The Monuments of Seti I: Epigraphic, Historical, and Art Historical Analysis

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Brill, 2000 - Всего страниц: 446
One of ancient Egypt's most outstanding and important rulers was Seti I. He is especially notorious for his wars in neighboring Western Asia, Libya and Nubia. But he is also renowned, perhaps even more so, for his impressive building programs. Peter Brand's groundbreaking study is a major contribution to clarifying the internal history of the reign of Seti I, and revolutionizes our understanding of Seti's restoration program. It offers many new insights into the length of his reign, the royal succession and the establishment of the Ramesside house. Apart from a thorough analysis and interpretation, the reader will find detailed catalogues of Seti's original monuments, restorations and additions to those of his predecessors, including extended examinations of the Karnak Hypostyle Hall and Abydos and Gurnah temples, as well as new epigraphic and art historical criteria elucidating the chronology, the state of the program at his death, and separating his reliefs from those of Rameses I and II. The book contains many previously unpublished photographs and plans.

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Peter J. Brand, Ph.D. (1998) in Egyptology, University of Toronto, lectures in Egyptology in Toronto. Since 1994 he has been involved with the Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project and has published a number of articles on New Kingdom epigraphy, history and iconography.

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