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calculated to heal the social sore. Whoever may gain by such Christianity, as we too well know, is that system which of all action, it is of no benefit to the poor. The Tories are the others is so specially distasteful to the Broad Church sect. truest friends of the latter, if they had the wits to see it.

The Weekly Register of Saturday last gives a prominent The robbery and disestablishment of the Irish Church—as place to the following curious paragraph. We believe the anyone might have predicated—has done nothing whatsoever scheme, if scheme there be, emanates from a private and towards pacifying the Irish, or hindering the preaching of eccentric individual, who only represents himself fervent sedition by those whose trade it is to do so. Upon the “A Catholic Priest of high standing, and well known in the north of Government the screw is being put with great power to England, lately received a visit from an Anglican Clergyman, who came induce a release of the Fenian prisoners—we should not our to him as spokesman of a very large body of his colleagues in different selves be astonished if it were proposed to release all prisoners- best means of sending to Rome a petition to the Council of the Vatican.

parts of the country. The object of the visit was to consult as to the and there can be little doubt that sooner or later they will be And the pith of the petition was, that should the decision come to by the released. On Liberal principles there ought to be “no Council be unfavourable (as the petitioners believed it not improbable it punishment for nobody " as quite recently one of the unwashed will be) to the validity of Anglican Orders, the petitioners and others of

their body who have entered the Ministry of the English Church through oratorically declared.

religious motives, should be received into the Catholic Church, ordained Our readers may not be generally aware that since 1851 it as Priests, employed as such, and allowed, if married, to continue so has been the rule of the authorities at Westminster Abbey to until the death

of their present wives--those married not to be employed

as confessors. It is said that many of our English Catholic Bishops are shut up the choir-aisles and chantry-chapels, on October 13th. favourable to the petition, and that they will urge its adoption by the This is done so as to prevent Catholics, whether of the English Holy Father and the Council

. No doubt it will bridge over a great or Roman obedience, worshipping God at the shrine of our difficulty, and bring over to the Church an immense body of the very great national Saint, Edward the Confessor—on that day from publishing any names connected with the scheme, but for the truth

best men amongst the Anglican Clergy. For the present we refrain which is the Festival of the translation of his sacred remains of what we have stated we can pledge ourselves. The signatures This was again the case on Wednesday last when two large affixed to the petition are already numerous, and are increasing every blue curtains were carefully stretched across the grilles of the day.” aisles, so as to prevent all view of the shrine being obtained. On one statement we have a further remark to make. The It appears to be against the rule of the worthies who preside question of Anglican Orders is not before the Council, and over this national monument of our former Christian graces certainly could not be even adequately discussed at Rome. and glories, to allow anybody to pray out of Service time. For all the historical documents are in England; the inquiry, Practically they say: “No praying allowed here.” “ Devotional therefore (if there be any, which we doubt), must take place attitudes forbidden.” “Persons found on their knees will be here. In the man it is one that concerns facts.

Now, excluded from the Abbey.” And in order to carry this neither Pope nor Council can alter facts. If English Orders scandalous decision into effect the Cathedral has been for are invalid, then there is no such thing as valid orders in the some years altogether closed on St. Edward's Day except world. during Morning and Evening Prayers. Any visitors remaining afterwards have been unceremoniously turned out. What We have the sincerest pleasure in announcing that Mr. E. S. Ffoulkes has been determined by that great “ Liberal ” light, the has a new pamphlet in the press, entitled “ The Roman Index and its Dean, and approved by the Canons, is very efficiently carried late proceedings: a Second Letter to the Most Rev. Archbishop Manning.'' into effect by the male nuisances known as vergers.


It is rumoured that Archbishop Manning has been selected by the officials at all the Cathedrals were deservedly and efficiently Ultramontanes to propose, at an early period of the Session of the Lateran shown up by Mr. Street at the Liverpool Congress ; and as Council, that those gathered shall by acclamation affirm the infallibility far as Westminster Abbey is concerned, fully merit the casti- of the Roman Patriarch. It is also stated that a large majority of his gation they received. The dignitaries, however, are in this colleagues in England regret, and several will certainly oppose, this concase the great offenders. The vergers only do as they are templated action. bidden. And what is the result ? An act of mean-spirited The Rev. F. H. Deane, B.D., Magdalene College, Oxon, Rector of spite is perpetrated which, if the nation's authorities had not Stainton-le-Vale, and for a considerablo period the Chairman of the become insensible to fair-play and justice, would not be tole- Lincolnshire Branch of the E.C.U., has resigned all connection with that rated for a day. And this from a “ Liberal ” Dean. Truly the Society. Broad Church Liberals are the narrowest bigots in creation.

