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1855 July 14

Henry of Jenny 24

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BV 445 B3

1842 PREF


THE following Collection of Hymns was prepared for the worshippers at the Warren Street and Pitts Street Chapels. It is offered to the public at the request of certain of our friends, who think it may prove acceptable in Sunday Schools, Families, or some of our smaller Churches. Simplicity and cheapness were among our objects in compiling it. Should the collection be found of service in other circles than our own, we should rejoice to see it extended wherever such a book is wanted.

In aiming at simplicity we have endeavored to avoid whatever might seem tamne or puerile. Of hymns written expressly for children, we have found few that we were willing to adopt. We have borrowed largely from such writers as Watts, in whose days Sabbath Schools and services for children were unknown.

If we have secured the simplicity we sought, we hardly need say that others may find the collection as serviceable to them as it is to children. What hymns do we all love or prize more- - what hymns more surely and gentl unseal the fountain of the heart, than the hymi

of our childhood, the hymns we repeated or sang in the freshness and innocence of the morning of life?

In the hope that it may be of service in the cause of Christ and the Church in the hope that it may awaken sacred and pleasant thoughts in many a bosom, promoting devotional feeling in all, and forming a happy link between childhood and age - and with our prayer to God for its usefulness, our little collection is committed to the world.

E. W.,
Jr. Weelon

F. T.



ALL the hymns inserted in the first edition are found in this, in precisely the same order. The only change in them is made by the addition, in a few cases, of one or two verses. Nearly fifty hymns have been added, together with an index of subjects. The favor with which the collection has been received, has rendered it necessary to put forth this new edition. With the desire that it may prove still further useful, it is again committed to the world.

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