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This edition of the Hymnal has been prepared solely with the hope that it may further an intelligent and reverent participation in one of the most important portions of the Services of the Lord's House.

C. L. H. ADVENT, 1893.



•nf NES



mf 4 All praise to Thee, Who safe hast Morning.

kept, 1


And hast refreshed me while I slept;

Grant, Lord, when I from death shall EW every morning is the love I may of endless light partake. [wake, Our wakening and

uprising prove; mf 5 Lord, I my vows to Thee renew; Through sleep and darkness safely brought,


Scatter my sins as morning dew; Restored to life, and power, and

Guard my first springs of thought and

And with Thyself my spirit fill. [will, mf 2 New mercies, each returning day, Hover around us while we pray;

mf 6 Direct, control, suggest, this day, New perils past, new sins förgiven,

All I design, or do, or say; cr New thoughts of God, new hopes of

That all my powers, with all their heaven.

In Thy sole glory may unite. [might,

of 7 Praise God, from Whom all blessings mf 3 If on our daily course our mind Be set to hallow all we find,

flow; New treasures still, of countless price,

Praise Him, all creatures here below; God will provide for sacrifice.

Praise Him above, angelic host;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. mf 4 Old friends, old scenes, will lovelier As more of heaven in each we see;[be,

Bishop Ken, ab. 1700. p Some softening gleam of love and The Doxology may be sung also at the end of Part I. prayer

3 Shall dawn on every cross and care. mf 5 The trivial round, the common task,

COME, my soul, thou must be wak
Now is breaking

(ing, Will furnish all we need to ask;

O’er the earth another day: Room to deny ourselves, a road

Come, to Him Who made this splenTo bring us daily nearer God.

See thou render

[dour, p 6 Only, O Lord, in Thy dear love,

All thy feeble strength can pay. Fit us for perfect rest above;

mf 2 Pray that He may prosper ever mf And help us, this and every day,

Each endeavour, To live more nearly as we pray.

When thine aim is good and true; J. Keble, 1822. f But that He may ever thwart thee,

And convert thee, 2 PART I.

L.M. When thou evil' would'st pursue. WAKE, my soul, and with the sun

p 3 Think that He thy ways beholdeth; Thy daily stage of duty run;

He unfoldeth Shake off dull sloth, and early rise

Every fault that lurks within; To pay thy morning sacrifice.

mf He the hidden shame glossed over inf 2 Redeem thy, misspent time that's Can discover,

And live this day as if thy last; (past, And discern each deed of sin.
Improve thy talent with due care;

p 4 Mayest thou on life's last morrow, For the great Day thyself prepare. Free from sorrow, mf 3 Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart, Pass away in slumber sweet;

And with the angels bear thy part, cr And, released from death's dark sad Who all night long, unwearied, sing f Rise in gladness,

[ness, High praise to the eternal King.

That far brighter Sun to greet.

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mf E

p 5 Only God's free gifts abuse not, May sanctify each common task, Light refuse not,

And turn to gain each earthly loss. But His Spirit's voice obey; cr Thou with Him shalt dwell, beholding P 5 Grant us, dear Lord, our cross to Light enfolding

Till at Thy feet we lay it down, [bear All things in unclouded day.

cr Win through Thy blood our pardon there,

[crown. F. R. L. Canitz, 1700; TR. H. J. Buckoll.

f And through the cross attain the

Bishop W. W. How.

Also the following:
VERY morning mercies new
Fall as fresh as morning dew;

312 Christ, Whose glory fills the skies. Every morning let us pay

383 Holy,Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. Tribute with the early day:

640 My Father, for another night. cr For Thy mercies, Lord, are sure; Thy compassion doth endure.

Evening. 6 mf 2 Still the greatness of Thy love

Daily doth our sins remove; mf O BRIGHTNESS of the immortal

Daily, far as east from west, cr Lifts the burden from the breast;

Most holy, heavenly, blest, Gives unbought, to those who pray,

Lord Jesus Christ, in Whom His truth p Strength to stand in evil day.

and grace

Are visibly expressed:
P 3 Let our prayers each morn prevail,
That these gifts may never fail;

p 2 The sun is sinking now, and one by And, as we confess the sin

The lamps of evening shine: [one And the tempter's power within,

cr We hymn the eternal Father, and the cr Feed us with the Bread of Life;

And Holy Ghost Divine. [Son, Fit us for our daily strife.

