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SAN JOSE, boundaries, 109.

officers, and election, 109.
treasurer and clerk elected by council, 110.
mayor and his duties, ex officio justice of the peace, 110.
common council, powers of, 111.
common council shall not create debt, 112.
common council may levy special tax, when, 112.
street improvements, how made, 112.
city to succeed to rights of town of San José, 113.
clerk's duty, 113.
treasurer's duty, 114
marshal's duty, 114.
assessor's, 114.
officers not to be interested in contracts, 115.
bonds and oath of office, 115.
board of equalization, 115.
tax for fire department, 115.
interest, general and sinking fund, 116.
town ordinances to remain in force until altered, 116.
police fund, 116.

election fund, 117.
SAN LUIS OBISPO, bonds of district attorney, surveyor, and coroner, fixed by super-

visors, 70.
SAN MATEO COUNTY, roads and highways in, 228.

supervisors to levy special tax for court-house and jail, 16.
roads declared public highways, 228.
road commissioners and districts, 228.
repairs and road-tax, 229.
tax, mode of assessment, 229.
tax may be paid in labor, 229.
commissioners, compensation of, 230.
roads, new, inspection and report, 230.
private road, etc., 232.
roads, vacation of, 232.
roads, obstruction of, 232.
roads, location of, public expenses to be paid by county, 232.

fees of sheriff, 228.
SANTA BARBARA, office of, public administrator abolished, 336.

authorized to issue bonds to fund indebtedness, etc., 204.
bonds and coupons, 204.
warrants outstanding, to be bonded, 204.
bonds, records to be kept and duty of commissioner, 205.
interest and tax thereof, 204.
bonds, surrender and cancellation of, 206.
debt, increase of by vote, 206,
roads, and construction, 207.

repealing clause, 207.
SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, tax, delinquent, mode of publishing, 179.
SAVAGE, RICHARD, and others, appropriation to, 221 and 222.
SCHOOL-LAND WARRANTS, duplicates may be issued to certain parties for lost war.

rants, 30.

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SCHOOL-LAND WARRANTS, duplicates may be issued to Elisha Packwood, 33.

duplicates may be issued to assigns of Geo. W. Stanton and 0. M. Evans, 30.
duplicates may be issued to Minerva J. Carroll, 127.
bond of indemnity to be given, 127.
treasurer may issue duplicate to George Campbell, 130.
location of, on unsurveyed lands, 301.
now made duty of surveyor-general, 302.
patents, expenses of survey, 302.
lands taxable from date of certificate, 302.
mineral lands exempted, 302.
duplicates may issue to Elizabeth Grundon, 307.
to be signed by treasurer and controller, and countersigned by governor, 307.
indemnity bond, to be given, 307.
patents may be obtained, 338.
proof to obtain patent, 339.
certificate to be surrendered to register, 339.
patent to be signed by governer, 339.
certificates to be canceled and filed in register's office, 339.

register's fees, 340.
SCHOOLS, territory attached for school purposes to Sacramento city, 40.

in Benicia city, 75.

purchase-money to be invested in bonds to be held for school purposes, 34.

warrants wrongly located may be floated, 34.
SCOTT, MOSES, JR., compensation as assistant clerk of board of examiners, 6.

supervisors required to allow the auditor to draw warrant in favor of Moses Scott,

Jr., 6.
SCOTT, WALTER, change of name from Walter Scott Tarbox, 65.
SECRETARY OF STATE, office hours, 132.

to contract with Miguel Smith for translating laws into Spanish, 154.
SENATE, appropriation for copying, 28.
SESSIONS, COURT OF, time of holding in Sutter and Yuba counties, 97.

time of holding in Shasta county, 129.
SHASTA COUNTY, time of holding county court and court of sessions, 120.

juries, 120.
records, how kept, 120.
contingent fund to be set aside for repair of buildings, etc., 129.
keeper of jail, fees of, and redemption of warrants, 220.
roads and highways in, 244.

(See Fences, Legal,) 279.
SHEEP, herding of, in Sonoma, Solano, Marin, Santa Clara, Sutter, Tulare, San Bernardino,

Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Joaquin, Placer, Colusa, Stanislaus,

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Calaveras, Yolo, Sacramento and Napa counties, 119.
SHERIFF of Solano and Contra Costa counties may complete assessment-rolls placed in
their hands,

fees in Nevada county, 288.

fees in San Mateo county, 228.
SHERMAN, E. A., claim against Sacramento county to be funded, 129.
SIERRA COUNTY, taxes, distribution to different funds, 132.

to separate offices of county recorder, county auditor, and clerk of probate court,

from office of county clerk, 299.


SIERRA AND PLUMAS COUNTIES, time of assessing and collecting taxes changed, 317.

assessment, when made to be delivered to clerk, 317.
equalization board to deliver assessment to auditor, 317.
auditor to deliver assessment to sheriff, 317.
collection, notice of to be given, 317.
taxes, delinquent, levy for non-payment, 318.
taxes, delinquent, list, publication, and sale, 318.
taxes, delinquent, sale of personal property, 318.

tax collector, settlement of, 319.
SIMONDS, SOLON S., and associates, may construct canal in town of Alviso, 175.
SISKIYOU COUNTY, legalizing order of court of sessions, 3.

county treasurer, compensation, 3.
allow witness fees to D. R. Dale, 40.
supervisors may transfer moneys to interest and sinking fund, 118.

