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Suscepit Israel pue- dilexisti; incerta et ocrum suum; recordatus culta sapientiæ tuæ mamisericordiæ suæ. nifestasti mihi.

Sicut locutus est ad Asperges me hyssopo, patres nostros, Abra- et mundabor; lavabis ham, et semini ejus, in me, et super nivem secula.

dealbabor. Ant. Cænantibus, fc. Auditui meo dabis

V. Christus factus est gaudium et lætitiam; et pro nobis obediens us- exultabunt ossa humique ad mortem.

liata. Here all kneel, and Averte faciem tuam à say, Our Father, fc. in peccatis meis; et omnes secret.

iniquitates meas dele. Ps. 1.

Cor mundum crea in MISERERE mei De- me, Deus; et spiritum

us, secundum, rectum innova in vismagnam misericordiam ceribus meis. tuam,

Ne projicias me à Et secundum multi- facie tuâ; et spiritum tudinem miserationem sanctum tuum ne aufetuarum, dele iniquita- ras à me. tem meam.

Reddé mihi lætitiang Ampliùs lava me ab salutaris tui; et spiritu iniquitate meâ; et à principali, confirma me. peccato meo munda me. Docebo iniquos vias

Quoniam iniquitatem tuas: et impii ad te conmeam ego cognosco; et vertentur. peccatum meum contra Libera me de sanme est semper.

guinibus, Deus, Deus Tibi soli peccavi, et salutis meæ; et exaltamalum coram te feci; bit lingua mea justitiam ut justificeris in ser- tuam. monibus tuis, et vincas Domine, labia mea cum judicaris.

aperies, et os meum anEcce enim in iniqui- nuntiabit laudem tuam. tatibus conceptus sum; Quoniam si voluisses et in peccatis concepit sacrificium, dedissem me mater mea.

utique; holocaustis non Ecce enim veritatein delectaberis.


Sacrificium Deo spi- Tunc acceptabis saritus contribulatus; cor crificium justitiæ, oblacontritum et humilia- tiones et holocausta ; tum, Deus, non despi- tunc imponent super cies.

altare tuum vitulos. Benignè fac, Domine, PRAYER. Respice. in bonå voluntate tuả Look down, fc. page Sion; ut ædificentur 313. muri Jerusalem.


Mass of the Presanctified. The Priest, vested in black, lies prostrate for some time in silent prayer before the altar; in the meantime the Acolytes cover the altar with a linen cloth, and place the book on the epistle side. The Priest then goes up to the altar and reads the following:

I. LESSON. Osee vi. 1. 6. Thus saith the Lord: In their affliction they will rise early to me: Come, and let us return to the Lord. For ho hath taken us, and he will heal us: he will strike, and he will cure us. He will revive us after two days; on the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight. We shall know, and we shall follow on, that we may know the Lord. His going forth is prepared as the morning light, and he will come to us as the early and the latter rain to the earth. What shall I do to thee, O Ephraim? What shall I do to thee, O Juda? Your mercy is as a morning cloud, and as the dew that goeth away in the morning. For this reason have I hewed them by the prophets, I have slain them by the words of my mouth; and thy judgments shall go forth as the light. For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than holocausts.

TRACT. Habac. iii. O Lord, I have heard thy

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hearing and was afraid: I considered thy works, and trembled. V. Thou wilt appear between two animals; when the years draw near, thou wilt be known; when the time shall come, thou wilt be shown. V. When my soul shall be in

'ouble, even in thy wrath thou wilt remember why mercy. V. God will come from Libanus, and the Holy One from the dark mountain. V. His Majesty hath clouded the heavens; and the earth is full of his praise.

Let us pray. Let us kneel down. R. Stand up again. COLL. Deus à quo, as page 314.

II. LESSON. Exod. xii. 1.11. In those days: The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt: This month shall be to you the beginning, of months: it shall be the first in the months of the year. Speak ye to the whole assembly of the children of Israel, and say to them: On the tenth day of this month, let every man take a lamb by their families and houses. But if the number be less than may suffice to eat the lamb, he shall take unto him his neighbour that joineth to his house, according to the number of souls which may be enough to eat the lamb. And it shall be a lamb without blemish, a male of one year; according to which rite also he shall kill a kid. And you shall keep it until the fourteenth day of this month: and the whole multitude of the children of Israel shall sacrifice it in the evening. And they shall take of the blood thereof, and put it upon both the side-posts, and on the upper door-posts of the houses, wherein they shall eat it. And they shall cat the flesh that night roasted at the fire, and unleavened bread, with wild lettuce. You shall not eat thereof any thing raw, nor boiled in water, but only roasted at the fire: you shall eat the liead with the feet and entrails thereof. Neither shall there remain any thing of it until morning. If there be any

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