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APPROPRIATION to C. W. Robinson, 237.

to Dr. A. W. Taliaferro, 237.
to C. T. Meader & Co., 237.
to Francis Crussell, 237.
to insane asylum, for mad-house, 254.
to F. Castro, 262.
for deputy controller, 262.
for eleventh fiscal year, governor, head of departments, etc., 275.
for Indian war in counties of Humboldt and Klamath, (See Indian War,) 295.
to orphan asylums, 305.
to John B. Weller, governor, 308.
to sureties of C. F. Linn, ex-treasurer of Trinity county, 334.
to Charles Smith, Henry Lewis, and David Weaver, 357.
to C. Breyfogle and M. Healy, 358.
for deficiencies, 360.
to contingent fund of senate and assembly, 360.
for rewards for criminals, 361.

to Joseph Nougues, 373.
ARMSTRONG, Wm. R., controller to issue duplicate warrant, 307.
ASSESSMENT, of Butte, 1856-257, by John H. Lillard, legalized, 28.
ASYLUM, INSANE, deficiencies for support of, 134.

Corcoran and others, 134, 136.
ASYLUMS, ORPHAN, San Francisco, 305.

Roman Catholic, of San Francisco, 305.
Roman Catholic, of Los Angeles, 305.
appropriation to, 305.

trustees to report to governor, 305.
ATTACHMENTS AND WARRANTS OF ARRESTS, shall be indorsed, authorizing bail to
AUCTIONEERS, failure to comply shall constitute misdemeanor, 354.

be given, 141.
ATTERBERY, WILLIAM B., administrator of Martin E. Cook, authorized to make certain

conveyances, 72.

proceedings of F. G. Hahman to be legalized by probate court before conveyance,
ATTORNEYS, DISTRICT, of San Bernardino County, salary, 136.

of El Dorado, Tuolumne, Siskiyou, and Solano counties, 69.

of Santa Cruz county, salary 151.
ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS, requests for admission, 60.

how removed or suspended, 60.
appeal allowed in case of removal, 60.
Grimwood, Adolphus Daniel, 234.
courts may admit to practice, 234.

may admit E. G. Browne to practice, 335.
AUCTIONEERS, to provide for the licensing of, and to define their liabilities and duties, 352.

give bonds and take out license, 352.
file bond with county clerk, 352.
controller shall have blanks printed, and forward to county auditor, 353.
auditor shall deliver to treasurer, 353.
treasurer make return at end of three months, 353,
penalty for circulating fraudulent licenses, 353.
classes of license, 353.
shall make statement of receipts on application for renewal of license, 354.
license not to be transferred, 354.

sheriff or constable shall be ex officio auctioneers, 354.
shall keep books for live stock sold, 354.
keep books showing all sales, 355.
county treasurer shall pay over to controller moneys derived under this act, 355,
shall go into general fund, 355.
two-thirds to state, and one-third to county, 355.
repeal of former laws in conflict, 355.


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BABCOCK, J. N., claim against Sacramento county to be funded, 129.
BACA, MANUEL, minor heirs of, (See Guardian for José Antonio Baca and others,) 137.
BARTLETT, ERASTUS, Contra Costa to re-issue to, lost bonds, 50.
BATES, HENRY, sureties on official bond released, 120.
BENICIA, CITY OF, authorized to exchange property with S. C. Hastings for schools, 75.

corporate name, 314.
trustees, term of election, 314.
trustees, subsequent election, 314.
president and members, qualifications of, 315.
statement of receipts and expenditures to be made, 315.
trustees, powers of, 315.
property, sales of, how made, 315.
judgments and tax to pay, 316.
bonds, surrender of, 316.

bonds, surrender of, and cancellation, 316.
BERREYESA, MEMECIO, AND OTHERS, guardian of, authorized to sell real estate at
BRIDGE, TOLL, across Sacramento river at Red rluffs, 133.

public or private sale, 176.

to give bonds, acts to be approved by probate court, 176.
BIRTHS, (See Registrar,) 102.
BISHOP, F. A., and others, claims audited and allowed, 352.
BONDS, OFFICIAL, officers state and county, 71.

qualifications, gureties, 71.
BONDS, OFFICIAL, of officers of El Dorado county, 189.

pay bonds of the county of San Francisco, 312.
BOORAEM, H. TOLER, appropriation, for vol. viii, supreme court reports, 139.
BOUNDARIES, county of Tuolumne, 213.

