Indian Wisdom: Or, Examples of the Religious, Philosophical, and Ethical Doctrines of the Hindūs : with a Brief History of the Chief Departments of Sanskrit Literature, and Some Account of the Past and Present Condition of India, Moral and Intellectual

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Wm. H. Allen & Company, 1875 - Всего страниц: 542

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Стр. 476 - Wouldst thou the young year's blossoms and the fruits of its decline, And all by which the soul is charmed, enraptured, feasted, fed, Wouldst thou the earth and heaven itself in one sole name combine ? I name thee, O Sakuntala,- and all at once is) said.
Стр. 549 - Catholic Doctrine of the Atonement. An Historical Inquiry into its Development in the Church, with an Introduction on the Principle of Theological Development. By H.

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