We are enabled to state that in all probability Dr. Newman's forthAs regards Dean Stanley, if the following extract from the coming work against Infidelity will be published in the early part of Guardian be accurate, he will apparently tolerate Mahometans next year. but be intolerant to Papists. The event chronicled happened some months ago :

A correspondent assures us on the best authority that the statement of “ The sombre colours of Westminster Abbey were relieved on Satur- to consent to be made Bishop of Edinburgh is without any foundation.

a contemporary asserting that the Rev. Dr. Prebendary Irons was likely day by the presence of an Indian Prince, dressed in his native costume, with his Prime Minister and attendants, who came for the purpose of We are gratified at being enabled to announce that the President of strewing Lord Canning's grave with flowers. The servants bearing the the A.P.U.C. (the Very Rev. E. B. Knottesford-Fortescue, Provost of trays containing the flowers

, held aloft in Eastern fashion, was very Perth Cathedral,) has appointed C. H. E. Carmichael, Esq., M.A., of picturesque. After expressing his deep love of Lord Canning and his grateful remembrance of his rule in India, the Prince knelt and himself Hyndford House, Brompton, to be the Honorary General Secretary of strewed with flowers the stone slab' which covers the remains of Lord that organization, and George J. Murray, Esq., of Purbrook House, Canning, and also of his father, George Canning. The Dean pointed Cosham, to be the Honorary Treasurer of the same. out the spot in which the monument is to be erected, a fact which was of much interest to the Indian strangers. After bending in prayer the

An influential meeting of Clergy ana Laity was held this afternoon at Prince bent down and kissed the stone, followed in the reverent act by the Bristol Hotel, Cockspur-street, to oppose the appointment to the his retainers. This is perhaps the first act of Mohammedan worship vacant Bishopric of Exeter. which the Abbey has seen within its walls." Considering that Roman Catholics freely permit even the he was at Eton few boys exercised a greater influence than he. At that

Apropos of the Bishop-designate of Oxford, it is well-known that when most noxious Protestants to enter their places of worship, and time it required some moral courage openly to kneel down and say one's that the latter when there, as in foreign countries, often morning and evening prayers. But Mackarness, in this pious duty, behave more like heathens than Christians of any kind, the never failed. A contemporary, in a poetical exercise, wrote as follows of least that persons who everlastingly boast of true superfine him, as it now turns out in quite a prophetic strain :liberality can aim at, is “ to do to others as they would have

"With care devout, beside a lowly bed, others do to them." But this is a Christian maxim, and

Mackarness bows his mitre-destined head."



to nominate to the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, vacant by the elevation of OCTOBER.

Lord Arthur Hervey to the Bishopric of Bath and Wells. 20. WED. Feria, Green.

At a meeting of the Church Association last week, held at Clifton, a 21. THURS. Feria, Green.

Clerical speaker described Archdeacon Denison as

a very Low 22. FRID. Feria, Green. Abst.

Churchman. 23. Sar. Feria, Green. At Evensong Collect for 22nd Sunday after

It is said that more than a million of money has been expended upon Trinity. 24. SUND. Green. 22nd after Trinity.

Church purposes in the Diocese of Oxford during the Episcopate of the 25. Mon. St. Crispin, M. Red.

present Bishop. 26. TUES. Feria, Green.

A recumbent statue of the late Countess of Devon has been placed in 27. WED. Vigil of SS. Simon and Jude, Violet. At Evensong, Red, the Courtenay Chapel at Ponderham Church, which has been restored for Collect for SS. Simon and Jude.

its reception.

At a Conference held by the Bishop of Gloucesterand Bristol he strongly PREFERMENTS AND APPOINTMENTS.

impressed upon the Clergy his wish that they should have their Churches

open daily for private devotion. The Rev. Samuel Wright Andrews, to the Rectory of Claxby, with Normanby.

The Rev. Frederick Hamilton Bennett, to the Vicarage of St. Mary, Freeland, The Earl of Shaftesbury has agreed to act with Dr. Pusey on a London
The Rev. J. C. Clutterbuck, Vicar of Long Whittenham, to the Rural Deanery of See of Exeter.

committee for the purpose of opposing the election of Dr. Temple to the Abingdon.