f 3 Worthy art Thou at all times to remf 4 As the morning light returns,

Our hallowed praises, Lord: (ceive As the sun with splendour burns,

O Son of God, be Thou, in Whom we Teach us still to turn to Thee,

Through all the world adored. [live Ever blessèd Trinity,

Greek; TR. E. W. Eddis, 1864. cr With our hands our hearts to raise, 7

10s. $ In unfailing prayer and praise.

p The day is gently sinking to a close, G. Phillimore, 1863,

sunlight glows:

cr 0 Brightness of Thy Father's glory,

P. O JESU, crucified for man,

(now: O Lamb, all glorious on Thy throne, f Eternal Light of Light, (p) be with us mf Teach Thou our wonderi souls to mf Where Thou art present darkness can

not be;

(with Thee. The mystery of Thy love unknown. cr Midnight is glorious noon, O Lord, mf 2 We pray Thee, grant us strength to p 2 Our changeful lives are ebbing to take

an end:

(tend: Our daily cross, whate'er it be,

Onward to darkness and to death we And gladly for Thine own dear sake cr O Conqueror of the grave, be Thou

In paths of pain to follow Thee. P


our Guide, mf 3 As on our daily way we go, [strife, f Be Thou our light (P) in death's dark

Then in our mortal hour will be no Through light or shade, in calm or


[tomb. cr O may we bear Thy marks below

No sting in death, no terror in the P In conquered sin and chastened life.

mf 3 Thou, Who in darkness walking didst mf 4 And week by week this day we ask appear

(cheer, That holy memories of Thy Cross Upon the waves, and Thy disciples




mf T

Come, Lord, in lonesome days, when (mf 4 Holy, blessèd Trinity, storms assail,

(cours fail: cr Darkness is not dark to Thee: p And earthly hopes and human suc Those Thou keepest always see p When all is dark (cr) may we behold f Light at evening-time. Thee nigh, [it is I.”

R. H. Robinson, 1869. And hear Thy voice—“Fear not, for

TO p 4 The weary world is mouldering to decay,


P THE sun is sinking fast,

The daylight dies; Its glories wane, its pageants fade

Let love awake, and pay cr In that last sunset when the stars shall fall,

Her evening sacrifice. ff May we arise awakened by Thy call, р 2 As Christ upon the Cross p With Thee, O Lord, for ever to abide

His head inclined, cr In that blest day which has no even

And to His Father's hands tide.

His parting soul resigned; Bishop C. Wordsworth, 1862. mf 3 So now herself my soul 8

Would wholly give 'HE radiant morn hath passed away,

Into His sacred charge,

In Whom all spirits live;
And spent too soon her golden
The shadows of departing day (store;

mf 4 So now beneath His eye P Creep on once more.

Would calmly rest,

Without a wish or thought mf 2 Our life is but a fading dawn, Its glorious noon, how quickly past;

Abiding in the breast; cr Lead us, O Christ, our life-work done, mf 5 Save that His will be done, Safe home at last.

What'er betide; mf 3 O by Thy soul-inspiring grace

Dead to herself, and dead

In Him to all beside.
Uplift our hearts to realms on high ;
Help us to look to that bright place

f 6 Thus would I live: yet now Beyond the sky,

Not I, but He,

In all His power and love, mf 4 Where light, and life, and joy, and

Henceforth alive in me.
In undivided empire reign, (peace
And thronging angels never cease

7 One sacred Trinity,
Their deathless strain;

One Lord divine, of 5 Where saints are clothed in spotless

May I be ever His,

And He for ever mine. white,

TR, E. Caswall, 1858.
And evening shadows never fall,
Where Thou, eternal Light of Light, II

Art Lord of all.
G, Thring, 1864.

mf SYN of my soul, Thou Saviour dear, 9 O may no earth-born cloud arise

To hide Thee from Thy servant's eyes. mf ,

With Thy love's perpetual ray: p 2 When the soft dews of kindly sleep Grant us every closing day

My weary eyelids gently steep,
Light at evening-time.

Be my last thought, how sweet to rest p 2 Holy Saviour, calm our fears

For ever on my Saviour's breast. When earth's brightness disappears: mf 3 Abide with me from morn till eve, Grant us in our later years

For without Thee I cannot live; cr Light at evening-time.

p Abide with me when night is nigh, pp 3 Holy Spirit, be Thou nigh

For without Thee I dare not die. When in mortal pains we lie;

P 4 If some poor wandering child of Grant us, as we come to die,

Light at evening-time.

Have spurned to-day the voice divine,


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