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TEHAMA COUNTY, time of holding courts of sessions and county courts in, 128.

recorder authorized to transcribe records of Colusa, Shasta, and Butte counties, 151.
transcribed records legalized, 152.
fees of officers, 179.
(See Fences Legal,) 276.
boundary-line defined, 359.

repeal of former acts, 359.
TESTIMONY, mode of perpetuating, 218.
TRINIDAD BAY, Charles B. Ryder authorized to construct wharf, 189.
TREASURER OF STATE, (See Treasurer of San Joaquin,) 95.
TRANSLATION, certain laws to be translated into Spanish and printed, 154.

appropriation for translating, 154.
TRINITY COUNTY (See Roads in Sonoma County, etc.,) 323.

appropriation to sureties of C. F. Linn, Esq., ex-treasurer of, 334.
TUOLUMNE COUNTY, fees of officers--clerk of district court, 9.

clerk of county court, 9.
clerk of courts of sessions, 9.
clerk of probate court, 10.
county recorder, 10.
sheriff, 10.
coroner, 12.
constables, 12.
interpreters and translators, 12.
probate court, time for holding fixed, 15.
roads and highways, 30.
judge's salary, 52.
district attorney, salary of, 59.
supervisors to consist of three members, 88.
term of office, 88.
to draw lots, and compensation, 88.
boundary-line, 213.
time of holding sessions and county court in, 256.
public administrator abolished in, 336.
Tuolumne and other counties, (See Roads and Highways,) 368.
time of holding county court and court of sessions in, 150.
juries, 151.
terms, special, judge may order, 151.

to increase notaries public, 152.
TULARE COUNTY, funding act, 56.

supervisors may issue bonds for indebtedness, 54.
revenue and income exempt from execution, etc., 54.
evidences of indebtedness, when bonded, to be canceled, 54.
special tax to pay interest, and pay principal on bonds, 55.
when surplus, to advertise for bonds, 55.

clerk and treasurer's fees, under act, 56.
TURNPIKE ROAD in Yuba County (See Road Turnpike, in Yuba County), 303.


UNITED STATES, relinquishment of lands to, for sites of forts, light-houses, etc., 26.

condemnation of land, how made, etc., 26.
jurisdiction over Lime Point granted, (see Jurisdiction,) 334.


VINE AND OLIVE, native growth, exempt from tax, 210.
VALLEJO, MARIANO G., may sell certain real estate of Uladisloe Vallejo, a minor, 332.


WAGON ROAD, Weaverville and Shasta, (See Weaverville and Shasta Wagon Road,) 228•

(See roads in Sonoma county,) 323.
WAR, INDIAN, in Siskiyou, 174.

in Humbolt, Klamath and Del Norte, 174.
in Tulare, 174.
in Sutter, 174,
in San Bernardino, 174.
in Nevada, 174.
in Los Angeles, 174,
in Yuba, 174.
in Shasta, 174.
in Napa and Yolo, 175.
in El Dorado, 175.
in Trinity, 175.
appropriation for, 295.
pay of officers and privates, 295.
board of military auditors to audit claims, 295.

exempt from action of board of examiners, 295.
WARRANTS, school warrants lost, 209.

duplicates to 0. M. Evans, 209.
bond of indemnity, 210.
(See School-Land Warrants,) 301.
controller may issue duplicate to W. R. Armstrong, 307.

bond of indemnity to be given, 307.
WEAVER, DAVID, and others, appropriation to, 357.
WEAVERVILLE AND SHASTA WAGON-ROAD, may file notices, certificates, surveys

etc., nunc pro tunc, 228.
WELLER, JOHN B., appropriation for relief of, 308.

controller to draw his warrant in favor of, 308.
WHARVES, Minturn, Chadwick and Rankin authorized to construct wharf at Castro's

Landing, 361.
land granted for use of said wharf, 361.
not to interfere with navigation, 361.
completed in two years, 361.
rates of toll to be fixed by Supervisors of Contra Costa county, 361.

rights to forfeit to the State in case of failure, 361.
WHARF, at Trinidad Bay, Klamath county, 189.

right to construct granted to Charles B. Ryder, 189.
WILLIAMS, JOHN S., guardian of, may sell at public or private sale, etc., 306.
WILLIS, H. M., prosecuting attorney in police court, San Francisco, supervisors directed to

audit and allow claim for services, 19.

auditor to draw warrant in favor of, 19.
WOZENCRAFT, O. M., and associates, may supply water on Colorado Desert, (See Des-

ert Colorado,) 238.

