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PLUMAS COUNTY, supervisors to levy and collect tax for building purposes, 2.

time of holding district court, (See Sierra and Plumas Counties,) 37.
time of assessing and collecting taxes changed, 317.

(See Roads and Highways,) 368.
POLICE, San Francisco county, to pay out of contingent fund, 57.
PORTER, compensation, 2.
POSTAGE AND EXPRESSAGE, $3,000 appropriated for legislature, 1.

sergeant-at-arms to keep account with members, and report monthly, 2.
POSSESSORY ACTION, a citizen may file affidavit in recorder's office of county : 1st,

160 acres in his boundaries; 2d, he has no other claim, aand that no person

claims same, 94.
PRACTICE, summons, what to contain, and indorsement, 39.

how served, 39.
copy of complaint to be filed with complaint, 39.
certain counties excepted, 155.
causes of demurrer, 139.
redemption of real estate, how may be made, 140.
creditor's judgment, subsequent, how may redeem, 140.
appeals, when may be taken, 140.
(See Civil cases,) 218.
(See Witness Fees,) 220.

(See District Judge,) 220.
PRICE, JOHN, AND OTHERS, authorized to construct wharves, 35.

not to impede navigation, 36.

to commence work in six months, 36.
PRINTER, STATE, (See State Printer,) 121.

to publish in statutes governor's residence and others, 333.
commissioners of state in commission, 333.

laws, sessions, price of, 333.
PRISON, STATE, appropriation to buy library, 128.

condemnation of land for brick making, 242
PUBLICATIONS, OBSCENE, (See Crimes and Punishments,)
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR, in certain counties, 234.


RAILROADS, Sutter county authorized to take stock in San Francisco and Marysville

company, 247.
authorized to construct a bridge across Feather river, 255.
running through counties, (See Counties may Subscribe to Railroads,) 363, etc.
San Francisco and Marysville company, (See Solano County may Subscribe to,)

366, etc.

San Francisco and Marysville company, (See Yolo County may Subscribe to,) 270.
RECORDERS, of Solano County, authorized to transcribe records, fees, 66.

of Tehama County, authorized to transcribe records of Colusa, Butte, and Shasta

counties, 151.
REDMAN, JOSHUA, EXECUTOR OF, authorized to sell real estate at public or private

sale, 122.
sale to be under direction and with approval of probate court, 123.

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commissioners to be appointed by Governor, 235.
commissioners, duty of, 235.

commissioners, pay of, 236.
REGISTER LAND OFFICE, (See Land Office, State,) 296.

governor, 102.
record to be kept, 103.
certificates of, how to be made, 103.
recorders, fees of, to keep record, 104.
treasury, county, to pay moneys etc.,

REVENUE, (AMENDED ACT,) this Act applies to San Francisco city and county only, 343.

property exempt from taxation, 343.
property exempt, how to become so, 344.
collector, tax, may administer oaths, 344.
tax-payers, when to furnish list, 344.
property, personal, classification and definition, 342.
sworn statement to be conclusive, 344.
when made in term, 345.
assessor's duty as to assessment, 345.
assessment-list, what to contain, 346.
delinquent-list to be published, 348.
deeds, tax, evidence under, 349.
taxes, seizure of property for, 349.
tax to be a lien on real estate, 350.
sections 25, 26, 46, 57, 58, and 59, of revenue act repealed, 350.
collector, tax, shall swear to correctness of his list, 350.
reports of supreme court, volumes ix and x, appropriation for, 22.
volume viii, appropriation to pay for, 139.

rewards, appropriation for, 361.
ROADS AND HIGHWAYS, in Contra Costa, Napa, Sonoma, Yolo, San Joaquin and Solano

Counties, (amended act,) 16.
Tuolumne and Alameda Counties, (act of 1858 amended,) 30.
in Nevada County, all roads declared public highways, 61.
districts, 61.
road-tax to be collected by sheriff, 61.
tax to be expended in township where collected, 61,
delinquents, 61.
repairs, how made, 61.
obstructing, punishment, 61.
in Nevada County, 189.
in San Mateo County, 228.
(See Weaverville and Shasta Wagon-Road,) 228.
in Shasta County, 244.
in the city and county of San Francisco, 252.
in Yuba County, to construct or buy, electors to vote on, tax therefor, 303.
commissioners to report, 303.
publication and award of contract, 303.
part completion, auditor to issue warrants in part, 303.
in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties, 323.
poll-taxes, state's portion set apart to build, 323.

ROADS AND HIGHWAYS, poll taxes-states portion so set apart to be under direction

of supervisors of the several counties, 324.
in Toulumne, San Joaquin, Plumas, and Siskiyou Counties, 368.
roads declared highways, 368.
supervisors to keep in repair, 368.
application for laying out—how made, 368.
application-publication of, 369.
damages for running through land-how assessed, 369 and 70.
commissioners, compensation of, 370.
viewers, compensation of, 370.
discontinuance of, 370.
width of road, 371.
private roads, etc., 371.
overseers—powers and duties, 371.
tax, road, personal, 371.
tax, road, property, 372.
contracts for roads to be advertised, 372.
overseers—compensation, 372.
roads, penalty for injury to, 373.

repeating clause, 373.
ROBINSON, JACOB, from Jacob Schlechwey, change of name, 164.
RYDER, CHARLES B., authorized to construgt wharf at Trinidad Bay, 189.

land and right of way granted, 190.