The Rev. G. G. Cutler, Vicar of Christ Church, Plymouth.
The Rev. Josias Henry Drew, to the Vicarage of St. Mary, Strood.

A scaffolding is now erected to put in a painted window in the south The Rev. W. E. Heygate, to the Rectory of Brighstone, I. W.

transept of St. Paul's. It would be a good thing if this scaffolding were The Rev. William Hodgson, to the Vicarage of Swindon, Staffordshire.

turned to account for cleansing that part of the Cathedral, The Rev. W.F. D. Lang, Rector of Instrow, Bideford. The Rev. W. R. J. Neams, Rector of Tresmere, near Launceston,

St. Mary's Church, Huntingdon, has been restored and was reopened The Rev. G. A. Rogers, Vicar of Christ Church, Dover.

last week by the Bishop of Ely. There was a large surpliced choir, but The Rev. Walter James Sowerby, to the Vicarage of Eltham, Kent. The Rev. R. O. T. Thorpe, Incumbent of Christ Church, Camberwell.

the Service was not choral," the Vicar having expressed a wish that the The Rev. C. Turner, to be a Honorary Canon in Chester Cathedral.

Service should be the same as on Sundays.”
The Rev. R. T. Wheeler, to the Rectory of Hadleigh, Suffolk.
The Rev. Arthur Wright, to the Rectory of Tilston, Cheshire.

Further works are to be executed in St. David's Cathedral in addition to those already carried on. The new outlay will absorb not less than

£11,000. £18,000 has already been spent on this little Cathedral. Mr. Home and Foreign Church News.

G. G. Scott is the architect,

The Bishop of Sura has published a bulky historical Memoir on the Dr. Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, uses a pastoral staff origin, nature, and constitutional developments of his Church, to be subin his public ministrations.

mitted to the Ecumenical Council. The Bishop reviews the Councils of

the past, and lays down the rights of the Pope and Bishops. The Bishop of Grafton and Armidale, and party, arrived safely at Sydney on August 14.

The reconstruction of the Church of Saint Saviour at Antigone, one

of the Prince's Islands, in the Sea of Marmora, has cost £6,800, the The Parish Church of Wilford was reopened on Thursday after Ottoman Government giving £2,400. Of this the Sultan gave £1,000, restoration.

on the ground that his ancestor had destroyed the Church. The Bishopric of Carlisle has been conferred upon the Rev. Dr. A side-altar has just been erected in the Lady-Chapel of St. Chad's, Harvey Goodwin, Dean of Ely.

Haggerstone, for use at the Daily Celebrations. It was included in the A new Church is about to be erected in South Kensington, in which architect's plan and sanctioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, then it is said there will be “a pure Evangelical Ministry.”

Bishop of London. The Exeter Branch of the E.C.U. have determined upon strongly Westminster Abbey on the Festival of SS. Simon and Jude. The Service

The consecration of the Bishop-elect of Salisbury will take place in opposing the appointment of Dr. Temple to the See of Exeter. Mr. Gladstone has conferred the valuable Rectory of Honiton on the

will commence at 11.30. Evensong will not be sung in the Abbey that Rev. John Ingle, Vicar of St. Olaves', Exeter.

day. About half the sum required for the restoration of the Choir of Salis- Church on Tuesday. In his Sermon he contended that it was the

The Bishop of Peterborough assisted at the reopening of Lowich bury Cathedral in memory of the late Bishop has already been raised.

Church's mission to adapt herself to every successive age, keeping The Rev. Luke Rivington will conduct the Mission at St. Paul's, unchanged the deposit of truth, though not the fringe of the garment. Walworth, which will commence on the 14th of November. The foundation-stone of a new Church was laid last week at Stone- signatures were appended to

At the recent Church Congress at Liverpool, more than three hundred

document stating that the Congress gravels. The cost of the Church is to be only £500.

deeply sympathised with the Church in Ireland, and desired to see a A petition to the Premier, asking for a Bishop to be appointed to Sustentation Fund immediately established. Cornwall, was signed by a large number of Dissenters.

The inhabitants of Cracow have subscribed a sufficient sum to A stained glass window, depicting Solomon's life, has just been placed indemnify the Carmelite Monastery for the funds it has been deprived of in St. Michael's Church, Coventry, by Mr. Eaton, M.P.

by the Austrian Administration, after its authorities had been honourably The Bishop of Ely is engaged in a Visitation of his Diocese, which

acquitted! he commenced on Tuesday at Cambridge.