(See Roads and Highways,) 368.

to be located in certain limits in San Francisco, 153.

penalty for violation, 153.
SMITH, CHARLES, AND OTHERS, appropriation to, 357.
SMITH, MIGUEL, agent of W. E. P. Hartnell, in relation to printing andt ranslating laws

into Spanish, 154.

appropriation for translation, 154.
SOCIETY, AGRICULTURAL, (See Agricultural Society,) 144.
SOLANO COUNTY, act concerning highways applied, 16.

time for collection of taxes extended, 18.
sheriff to give additional bond, 18.
tax, special, for public buildings, 37.
salary of district attorney, 54.
recorder authorized to transcribe records, 66.
transcribed records legalized, 66.
(See Sheriff,) 93
supervisors to meet, and levy tax, 157.
time of holding probate, county, and sessions courts, 260.
may subscribe to San Francisco and Marysville Railroad, 270, 366.
vote of the people limited to $200,000, 336.
bonds and coupons, and interest tax, 268.
bonds, redemption of, proposals for, 269.
bonds, cancellation of, 269.
commissioners, bond and compensation, 270.

dividends on stock, 270.
SONOMA COUNTY, to legalize assessment-roll, publication of the same, and to extend the

time of collection of revenue in Sonoma, Mendocino, Colusa and Sutter, legal-

izing assessment-roll, 6.
roads and highways, 16.
(See Roads in Sonoma County, etc.,) 323.
county judge, salary of, 185.
district attorney, salary of, 185.
supervisors, pay of 185.

time of holding session probate and county court fixed, 225.
SOTO, JOHNSON, executors may sell real estate at public and private sale, 38.

to report to probate court, who may confirm or set aside sale, 38.
executors to make deeds, 38.

STALLIONS prohibited from running at large (See Sacramento County), 149.
STAMP TAX, appropriation for, 278.
STANISLAUS COUNTY, special term of district court for, 41.
STANTON, GEO. W., duplicate warrant to be issued, 30.
STATE LAND OFFICE (See Land Office, State), 296.
STATE NEW, from territory of California, consent of state given, 310.

boundaries, 310.
people of new territories to vote for or against, 310.
vote to be transmitted to secretary of state, 310.
secretary of state to transmit vote, if favorable, to the president of the U. S., 310.
debt of California to be divided between new territory, 311.

commissioners to adjust debt, 311.
STATE PRINTER, laws, journals, ctc., number to be printed, 121.

to be printed in state, 121.

(See Printer, State,) 333.
STATE-PRISON LIBRARY, appropriation for, 128.
STATE-PRISON, condemnation of lands adjoining, 242.

mode of condemnation, 242.
commissioners' powers and duties, 243.
application shall be made to district judge to condemn certain interests in lands,

etc., 374.
notice shall be served, 374.
jury to assess value, 374.
objections to jurors, 374.
take testimony and introduce witnesses, 374.
written verdict, 374.
jury to view premises, 375.
damages, assessed by jury to be paid to district judge for use of claimants, 375.
damages, when paid, sheriff shall put directors in possession, 376.
damages, basis of arriving, 376.
verdict and notices to be filed in recorder's office may be used as evidence in any

court, 376.
appeal, effect of, 376,
compensation, witnesses, jurors, etc., 376.
damages to be paid out of prison fund, 376.
contract with Estill not recognized as valid, 376.

act of March 21, 1856, repealed, 377.
STATE REFORM SCHOOL, (See Reform School, State,) 238.
STOCKTON, act to re-incorporate, 72.

officers, and how elected, and when, 72.
officers, vacancies, how filled, 72.
common councils to assess and levy taxes, 72.
assessment to be a lien, 73.
to improve streets and collect wharfage, 73.
to establish fire-companies, police, 74.
to abate nuisances, license auctioneers, 74.
to borrow money by vote of people, 74.
not to issue scrip except money in treasury,

STROMDOHL JOHN AUGUST, changed to August William Stromdohl, 106.
SUPERVISORS, (See Plumas County, 2.
SUPREME COURT REPORTS, appropriation to pay for eighth volume, 139.
in Siskiyou, 31.
special, for redemption fund in Trinity county, 29.
fund to be held and set apart, etc., 29.
special building tax for Solano county, 37.
in Marin county, for redemption of debt, 42.
in San Bernardino county, 43.
in Calaveras county, poll-taxes, foreign miners' license, to be collected by town.

SURETIES OF BATES, HENRY, released and discharged, 120.
SURVEYOR, election legalized for Butte county, 256.
SUTTER, (See Sonoma,) time of holding district, county, and court of sessions, 97.

supervisors of, 201.
authorized to construct a bridge across Feather river, 201.
width of bridge, 201.
bridge fund, 201.
plans, specification and contract, 202.
tolls, and collector of tolls, 202.
tolls to be paid to county treasurer, 203.
travel, rate of across, regulated, 203.
roads leading to, 203.
authorized to subscribe to San Francisco and Marysville railroad, 247.
subscription to be voted on, bonds to be sold at par, 248.
interest tax to be levied yearly, 249.
surplus from tax to purchase bonds, 250.

stock in road, how voted on, 251.
SWAMP AND OVERFLOWED LANDS, (Amendatory Act,) 340.

amount authorized to be purchased, 340.
proof and survey,

price per acre, 341.
how to be paid, legal subdivisions, 341.
settlers to be protected, 342.
contests, how made, 342.
taxable, 342.
forfeited, how renewed, 180.
certificate, old to be surrendered, 180.


TAXES, time for collecting extended in Napa county, 23.

ship collectors appointed by supervisors, 45.
to be elected at next general election, 45.
collectors to give bond, to keep books, and make settlement, 46.
collectors compensation, 46.
collectors, defaulting, to be sued on their bonds, 48.
auditor's compensation, 49.
to pay interest on bonds in San Joaquin county, 56.
in Contra Costa county, time of levying, 107.
time of levying in Solano county, 157.
in Sierra county, 132.
in Nevada county, special, for county purposes, 181.
exemption of olive and vine, native, 210.
in Mendocina county, special, 233.
in Yuba county, special, for county purposes, 329.

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