Butte and Yuba counties. 225.
of Yuba and Butte counties, 225.
county of Mendocino, 252.
between California and Territories, 313.
commissioners to be appointed by governor, in conjunction with United States, to

run, 313,

commencement and monuments, 313.
appropriation for, 313.

of Tehama county defined, 359.
BREYFOGLE, C., and M. Healy, appropriation, 358.
BRAGG, H. W., guardian of David Martin and Anne Martin, 178.

may sell real estate at public or private sale, 178.
sale to be confirmed by probate court, 178.
guardian may make deeds, 178.
guardian to give bond, 178.

Combs, Joseph, and Dall, J. G., and associates, may construct, 133.
time to commence and complete bridge, 133.
Tehama county may purchase, when, 133.
draw-bridge, 133.
to collect tolls, prices to be fixed by supervisors, 134.
across Feather river, (See Sutter County, Supervisors of,) 201.
across the Colorado river, at Fort Yuma, 260.
to be incorporated, 260.
may collect toll, 261.
time within which to construct, 261.

toll, rates of, how fixed, 261.
BROWNE, E. G., courts may admit to practice law, 335.
BURR, E. W., president board of supervisors San Francisco county, 156.

authorized to convey to board of education, 156.
BUTTE COUNTY, to levy additional tax for contingent expenses, 109.

county clerk to transcribe records, 119.
transcribed records legalized, 119.
fees for transcribing, 119.
fixing term of county officers, 337.

coroner authorized to remove dead bodies, 358.
BUTTE COUNTY SURVEYOR, election of legalized, 256.


CALAVERAS, official bonds of officers—to file new bonds when defective, to be approved by

board of supervisors, 7.
mode of collecting poll-tax, and foreign miners' licenses, (See Tax for Calaveras

County,) 45 to 49.
to fund debt, 66.
board of commissioners, compensation, 66.
bonds limited and time of payment, 66.
bonds shall not be sold for less than 85 per cent.,

record of bonds to be kept, 67.
tax additional, to pay interest and principal, 68.
board to advertise for bonds, 68.
board to keep record, 68.
Campbell, George, duplicate school warrants to be issued to, 130.

original to be delivered up and canceled, 130.
CANAL, Solon S. Simonds and associates may construct, in town of Alviso, 175.
CARQUINEZ, STRAITS OF, John R. Price and others may construct wharves at, 35.

when work to commence, 36.
CARROLL, MINERVA J., treasurer of state may issue duplicate school warrant to, 127.

bond of indemnity to be given, 127.
CARSON, LINDSEY, guardian of John S. Williams, may sell at public or private sale by

leave of probate court, 306.
CASTRO, F., appropriation to, 282.
COUNTY ASSOCIATIONS, incorporation authorized, 281.

how incorporate, to file certificate with county clerk, 281.
association, powers of, etc., may purchase real estate, etc., 282.
trustees, election of, and terms of service, 282.

