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mistakes that arise. Falsehood often lurks beneath the warmest professions; the guise of friendship is made to conceal the perfidious spirit, the mask of sincerity is worn by the consummate deceiver, and man becomes the dread and fear of man. Who can look at Jesus, without being struck at the nice discrimination of character he discovered in his opinions of the men by whom he was surrounded. He could espy in Nathaniel “ an Israelite in whom there was no guile.” He discovered that the ardent zeal and warmth of Peter's attachment would induce him boldly to suffer death in his Master's cause, although the denial of that Master loudly proclaimed him a faithless coward. He could point out the perfidious Judas, fostered by the eleven disciples as a bosom friend. He could detect the hypocrisy and deceit that lay hid beneath the fair profession of the Scribes and Pharisees; he knew their public conduct was not in unison with the hidden man of the heart. He was not blinded by the semblance of virtue ; nothing false passed with him for genuine; he instantly discovered the counterfeit, however well executed. Nor did the sterling pass by unknown to him, though its exterior was defaced and unattractive. He could look into the inmost recesses of the humanheart, and discover there the seat of iniquity, he could behold the monster in his den, however ingeniously its exterior was adorned by art, and bring to light the bidden things of darkness. In his opinions there was no error; in his censures, no unjust severity -he always judged righteous judgment;

66 for he judged not after the sight of his eyes, neither reproved after the hearing of his ears.” With righteousness did he “ judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth; righteousness was the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins ;" and why?“ Because my thoughts are not as your thoughts, neither are my ways as your ways, saith the Lord of Hosts."


Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. -- Isaiah xxxv. 5.

Is it not highly proper, that those who profess to be intrusted with offices of authority, should be able to exhibit the credentials of their appointment, in order to be accredited ? The prophet Isaiah was commiswioned to proclaim many of the marks by which the

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Messiah should be distinguished. Amongst other signs


of the blind were to be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped.” Jesus of Nazareth not only declared himself to be that long-promised Messiah, but constantly exhibited, in the most public and open manner, the credentials of his high official character, and confirmed his claim to our belief by his numerous miracles. Could we inquire of Bartimeus, who, of old, sat hy Israel's way-side begging, who was the skilful oculist that restored to his long sightless eyeballs the power of vision; joyfully would he point to Jesus the Son of David, as the gracious benefactor whose almighty word had again caused him to behold the gladsome light of day. Might we hold converse with him who had never be held the cheerful face of man, whose eyes had rolled in gloom and darkness, deprived of the sight of nature's beauteous works; no doubt he would, with the same undaunted courage he displayed before the Jewish Pharisees, declare that Jesus of Nazareth had opened the eyes

of one born blind. Nor were these the only recipients of his Divine bounty. By his almighty voice the deaf were made to hear: the ephphatha' of Jesus could “ clear the obstructed paths of sound, and bid new music charm the unfolded ear,” for it was

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, suith the Lord of Hosts."


i fins the eyes of the bliad sisall be opened, and the ears of Brother plall be uustopped. -- Izziah 2017. 5.

I but highly proper, that those who profess to be and with offices of authority, should be able to

the credentials of their appointment, in order w Row #swedited? The prophet Isaiah was commiswas ou proclaim many of the marks by which the Messiah should be distinguistel. sigasthe eyes of the blind rezni the ears of the deaf mostupne." I கா not only declared himself in the Messiah, bet constantly excited, and opez manner, tie azienti character, and artina is


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