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INDIGENT SICK, in Yuba county, supervisors may contract for keeping, 252.


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JAMES, WILLIAM H., and others, may construct lock and dam, on Napa Creek, 330.
JUDGES, of 4th and 12th district court may reside anywhere in the city and county of San

Francisco, 23.
eligibility of district judges—citizen two years, resident of the state two years,

and of the district, six months, 23.
of San Joaquin county, 40.
of Solano county, may reside anywhere in said county, 51.
salary to be paid, 5.
of county of Tuolumne, salary, 52.
of county of San Bernardino, salary, 136.
of county of Sonoma, salary of, 185.
district judges may sign bills of exceptions and records, when, 220.

of county of Alameda, salary, 244.
JURISDICTION, cession to United States, over Lime Point, 334.

concurrent with State, 334.

land exempt from taxation, 334.
JURORS, fees, in Humbolt county, 51.

petit, mode of selecting, 184.
grand, 185.
in San Francisco city and county, 190.
to be drawn by ballot, 190.
mode of selection, 190.
may be set aside, 191.
jury of court of sessions to be jury of county court in various counties, 159.
fees, 159.


KING, WILLIAM A., treasurer Mariposa county, 332.

act for relief of, 332,

may sell real estate at public or private sale, 154.
KLAMATH COUNTY, division of indebtedness with Del Norte, 300.

administrator may sell at public or private sale, 207.
guardian minor heirs may sell real estate, 208.
administrator and guardian to report to probate court, 208.
conveyances, and guardian may convey, 208.
conveyances and guardian to be confirmed, 208.

surplus fund, to be invested for minor heirs, 208.
KOUNSE, JOHN HENRY, change of name to John Lee Cambridge, 263.


LAND OFFICE, STATE, pay of clerks, 96.

register's certificates, contents of, 296.
register's instructions, and contests before, and appeals from, 296.
register may appoint deputy, 297.

LAND, SCHOOL, SEMINARY, AND STATE, lands may be sold, 34.

purchase-money to be invested in bonds, 34.
purchase-money to be invested in bonds, 117.
register to keep record of certificates, 296.
forfeiture of certificates, 296.
contest and trial, 296.
register may appoint deputy, deputy to receive no compensation, 297.
(See Swamp and Overflowed Lands,) 180, 340.

certificate of purchase of, prima facie evidence of title, 227.
LAND WARRANTS, SCHOOL, (See School Land Warrants,) 301, 363.
LARKIN, THOMAS O., executors may sell personal property at private sale, 14.

executors to render an account, 14.
LEE, JOHN S., John C. Boggs, Martin Clark, and Henry Lewis, appropriation to, 216.
LEWIS, HENRY, and others, appropriation, 357.
LILLARD JOHN H., assessment-roll of Butte county legalized, -28.
LIMITATION, STATUTE OF, book accounts two years, 306.

actions against officers for collection of taxes, six months, 306.
money paid under protest, 306.

property seized for taxes, 306.
LOS ANGELES CITY, may release Hiram McLaughlin, surety of Wm. C. Gateman, dec'd, 335.

authorities authorized to borrow money for irrigating, etc., 199.
not to exceed $200,000, 199.
taxes therefor, 199.
loan, and publication and vote thereon, 199.
loan, interest on, how secured, 199.
separate fund, 200.
bonds, how to be executed, 200.
treasurer's bond, 200.
reservoirs, 201.

may extend limits, 253.
LOS ANGELES COUNTY, change of time of holding county court and court of sessions, 21.

authorized to loan money for erecting court-house, 241.
limited in amount, 241.
loan, proposal for, to be published, 241.


MADAGAN, MARY, administratrix of P. N. Madagan, deceased, 187.

authorized to sell real estate at public or private sale, 187.
to report to probate court, 187.
to make deeds to purchasers, 187.

administratrix to give bond, 188.
MALARIN, JUAN, deceased, guardian of minor heirs may sell real estate at public or

private sale, 70.
guardian to give bond, 70.

guardian to make deeds, 70.
MARIN COUNTY, time of holding county court changed, 27.

special tax to pay debts, 42
treasurer to advertise, 42.
supervisors to receive lowest bids for county indebtedness, 42.
record of indebtedness redeemed, to be kept, 42.
legalizing assessment and tax-list, years 1857 and '58, and authorizing collection

of taxes, 63.

MARIN COUNTY, Dutton's assessment legalized, 53.

injunctions against tax-list dissolved, 53.

time of holding sessions, probate, and county court, in, 225.
MARRIAGES, (See Registrar,) 102.
MARTIN, DAVID AND ANNE, infants, (See H. W. Bragg, Guardian,) 178.
MARYSVILLE, CITY OF, assessment of property, 319.

property owners refusing to give lists, assessments made valid, 319.
tax list, when and how made, 319.
tax list, supplementary and power to alter, 321.
tax list, to stand as a judgment, 321.
tax list, collection, 321.
taxes delinquent, levy, sale and deed, 322.

marshal's fees, 322.
MASSETT, MICHAEL. authorized to remove remains of deceased persons, etc., 59.
MENDOCINO COUNTY, to legalize assessments, etc., 6.

boundaries, 98.
election of officers, and county-seat, 99.
precincts, how fixed, 99.
election returns, and certificates of election, 100.
length of term of officers, 100.
salaries of officers, 100.
county to be in 7th district, time of holding court, 101.
county-seat, two places to be voted for, highest vote to fix, 101.
Mendocino and Sonoma, indebtedness to be apportioned, 101.
organization and election of officers, 177.
time of holding sessions, probate, and county courts, 225.
special tax, 233.
acts of commissioners of election ratified, 252.

as commissioners to define boundaries, ratified, 252.
MCLAUGHLIN, HIRAM, release of, as surety of William C. Gateman, 335.
MCCAULEY, JOHN F., AND JAMES M. ESTILL, (See State-Prison,) 374, etc.
MCDOUGAL, JOHN, administrator of George McDougal, authorized to sell real estate at

private sale, 54.

sale to be approved by probate judge, 54.

filing certificate of incorporation in secretary of state's office, to operate nunc pro

tunc, 156.

supplementary, 201.
MONK, THOMAS M., claim audited and allowed, 308.
MONTEREY COUNTY, public administrators fees, 24.

amendatory act, 96.
MONUMENT, WASHINGTON, appropriation for, 97.