COUNTY ASSOCIATIONS, bonds may be issued, 283.

trespass to be punished civilly and criminally, 284.

cemetery property exempt from taxation, 284.
CERTIFICATES OF PURCHASE OF LAND, prima facie evidence of title, 227.

possession, 332.

mineral lands, 332.
CHANGE OF NAME, (See Frederick Ferdinand Seidenbinder,) 240.
CIVIL CASES, what summons to contain, 39.

summons, how served, 39.
copy complaint to be filed with complaint, 39.
(See Practice Act, amended,) 139.
to regulate proceedings, 155.
proceeding in, 218.
subpæna to be under seal, 218.
may be returnable before officer out of court, or before commissioner, 218.
depositions before certain officers, 218.
testimony, perpetuation of, mode of, 218.
testimony, duty of judge, 218.
testimony, examination, mode of, 218.
appeals, 224.
fees to be paid in advance, 224.
fees to be paid in county treasury, 224.

district attorney, duty of, etc., and penalty for neglect, 224.

Avaline, 0. D., 158.
Johnson, Woodworth, 158.
Schuppert, Adam, 158.
Joseph Nougues, 215,
Marks & Brothers, 216.
Cohn & Co., 216.
H. M. Fanning, 216.
Ames, J. J., 217.
J. Sarles, 217.
W. H. Peterson and T. R. Eldredge, 299.
Thomas M. Monk, 308.
Hoffy, Thomas, 351.
Seymour, John, 351.
Arnold, T. J., 351.
Edson, C. P., 351.
Day, Rogers, 351.
Oviatt, Loren, 351.
Milligan, Wm., 351.
Hill, Thomas, 351.
Green, James, 351.
Yarnell, Richard, 352.
Bishop, F. A., 352.
Hawley and Taylor, 352.
Green and Yarnell, 352.
Seligman, 352.
Bee, Albert W., 352.
Condee & Co., 352.


Gerry, Samuel R., and others, to be paid, 355.
| CLERK, COUNTY, in Sierra county, act to separate from certain offices, 299.

committee and minute clerks of senate and house, 2.
COLORADO DESERT, (See Desert Colorado,) 238.
COLORADO RIVER, bridge across at Fort Yuma, 260.
COLUSA, to legalize assessments, etc., 6.

time of holding county, probate, and sessions courts in, 128.

(See Fences Legal,) 296.
CONDEMNATION of lands for state-prison purposes, 242.
CONTINGENT FUNDS of senate and assembly, (See Board of Examiners,) 8.

of senate and assembly increased, 360.

exempt from action of board of examiners, 360.
CONTRA COSTA, time for collection of taxes extended, 7.

sheriff to file new bonds, 7.
commissioners of funded debt to re-issue bonds to Erastus Bartlett, (lost bonds,) 50.
bond to be given by Bartlett to save county harmless, 50.
(See Sheriff,) 94.
of levying taxes, 107.
Constitutional Convention, (See Convention Constitutional,) 226.
controller may appoint deputy, 262.
duties and compensation, 262.
duplicate warrant to issue to W. R. Armstrong, 307.
to settle with William A. King, treasurer of Mariposa County, 332.

to issue warrant to sureties of C. F. Linn, 335.

electors to vote for or against, 226,

returns to be made by secretary of state, 226.
CONVEYANCES, acknowledgments of certain officers legalized, 212.
COOK, MARTIN E., DECEASED, (See Atterbery,) 72.
CORONER, of Butte county, may remove dead bodies, 358.

of San Francisco county, to execute all process where sheriff is a party, 8.

fees, in certain cases, 36.
CORPORATIONS, may apply to district court to sell or mortgage real estate, 87.

court may make order accordingly, 88.
corporations may be formed by three or more persons, 88.
acknowledgments to be filed with county clerk, and certified copy to secretary

of state's office, 93.
certificate shall contain, 93.

legalizing certain acts, 93.
COUNTIES, fees of officers, Sonoma, Santa Clara, San Mateo, etc., (see Act,) 304.

counties may subscribe to railroads, 263.
electors may petition, vote thereon by ballot, 263,
approval in case of, bonds to be issued, 264.
bonds, interest and special tax, 265.
tax special, for railroad fund, 265.
bonds and coupons, upon payment, to be canceled, 266.

bonds limited in amount, 266.
COUNTY JUDGE, San Joaquin county, 40.

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