The highlands of Scotland

Лицевая обложка

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Стр. 38 - ... his trust. This murderous Chief, this ruthless man, This head of a rebellious clan, Hath led thee safe, through watch and ward, Far past Clan-Alpine's outmost guard.
Стр. 38 - Who shunn'd to stem the flooded Teith, — For twice that day, from shore to shore, The gallant stag swam stoutly o'er. Few were the stragglers, following far, That reach'd the lake of Vennachar...
Стр. 41 - gan peep A narrow inlet, still and deep, Affording scarce such breadth of brim As served the wild duck's brood to swim. Lost for a space, through thickets veering, But broader when again appearing, Tall rocks and tufted knolls their face Could on the dark-blue mirror trace; And farther as the hunter strayed, Still broader sweep its channels made.
Стр. 210 - But here, — .above, around, below, On mountain or in glen Nor tree, nor shrub, nor plant, nor flower, Nor aught of vegetative power, The weary eye may ken. For all is rocks at random thrown, Black waves, bare crags, and banks of stone...
Стр. 43 - I will spare you the attempt to describe what you would hardly comprehend without going to see it. But certainly this noble lake, boasting innumerable beautiful islands, of every varying form and outline which fancy can frame, its northern extremity narrowing until it is lost among dusky and retreating mountains, while, gradually widening as it extends to the southward, it spreads its base around the indentures and promontories of a fair and fertile land, affords one of the most surprising, beautiful,...
Стр. 39 - With shingles bare, and cliffs between, And patches bright of bracken green, And heather black, that waved so high, It held the copse in rivalry.
Стр. 152 - O'er the peak of Ben-Lomond the galley shall steer, And the rocks of Craig Royston * like icicles melt, Ere our wrongs be forgot, or our vengeance unfelt ! Then gather, gather, gather, Grigalach ! Gather, gather, gather, etc.
Стр. 206 - We passed,' says Alexander Smith in describing a drive through one of these, ' through a very dismal district of country. It was precisely to the eye what the croak of the raven is to the ear. It was an utter desolation, in which Nature seemed deteriorated and at her worst. Winter could not possibly sadden the region ; no spring could quicken it into flowers. The hills wore for ornament but the white streak of the torrent ; the rocky soil clothed itself with no heather.
Стр. 149 - has neither the matchless depth and delicacy of coloring which characterizes the foot of Loch Katrine, nor the wild grandeur of Loch Coruisk, nor, in fairness let us add, the dignity of Loch Maree; but ... it blends together in one scene a greater variety of the elements which we admire in lake scenery than any other Scottish loch.
Стр. 40 - Vindictive toiled the bloodhounds stanch; Nor nearer might the dogs attain, Nor farther might the quarry strain. Thus up the margin of the lake, Between the precipice and brake. O'er stock...

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