The Rev. Samuel Dendy has been appointed to the Rectory of PensThe offertory and a surpliced choir are to be introduced at Holy thorpe

, near Fakenham, vacant
by the death of the Rev. H. Dugmore

. Trinity Church, Oxford, at the request of the Churchwardens.

The Living is described by the “Clergy List as being worth only £50

a year, with twelve inhabitants and no Church. A Scotch correspondent informs us that “The Rev. Mr. Jones of Eng

The Parish Church of Liskeard was effectively decorated with corn, land has been appointed to the Incumbency of St. Mary's, Aberdeen.”

fruit, and flowers on Wednesday, and special services were held in A Retreat for Clergy is being held at Oxford, under the direction of thanksgiving for the harvest. The poor attended in large numbers, but the Rev. R. M, Benson.

the farmers rendered themselves conspicuous by their absence. On the Festival of St. Luke the Bishop of London consecrated a new The Bishop of Sierra Leone, acting for the Bishop of Chichester, has Church at Stepney, dedicated to St. Luke.

consecrated a new chancel which has been added to Trinity Chapel, It is announced that at the consecration of the Bishop of Salisbury Brighton. Above the reredos is a mural tablet to the memory of the Clergy in black robes will find places in the sacrarium.

late Rev. Robert Anderson ; and there is a memorial window to the late

Rev. F. W. Robertson, There was an early celebraticn at St. George's Church, Shrewsbury, on Tuesday morning, on the occasion of reopening the Church after an

It is said that there will be more than forty Roman Catholic Bishops effective restoration.

in England, from America and the Colonies in the early part of November, Last week some young men belonging to the Church of England Pome on the oth of that month. They will go by easy stages on account

The R.C. Archbishop of Westminster and the Bishop of Southwark leave for Young Men's Association held a meeting at St. George's Hall, Wolver- of the feeble health of Bishop Grant. bampton, to protest against Ritualism. It is said that the whole question of the fees now paid for main

We are requested to state that the approaching changes in the Diocese

of Oxford will render it incumbent on Bishop Wilberforce to limit the taining guides to show and protect the chapels and tombs in Westminster delivery of his Charge to one place oply, viz., the Cathedral of Oxford, Abbey is under the consideration of the Dean and Chapter.

where it will be given on Thursday, Nov. 11th, and be published immeIt is thovght probable that Mr. Gladstone will allow the Bishop of Elydiately afterwards.

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Last week the Bishop of London reopened St. Jude's Church, Bethnal few weeks. Under these circumstances, the Archdeacon of Surrey has Green, after extensive repairs and alterations. A new prayer-desk and resolved not to hold his usual visitation during the present autumn. It pulpit have taken the place of the structure which formerly stood in the is also understood that the Chancellor will not hold his visitation in centre of the Church, and effectually hid the altar from the sight of the Hants. The Archdeacon and Chancellor are anxious, if possib le, with congregation.

the approval of the Bishop, to make arrangements for holding only one The old Parish Church of Tynemouth, North Shields, is undergoing

visitation in the year. extensive alterations. All the pews on the ground-floor are being Some days since the Bishop of Edinburgh announced his intention of removed, and new seats of polished Vancouver's Pine are being substi- resigning his See on account of his great age. The Bishop has, however, tuted. A new chancel and organ chamber are also being built, and a reconsidered his determination, and, resolving not to resign, has issued a surpliced choir is being formed.

commission to the Bishop of Moray and Ross to administer the Diocese. It is currently reported in literary and ecclesiastical circles—though The Diocese of Edinburgh is now, therefore, in this singular position, we decline the responsibility of vouching for its accuracy,—that Dr. that whereas it had until lately a Bishop and a coadjutor Bishop, it is Temple was the author of certain leading articles on Mr. Disraeli which

now practically without any, and is placed under the direction of the appeared in a contemporary under the offensive title of “The Jew Bishop of another See. Premier."

