The Religious System of China: book II. On the soul and ancestral worship

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Стр. 39 - ... Kindness on the part of the father, and filial duty on that of the son; gentleness on the part of the elder brother, and obedience on that of the younger; righteousness on the part of the husband, and submission on that of the wife; kindness on the part of elders, and deference on that of juniors; with...
Стр. 29 - Man's nature is like water whirling round in a corner. Open a passage for it to the east, and it will flow to the east; open a passage for it to the west, and it will flow to the west. Man's nature is indifferent to good and evil, just as the water is indifferent to the east and west.
Стр. 340 - An image, especially if pictorial or sculptured, and thus approaching close to the reality, is an alter ego of the living reality, an abode of its soul, nay, it is that reality itself.
Стр. 164 - Among the Garrows a madness exists which they call transformation into a tiger, from the person who is afflicted with this malady walking about like that animal, shunning all society. It is said that on their being first seized with this complaint they tear their hair, and rings from their ears, with such force as to break the lobe. It is supposed to be occasioned by a medicine applied to the forehead : but I endeavoured to procure some of the medicine thus used, without effect : I imagine it rather...
Стр. 271 - Cow, Crow, and Swallow ; but, to judge from the researches of native authors, they do not point to any alleged descent of the tribes they denote, from an animal ancestor. The two first, which are very rare, are stated to have been at the outset individual names, adopted as family names by the descendants of the bearers. The Horse tribe, which has a much larger number of members, derives this name from the first letter of the cognomen of one of its ancestors. Cow, likewise a rare surname, marks descent...
Стр. 450 - Ghosts may interfere at any moment with human business and fate, either favorably or unfavorably. This doctrine indubitably exercises a mighty and salutary influence upon morals. It enforces respect for human life and a charitable treatment of the infirm, the aged and the sick, especially if they stand on the brink of -the grave.
Стр. 365 - ... and eaten, and his younger brothers were nevertheless regarded "to have fulfilled their fraternal duties towards him. And if he "proved to be appetizing food, they sent some of his flesh to their "chieftains, who, exhilirated, gave the father a reward.
Стр. 396 - ... in order that the child may be ensured' a long life. If it is " devoured by a swine or dog, the child loses its intellect ; if "insects or ants eat it, the child becomes scrofulous; if crows 3 Compare ch.
Стр. 464 - It brings blessing, and evil as well, ths spirits thus effectually ruling mankind's fate. From them man has to hope everything, but equally much to fear. As a natural consequence, it is around the ghosts and spirits that he groups his religious acts, with this sole intent to avert their wrath and the evil it brings, and to insure their good-will and help. The acts, manners and methods by which he tries to realize this dual object, are numerous ; they will be the chief topic of this work.
Стр. 452 - Chinese, that spiritual vengeance maydescend on the offender's offspring, tallies perfectly with their conception " that the severest punishment which may be inflicted on one, both in his present life and the next, is decline or extermination of his male issue, leaving nobody to support him in his old age, nobody to protect him after his death from misery and hunger by caring for his corpse and grave, and sacrificing to his manes.

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