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An Original Member of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and

Honorary Member of the Historical Society of New York.




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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1835,

By ALDEN BRADFORD, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

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THERE are now extant several volumes of the History of Massachusetts, embracing different periods, and making, indeed, a connected series of events, from the first settlement to the beginning of the present century. But, in the form in which they were published, they are too expensive for general circulation : and yet it may be assumed, that the people, generally, are desirous of being well acquainted with the history of their own state. The volumes, now before the public, contain many state papers, which, though useful to the legislator and the antiquarian, are not necessary, in extenso, for the common reader. A much more concise statement will give all which is important; and thus save many pages, and the history still be complete. It has not been the object of the writer of this volume, however, to present a mere chronological statement of facts and events.

Such remarks have been made as were believed proper to explain important transactions, and to illustrate, as well individual characters, as the condition and opinions of the age. How far he has succeeded in this design, the public must decide. The work, on this plan, was suggested by a literary and intelligent friend; in the belief, that a full but condensed narrative was wanted to meet the wishes of the great body of the people.

The writer proposes, if the present volume should be acceptable, to prepare an abridgment of it, for the use of academies and schools in the commonwealth.

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