On Thursday, the Bishop of Oxford reo pened the Church of Wooburn The Rer. Ralph Mande, Vicar of Mirfield, has resigned his cure. He near Slough, which has been thorou glıly restored, from designs by Mr. was appointed to the Living in 1827, and since that time has hardly ever

Pope. At the luncheon the Bishop, in giving " Church and Queen, been out of Mirfield on a Sunday. Latterly his health has been enfeebled, described the Church as the foundation, and the Queen the topstone of and last Sunday but one he was attacked with a fainting fit when the whole building. In returning thanks for his health, the Bishop said performing the Service.

they would understand the great sorrow he felt in going away from such

a Diocese as that. He was now getting an old man and his strength was At a meeting of the Leeds branch of the E.C.U., Archdeacon Denison failing, and it was the hardest trial he had ever had in his life to leave said that so strongly did Dr. Pusey feel upon the matter that, after a the affection, care, support, and confidence of all living in it. Most long, intimate, and affectionate friendship with Mr. Gladstone, he had reluctantly he came to the conclusion that he ought to do it. broken altogether with him in consequence of his selection of Dr. Temple.

A Peer ” writes in the John Bull :-"If the Dean and Chapter of

Exeter firmly refuse to elect Dr. Temple, they will cover themselves with It is stated that, notwithstanding the present troubles in the Church honour. 1. Allow me to say that præmunire is, to use an expressive of England, a larger number of students than usual have gone up to phrase, all moonshine. 2. That the country would never stand its being Oxford this term, and that all the colleges are full, indeed, in most it has put in force. 3. That if the Dean and Chapter elect Mr. Mackarness, been found impossible to find room for all the students, so that some are they would show at least their respect to Crown designations, when in licensed lodgings. The vast majority who have gone up are destined possible, and not involving plain violation of the conscience. 4. That for the Church.

such a sham as a dictated election' in reference to such an office is At St. Bartholomew's, Moor-lane, City, a Harvest Festival was observed absurd. It appears that the right of the Chapter to elect, and the duty on Sunday. The Church was decorated with fruit, flowers, and illu- of the Crown to approve, unless there be a reasonable ground to the minated scrolls ; whilst the altar was bright with many tapers.

At contrary, is recognised in Magna Charta, and embodied in 25 Edward Evensong a really eloquent Sermon was preached from the altar steps by ii. 6. 3." the Rev. S. W. O'Neill. The subject was “ Preparation." The Service, Sunday evening brought to a close the St. Paul's, Walworth Harvest however, was far from being well rendered.

Festival. The congregation blocked the aisles, crammed the benches, and The Bishop of Rochester has issued a paper of searching questions to extended to the churchyard. Many were unable to obtain admission. be answered by all the Incumbents in his Diocese preparatory to his Mr. Mackonochie was the preacher, his text, Luke xiii. 23, 24. general visitation. The questions relate to the residence of the Clergy, His Sermon was thoroughly Evangelical. He exhorted his hearers to the frequency of the Services in their Churches, the number of attend

“strive to enter in at the strait gate.” This was his theme throughout. ants, the Administration of the Sacraments, the state of the schools, the He connected their Harvest Festival with the “ harvest of souls,” which amount of dissent, and the moral and physical condition of the people.

he prayed might be gathered in on November 14th. He told them that

a simultaneous mission for the conversion of sinners would commence on The chancel of the Parish Church of Cloford, near Frome, was that date in London, and implored them to take part in it themselves, reopened on Saturday, after being beautifully restored and improved at and to induce others to do likewise. The whole of the Service was well the cost of the patron of the Living, the Rev. Prebendary Horner, of rendered, but the processional hymns at the close ("O Paradise," and Mells. Besides the rebuilding of the chancel a new organ chamber has “Onward Christian Soldier ") were magnificently grand. The Offertories been erected, also a vestry, and the Horner Chapel has been restored. In

were for the school. the nave also many improvements have been carried out at the cost of

The Rev. Thomas Hugo, Rector of West Hackney, has obtained a the Vicar.

summons against some street preachers for annoyance. The nuisance in The Parish Church of Stepney was crowded on Sunday morning on question was occasioned by the assemblage of a number of open-air the occasion of the induction of the Rev. Joseph Bardsley, as Rector, by preachers on a piece of waste ground contiguous to the Church, where the Bishop of London. At the conclusion of the Nicene Creed the they shouted out their opinions on religious subjects. Their language, Bishop addressed a few words to the congregation, king them to kneel too, was not only defamatory, but slanderous; placards of an inflamdown and pray for a blessing upon their new Pastor. After a pause of matory tendency were exhibited, and a breach of the peace generally a few minutes the Bishop rose and formally inducted the new Rector, appeared likely to ensue. Mr. Hugo said that statements were made and afterwards preached from the words “ Brethren, pray for us." reflecting upon himself and one of his Curates. It was said that on one

