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COURTS, DISTRICT, 16th and 17th created, 2.

16th, composed of Amador and Calaveras, 4.
17th, composed of Sierra and Plumas, 4.
suits and matters pending in said counties to be tried as though originally com-

menced in said districts, 4.
times of holding courts, in 5th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th districts, 4.
judges appointed, 4.
to be elected at next general election, for six years, 4.
salaries, 5.
time of holding in first district, 13.
special term in Del Norte county, 18.
time of holding in 17th, Plumas county, 37.
in Sutter and Yuba county, 97.
in second district, 177.

in 8th, 9th and 15th, 235.
Os Probate, in Colusa, 128.

in San Bernardino, 137.
in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, 178.
in Napa, 259.

in Solano, 260.
OF SEssions, in Los Angeles and Yolo, 21.

in Contra Costa, time changed, 31.
in Amador, time changed, 32.
in Nevada, 52.
in Sutter and Yuba, 97.
in Shasta, 120.
in Tehama, 128.
in Tuolumne, 150.
in San Bernardino, 137.
in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, 178.
in Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino, 225.
in El Dorado, 225.
in Tuolumne, 256.
in Napa, 259.

in Solano, 260.
County, in Los Angeles and Yolo, 21.

in Marin, time changed, 27.
in Contra Costa, time changed, 31.
special term may be called, 32.
in Nevada, 52.
in Sutter and Yuba, 97.
in Shasta, 120.
in Tehama, 128.
in San Bernardino, 137.
in Tuolumne, 150.
in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, 178.
in Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino, 225.
in El Dorado, 225.
in Tuolumne, 256.
in Napa, 259.

COURT (SUPREME) REPORTS, vols. ix and x, 22.

payment, 22.

300 copies of each volume to be furnished to State, 22.
CRESCENT CITY, to locate town-site, 24.

common council to enter land, and give public notice to claimants, 25.
proof of claim, 25.
common council to give deeds, 25.
lots not claimed, to be the property of the corporation, 25.
expenses of location to be paid pro rata by claimants, 25.

exception as to expenses in favor of J. F. Wendell, 25.

legalized, 60.
CRIMINAL CASES, grand jurors, 186.
CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS, sale of liquors at camp meetings, 188.

publications, obscene, selling, etc., punished, 297.

before wbat courts triable, 297.
CRUSSELL, FRANCIS, appropriation to, 237.



DALE, D. R., supervisors of Siskiyou county, authorized to allow witness fees, 40.
DAM AND LOCK, on Napa creek, 330.
DAVIS, D. W., legalizing acts of deputy clerk and recorder in San Bernardino county, 52.
DAVIS, HENRY L., assistant clerk to board of examiners, city and county of San Fran-

cisco, compensation, 13.

auditor to issue warrant, 13.
DEATHS, (See Registrar,) 102.
DECEASED PERSONS, authorizing coroner of Butte county to remove bodies, 358.

place of burial, 358.
removal of, compensation, 358.

coroner, compensation, 358.
DEFICIENCIES, appropriation for 10th fiscal year, 191.

in senate and assembly, appropriation for, 360.
DEL NORTE COUNTY, district court, special term, 18.

indebtedness between, and Klamath counties, 300.
commissioner to adjust, and time of meeting, 300.
commissioner to adjust, mode of settling, 300.
debt, interest to be computed and divided, 300.

statement of commissioners to be delivered to counties, 301.
DESERT, COLORADO, grant of lands to supply water, 238.

condition of grant, 238.
aqueducts, 238.
boundaries of grant, 238.

commissioners and duties, 239.
DISTRICT ATTORNEYS, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, and Placer, bonds to be fixed by

board of supervisors of said counties, 70.
Santa Cruz county, salary of, 150.

Sonoma county, salary of, 185.
DISTRICT COURT, 17th district for Plumas county, time of holding, 37.

13th, special term, 41.

time of holding, 177.
DISTRICT JUDGES, may sign bills of exception and records, 220.

DISTRICTS, JUDICIAL, 8th, 9th, and 15th, time of holding fixed, 235.
DIVISION OF STATE, (See State, New,) 310.
DIVORCES, (See Registrar,) 102.


EDUCATION, BOARD OF, in San Francisco city and county, 326.
EEL RIVER, (See Salmon Fisheries), 298.
EL DORADO COUNTY, salary of district attorney, 59.

fees of tax, collector and deputies, 63.
supervisors may ratify former orders in relation to collection, 63.
official bonds and penalty fixed, 189.
sessions and county court, 226.
time of holding, 226.
special term, 226.
fees of officers, clerk district court, 362.
clerk probate court, 363.
clerk county court, 363.
clerk court sessions, 363.
county clerk, 364.
county recorder, 364.
probate judge, 365.
superintendent public instruction, 365.
sheriff, 365.
tax collector, 367.
witnesses, 367.
jurors, 367.

repealing clause, 368.
ELDREDGE, T. R., claim audited, 299.
ELECTION, of county officers in Amador county, 236.
ENSIGN, GEORGE H., right to lay water-pipes in San Francisco, 209.

