekka; Wilson, Michael; Zatwarnicki, Tadeusz

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Об авторе (2015)

Jens Böcher, dr. scient (1997), University of Copenhagen, has been leader of the Arctic Station (Disko) and participated in numerous research projects on arctic entomology/palaeoentomology. His publications include The Ecology of Greenland(Atuakkiorfik Illinniusiorfik, 2001) co-edited with E. W. Born.

Niels P. Kristensen (+), dr. scient (1984), University of Copenhagen, is emeritus professor of systematic entomology at that university. He has published on insect anatomy, phylogeny and taxonomy and has edited the treatment of Lepidoptera in Handbook of Zoology (deGruyter 1998, 2003).

Thomas Pape, PhD (University of Copenhagen) and docent (University of Stockholm), is an associate professor and curator of Diptera at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. He has published extensively on the taxonomy, phylogeny and evolution of fl ies. His interest in the Greenland entomofauna was aroused when he took a course in Arctic biology on Qeqertarsuaq (Disko) and studied a bumblebee nest and its associate fauna of tardigrades, mites and insects.

Lars Vilhelmsen, dr. scient (2004), University of Copenhagen, is an associate professor and curator of Hymenoptera at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. He has published a number of research papers on the systematics, anatomy and evolutionary history of the Hymenoptera. He also participated in the 2003 Kissavik expedition to southwestern Greenland, the results of which are treated in the present volume.

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