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YOLO COUNTY, roads and highways, (amended act) 16.

county court and court of sessions, time of holding changed, 21.
public administrator, 96.
may subscribe to San Francisco and Marysville railroad, 270.
vote of the people, limited to $50,000, 271.
bonds, coupons, and interest tax, 272.
bonds, cancellation of, on redemption, 263.
commissioners and compensation, 274.
dividends on stock, 274.
to impose fines by ordinance, 74.
officers in receipt of money to give bond, 375.

marshal; duty of, 75.
YUBA COUNTY, time of holding district, county, and courts of sessions, 97.

funding debt of, 98.
tax, special, for county purposes, 329.
receipts, 329.

(See Turnpike Road, Yuba County,) 303.
YUBA AND BUTTE COUNTIES, boundaries, 224.

survey and maps to be made, 224.
indigent sick, 262.


ARABLE LAND, ten millions of acres asked for, 393.

governor requested to forward, 394.

BONDS, committee to examine vouchers for issuance, 388.

clerk allowed to committee, 389.
BOUNDARY-LINE, delegation requested to urge the appointment of a boundary com-

mission, 385.
BRANCII MAIL-ROUTE, from the Sink of the Humboldt to California, 390.

CHEAP POSTAGE, delegation requested to procure, 384.
CONVENTION OF TERRITORIES, delegates to consider Pacific railroad, 391.
CONVENTION, DEBATES IN, secretary of state authorized to distribute, 382.
COUNTY LIBRARIES, secretary of state authorized to furnish with certain books, 382.
CRABB EXPEDITION, members massacred, 386.

DEBATES IN CONVENTION, etc., secretary of state authorized to distribute. 382.
DEBT, (See Indian War Debt.)

FIELD, HON. STEPHEN J., leave of absence granted, 388.
FOG-BELL, (See Light-house.)


GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, delegation requested to procure, 388.

governor requested to forward, 389.
GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE, printed in German, 382.
GRANT, land subject to overflow by Colorado river asked for, 392.

canals to be constructed, 392.
shorten the route of overland-mail, 393.

INDIAN WAR DEBT, delegation in Congress requested to urge payment, 381.

governor requested to forward, 381.

JOURNALS, secretary of state authorized to distribute, 382.

KIBBE, GEN. WM. C., leave of absence granted, 395.

LAND, grant near Colorado river asked for, 392.
LAWS, secretary of state authorized to distribute, 382.

committee to receive proposals for translation, 382.
LEAVE OF ABSENCE, to Hon. Stephen J. Field, 388.

to Gen. Wm. C. Kibbe, 395.
LIBRARIES, PUBLIC, secretary of state authorized to distribute books to, 382.
LIGHT-HOUSE AND FOG-BELL, required on Punta de los Reyes, 387.

governor requested to forward, 387.

MAIL-ROUTE (See Branch Mail-Route).
MAILS (See Overland-Mail and Newspaper-Mail.)

request for division of mail contract by way of Central America, 390.

governor requested to forward, 391.
MASSACRE IN GADSDEN PURCHASE, investigation demanded, 386.

governor requested to forward, 386.
MESSAGE OF THE GOVERNOR, printed in German, 382.

NEWSPAPER-MAIL, semi-weekly, requested between San Diego and San Francisco, and

intermediate points, 390.
governor requested to forward, 390.

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OVERLAND-MAILS, request for reduction of schedule-time on Salt Lake and other routes,

governor requested to forward, 388.

PASSENGER VESSELS, deaths on board to be reported, 389.

money to be applied to the case of sick and indigent, 389.
POSTAGE, delegation requested to general or special law, 384.

governor requested to forward, 384.
PLACERVILLE (See Telegraph).
PRE-EMPTION LAWS, request to have revived and continued, 387.

governor requested to forward, 387.

QUARTERMASTER-GENERAL, authorized to forward vouchers, 395.

RAILROAD CONVENTION, delegates to consider Pacific railroad, 391.

governor requested to forward, 391,
RAILROAD, memorial asking for a railroad and grants of land, 395.

governor requested to forward, 397.
REPORT OF SURVEYOR-GENERAL, ordered printed, 383.
RESIGNATION, Hon. D. C. Broderick requested to resign, 383.

governor requested to forward, 383.
REVENUE, delegation requested to procure the repayment of revenue collected before ad-

mission, 384.
governor requested to forward, 384.

SALT LAKE CITY, (Sce Telegraph.)
SECRETARY OF STATE authorized to furnish copies of Laws, Debates in Convention-

etc., 382.

authorized to return all original papers to owners, 385.
SPANISH TRANSLATION, committee appointed to receive proposals, 382,

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