mode and time of laying, 209.

rights of others secured, 209.
ESTILL, A. H., AND CHARLES FORMAN, appropriation to, 164.
ESTILL, JAMES M., AND JOHN F. M'CAULEY, (See State Prison,) 374.

duty of taker-up, 147.
beast not claimed in one year to be sold at public sale, 147.
taker-up to be paid, proceeds to go to county, 148.
taker-up not to remove animal from county.
recorder of county to keep record of estrays, 148.
fees of officers, 149.

branded animals, when may be taken up, 149.
EVANS, O. M., and G. W. Stanton, duplicate school warranls may be issued to their

assigns, 30.
EVANS, O. M., school warrants, 209.

lost, duplicate may issue, 209.

bond of indemnity, 209.
EVANS, CHARLES, deceased, estate exempt from administration, etc., 305.
EVIDENCE, in state-prison cases, 311.

EUREKA, town of, to incorporate, 192.

boundaries, 193.
officers and eligibility, 193.
election, 193.
officers, oath of office and bond, 194.
meetings of trustees, and powers, 194.
ordinances to be published, 195.
trustees, compensation of, 196.
trustees, prohibited from borrowing money, etc., 196.
treasurer, marshal, assessor, clerk, recorder, and justice of the peace, powers and

duties, 197.
EXAMINERS, BOARD OF, certain funds exempted from operation of act of 21st April,

1858, 5.
EXECUTORS, of Thos. O. Larkin, may sell real estate at public or private sale, 154.
EXPRESS, (See Postage,) 1.


FEES, of officers, in Amador county, (See Amador County,) 159 to 163.

in Tehama county, 179.
of witnesses, 220.
county and state, how paid, 223.
of public administrator in Nevada, Sacramento, Monterey, Amador, Yolo and

Placer, 234.
in Nevada county, 285.

counties exempted from operation of act of April 28, 1857, 304.

appropriation, 163.
FENCES, LAWFUL, in San Bernardino, Colusa, Shasta, Tebama, and Placer counties, 279,

fence, height of, 279.
trespass, penalty, 279.
partition fences, 280.

inclosure, joint duties of occupants, 280.
FIRE DEPARTMENT, Sacramento City, 182.

(See Sacramento County and City,) 182.
FIRE BOND SINKING FUND, San Francisco board of, 212.
FORMAN, CHARLES, and A. H. Estill, appropriation to, 164.


GALLAGHER JAMES, an act for relief of, 187,
GAS LIGHT COMPANIES, punishment for defrauding, 399.

punishment for altering meter, etc., 309.
GATEMAN, WM. C., release of surety of, 335.
GOVERNOR, appropriation for relief of, 308.

controller to draw warrant in favor of, 308.
GRIMWOOD, ADOLPHUS DANIEL, courts may admit to practice as attorney, etc., 234.
GRUNDON, ELIZABETH, (See School-Land Warrant Lost,) 307.
GUARDIAN, of José Antonio Baca and others, minor heirs authorized to sell real estato

at public or private sale, 137.
to report to probate court, 137.

GUARDIAN, deeds to be approved by probate court, 138.

expenses, how to be paid, 138.
surplus from sales to be re-invested, 138.
of Berreyesa Memecio and others, powers and duties, 176.
of John S. Williams, (See Carson, Lindsey, Guardian,) 306.

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HABEAS CORPUS, application to supreme court, writ may be made returnable before one

of the justices or any district judge, or county judge, 15.
HARTLEY, HENRY HARE, TRUSTEE, etc., may sell real estate at private sale, 14.

to make deeds, 14.

to sell for cash, 15.
HASTINGS, S. C., authorized to exchange property with Benicia city, 95.
HEALY, M., appropriation to, 358.
HIGHWAYS AND ROADS, in San Mateo County, 228, etc., (See San Mateo County Roads

and Highways.)
HILLERSCHEIDT, JOHN FREDERICK, name of family changed to Hiller, 106.

public or private sale, etc., 58.
guardian to report to probate court, 58.
confirmation of sale, 58.

deeds, etc., 58.
HOGS, act concerning amended, 337.
HUMBOLDT COUNTY, fees of jurors, 51.

to levy special tax to pay existing debt and interest, 130.

(See Roads in Sonoma County,) 323.
HUTCHINSON, C. A., claim against San Joaquin county, 240.


INSANE ASYLUM, deficiencies audited and allowed, 134.

deficiencies, appropriation for, 164.
admission to asylum, mode of, 253.
county judge, duty of, 253.
mad-house, appropriation for, 254.
trustees to report to governor, 255.

not to be interested in contracts, 256.
INDIAN WARS, in Siskiyou, 174.

Humboldt, 174.
Klamath, 174.
Del Norte, 174.
Tulare, 174.
Sutter, 174.
San Bernardino, 174.
Nevada, 174.
Los Angeles, 174.
Yuba, 174.
Shasta, 174.
Trinity, 175.
Napa and Yolo, 175.
El Dorado, 175.

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