NAMES CHANGED, from Walter Scott Tarbox to Walter Scott, 65.

from Hillerscheidt to Hiller, 106.
from Jacob Schlechwey to Jacob Robinson, 164.
from John August Stromdohl to August William Stromdohl, 106.
from Frederick Ferdinand Seidenbinder to Ferdinand Seiden, 240.
from John Henry Kounse to John Lee Cambridge, 263,

from Julien Neuschwauder to Neuschwauder Julien, 263.
NAPA COUNTY, time for collecting taxes extended, 23.

NAPA COUNTY, sheriff, before collecting, to file new bond, 23.

time of holding sessions, probate, and county courts, 259.

(See Roads in Sonoma County, etc.,) 323,
NAPA CREEK, W. H. James, and others, may construct lock and dam at or near Suscol, 330.

franchise, length of time, 331.
construction, 331.

toll, rates of, and by whom paid, 331.

Macpherson may construct wharf at mouth of, 325.
wharf, width of, 325.
river channel to be opened, and wharfage, 326.
toll to be fixed by supervisors of Mendocino County, 325.
Macpherson and associates to become a corporation, 325.

limitation, 325.
NEVADA COUNTY, public administrator's fees, 24.

court of sessions, 96.
county courts, time of holding, 52.
roads and bighways, (See Roads and Highways, Nevada County,) 61.
tax, special, for county purposes, 181.
warrants, 181.
roads and highways, 189.
fees of officers, 285
notaries public, 285.
clerk of district court, 285.
clerk of county court, 286.
court of sessions, 287.
recorder, county, 287.
sheriff fees, 288.
coroner, 289.
constables, witness and jury fees, 289.
auditor, judges and clerks of election, 291.
justice of the peace, fees, 291.
interpreters and translators, fees, 292.
surveyor, county, 292.
probate judge, fees, etc., 292.
state officers, fees not be charged, 293.
attorney-general and district attorney may have subpæna without charge, 294.
all officers to keep fee-book, 294.

state may sue without advancing fees, 294.
NOTARIES PUBLIC, increase of number, 108.

in Tuolumne county, 152.

to increase number of, 192.
NOUGUES, JOSEPH, claim audited and allowed, 215.

appropriation to, 373.
audited claim repealed, 373.

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OBSCENE PUBLICATIONS, (See Crimes and Punishments,) 297.
OFFICIAL BONDS. (See Bonds Official,) 71.
OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF STATE, office hours, 132.

OFFICERS, in Sierra county, to separate certain in, 299,

in Nevada county, (See Nevada County, Fees of Officers,) 285.

pay of, and privates, in Indian war in Humboldt and Klamath counties, 295.
OLIVE AND VINE, native growth exempt from tax, 210.
OROVILLE, acts of incorporation amended, 32.

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PACHECO, NICHOLAS, AND OTHERS, minor heirs of Lorenzo Pacheco, deceased, autho-

rized to convey real estate under direction of district court, 121.

guardian, duty in regard to sale, 122.
PACKWOOD, ELISHA, duplicate school-land warrants to be issued to, 33.
PAGES, compensation, 2.
PA-UTAH COUNTY, act repealed, 186.
PETALUMA, town of incorporated, 210.

trustees, powers and duties, 210,
Petaluma creek, improvement of, 211.
the city may improve Petaluma creek by locks and dams, 214.
capacity of canal, right of the state, lands granted, 214.
length of time franchise to continue, 214.
tonnage dues may be collected, 215.
act of incorporation amended, 336.
officers, election, 336.
marshal, collector, 336.

not to contract debts, 337.
PETERSON, W. H. claim audited, 299.
PLACER COUNTY, district attorney, surveyor, and coroner, fixed by board of supervisors, 70.

(See Fees, Legal,) 279.
PLACERVILLE CITY, incorporated, 77.

mayor and common council, and powers, 77.
divided into three wards, 77.
officers and qualifications, 77.
electors, qualifications, elections, 77.
inspectors and clerks, returns of elections, 77.
council to elect president, who shall act as mayor in his absence, etc., 77.
vacancy in office to be filled by election, 77.
attorney, treasurer, clerk, to be chosen by council, 77.
other officers may be chosen by council, 77.
meetings, adjournments, quorum, 77.
to keep journal, by-laws, and ordinances, 77.
to levy taxes, lay out streets, 77.
organize fire-companies, to prevent nuisances, to establish police, 77.
to tax hotels, license auctioneers, license trades, etc., 77.
to establish board of health, prevent riots, impose fine for breach of ordinances, 77.
to make contracts, and borrow money for city, to fix salaries of ficers, 77.
money borrowed on vote of people, 82.
bonds of officers, 82.
receipts and expenditures annually to be published, 82.
delinquent taxes, sales, and deeds, 82.
streets, etc., may be improved by special tax, 83.
ordinances, how passed, 83.
mayor, duties, alderman, treasurer, warsbal, assessor, collector, clerk, attorney,

recorder, 84-5.

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