SACRAMENTO COUNTY, time for collection taxes of 1858 extended, 8.

fees of public administrator, 24.
transfer of funds authorized, 41.
contingents to be paid from general fund, 41.
equitable demands of certain officers to be allowed, 41.
amendatory act concerning public administrator, 98.
claims of J. N. Babcock and E. A. Sherman to be funded, 129.
stallions prevented running at large, 149.
penalty, 150.
trespass by, recoverable in civil suit, 150.
animal to be advertised, and if not claimed in 30 days, to be sold, 150.

proceeds of sale to go to school fund, 150.
SACRAMENTO CITY, territory attached for school purposes, 40.

to vote on proposition to pay for buildings and grounds for agricultural society, 20.
commissioner to locate, 20.
fire department, board of delegates, 182.
powers and duties, 183.
supervisors to elect certain officers, 183.
powers and duties, 183.
amendatory and supplementary to act incorporating, 369.
claims presented for funding, 359.

warrants unpaid, 359-60.
SALARY, county judge of Alameda county, 244.

county judge and district attorney of San Bernardino county, 136.
SALMON, fisheries on Eel river, 298.


SALMON, time of taking, 298.

owners of land privileges, 298.

liability for violation, civilly and criminally, 298.
SAN ANTONIO CREEK, to improve navigation, 327.

commissioners to make plans and specifications for improvement, 327.
stock to be issued, 328.
county not responsible, 328.
tonnage dues to be fixed by commissioners, 328,

county may purchase, terms of freedom, 328,
SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, time for assessment enlarged, 16,

equalization, board of, 17.
taxes, time for collection extended, 17.
delinquents, sale by sheriff, 17.
sheriff to file new bond, 19.
bonds, to be issued for debt, and tax to pay interest and principal on same, 44.
bonds, record of to be kept, 44.
legalizing acts of D. W. Davis, deputy clerk and recorder, 52.
salary of county judge, and district attorney, 136.
time of holding county, probate, and courts of sessions, 137.
water commissioners, 217.
persons obstructing ditches, etc., punishable by fine, 217.
taxation legalized, 259.

(See Fences, Lawful,) 279.
SAN DIEGO COUNTY, bonds of district attorney, surveyor, and coroner, fixed by super-
SAN FRANCISCO, tax, delinquent, to be a lien, 125.

visors, 70.

to fund debt of, and to provide payment of, 107.
SAN FRANCISCO, tax delinquent, term for collection extended, 17.

four months allowed, if enjoined, 17.
tax collector to give additional bond, 18.
supervisors to allow account of H. M. Willis, 19.
fees of coroner, in certain cases, 36.
out of what fund paid, 36.
police contingent fund to be under control of police commissioners, 57.
claims approved by board of examiners, may be funded, 64.
bonds may be issued, 64.
pay of board of examiners and clerks, 64.
to provide for the purchase of hydrants, to be paid out of general fund, auditor to

allow and treasurer to pay, 87.
San Francisco, county clerk, sheriff, county recorder, salaries, 89.
deputy clerks, salaries, 89.
deputy sheriffs, salaries, 90.
deputy recorder, salary, 90.
fees of above officers to be paid into county treasury, record thereof to be kept, 91.
stationery, etc., 91.
special fee fund, deficiency therein to be paid out of general fund, 92.
sheriff shall publish by contract, lowest bidder, 92.
tax list, 1857, 1858, and 1859, legalized, 123.
board of equalization, 124.
supervisors, meetings as board of equalization, 124.
assessment to be valid if not objected to, 124.
equalization, board of, may take testimony, 125.

taxes, collections, how made, etc., 125.
taxes, delinquent, collectors may sue for, 129.
police not to become bail for offenders, nor receive rewards, etc., 131.
to repeal charter and establish boundary of city and county, 141.
fees of officers, 141.
bonds of, and qualifications of sureties, 141.
streets to be improved by assessment upon adjacent property, 142.
street, property, a majority of property-owners may petition to improve, 142.
streets to be improved, upon advertisement and by contract, 144.
streets now in existence declared public, 145.
streets, repairs, under direction of superintendent, 145.
streets, assessment now collected, 146.
streets, superintendent of, duties, 146.
president of board of supervisors authorized to convey to board of education, 157.
board of supervisors of, to ascertain indebtedness against city and city and county,

to levy tax to pay same, 158.
(See Jurors, etc.,) 190.
George H. Ensign authorized to lay water-pipes in, 209.
fire bond sinking fund, 212.
supervisors, auditor and treasurer to constitute board of, 212.
school fund, 222.
auditor's accounts required to be paid, 222.
roads and highways in, 252.
taxation, rate of, limited, 257.
corporation debt fund, 257.
school fund, 257.
general fund, 258.
street fund, 258.
tax, time for levying extended, 258.
commissioners to pay tax for, 312.
board of education may borrow money and mortgage for payment, 326.
(See Revenue, Amended Act,) 343.

claims against, to pay Samuel Gerry, Philip Martin, and others, 355.
SAN FRANCISCO AND MARYSVILLE RAILROAD, may construct railroad bridge across

Feather river, 255.

river declared not navigable, etc. 255.
SAN JOAQUIN, concerning roads and highways, 16.

act repealed in relation to county judge, 40.
special tax to pay interest on bonds, 56.
fees to auditor for filing treasurer's receipt. and issuing license, 87.
for relief of treasurer, 95.
treasurer of state to receive controller's warrants, 95.
authorized to audit claim of C. A. Hutchinson, 240.

(See Roads and Highways,) 368.
SAN JOSE, to fund debt, provide for payment, 75.

commissioners and their compensation, 76.
trustees, board of, to convey to commissioners who are authorized to sell real

estate, 76.
bonds, registry of, to be kept, etc. 76.

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