During the past week an addition has been made to the Parish Church occasion the latter was so drunk as to be unable to perform Divine of Hinton Waldrist, namely, a reredos of alabaster, &c., the gift of J. L. Service, and that he (Mr. Hugo) was in a similar state on Friday lastSymonds, Esq. The subject is “The Last Supper,” after one of the old so completely, in fact, that he had to be carried home on the shoulders masters. It is nearly identical with the one lately erected in West- of some blacksmiths. The placards referred to likened the Pope to minster Abbey, and is by the same sculptor. The faces show with Satan, and the latter, in the dress of the former, was made to correspond wonderful clearness. The face of our Lord is as remarkably striking as

with him (Mr. Hugo). He had also been likened to a serpent. He had that of Judas Iscariot is revoltingly hideous.

been otherwise insulted. At the dedication of the Chapel of Dungourney, county of Cork, the R.C

A Thanksgiving Service for the ingathering of the harvest was held Bishop of Cloyne, Dr. Keane, reviewing the hist

last Tuesday at the Church of St. Edmund the King and Martyr,

of the Roman Lombard-street. There was a large surpliced choir, and the Church was Catholic Church, stated that in Ireland at this moment there are 2,300, decorated with corn, fruit, and flowers. From the lectern hung a very Roman Catholic Churches which have been built or rebuilt within the fine specimen of the fruit of the passion flower; the panels of the pulpit past sixty years. Two hundred convents have been established during were inlaid with moss, geraniunis, &c. The preacher was the Rev; the same time ; forty colleges have been built, and forty houses of the Stephen E. Gladstone, second son of the Premier; for his text he quoted regular orders.

the words of St. Paul, “That which thou sowest is not quickeped except Internally and externally the Parish Church of St. Margaret Pattens it die,” and after developing at some length the analogy made use of by City, has undergone the process of whitewashing and painting, but the St. Paul in the words of the text, he proceeded to say that it was necesnon-resident Church wardens and parishioners would not allow of the sary for man to give up all for the growth of the soul; man was to coremoval of the high boxes—some over five feet-for open benches, on the operate with God, for without the genial influences which God had ground that their forefathers “ had worshipped in these family pews.” promised the soul would not grow, even as the seed would not grow Their plea to the Bishop on this score was really touching. The high without the genial influences of the sun. The body and blood of Christ reading-desk and pulpit they also refused to have touched, but they con- were as necessary for the sustenance of the soul as rain and sunshine were sented to the removal of a huge heating apparatus which prominently for the growth of the seed. stood in front of the altar.

The Parish Church of Thornton has been reopened after a thorough The arrangements for the transfer of the See of Winchester from the restoration from designs by Mr. J. H. Hakewell. "A new chancel, porch, present Bishop to his successor, will probably not be completed for some and north aisle have been opened. There was Matins and a High


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Celebration at eleven, with a Sermon by the Archdeacon of Nottingha which has recently been made, has been widely responded to:At Evensong the Bishop of Lincoln preached on the doctrine of


" It is generally felt that the present time is a very critical one for the mystical union between Christ and His Church. He remarked that one Church of England-may we not say, for the whole of Christendom ?thing clearly shown forth in the architecture of their Church was the and that the spread of irreligion and indifference threatens our land with doctrine of the Holy Trinity--a doctrine which lay at the foundation of great danger. Especially in this vast metropolis, in which so many souls all Christian belief. Architects of old did not build at random or by are committed to our charge, there is a stronghold of carelessness and chance, but after study and prayer. This doctrine of the Trinity was ungodliness, which is beyond the reach of our ordinary ministrations. set forth in the nave and two aisles of that Church, in the three arches, “ The strictness of the account, therefore, which we shall have One and in the triple lights of the eastern window. Thus, on entering Day to give to God for those who have been bought with the Blood of their Church they had everything to remind them of this blessed Christ, and who are committed to the care of the Ministers of His doctrine. Nor could they ever approach the Communion-table Church, obliges us to consider anxiously whether we may not, by some without seeing those embroidered lilies. Thus, the believer could never unusual effort, reach some of those who are still the sheep of His Flock, approach Christ's Holy-table to receive the pledges of His love; never though they have wandered away from their shepherd. go near where his Saviour feeds him on His broken body and shed blood * Knowing the power of union, we have agreed to join together in without being reminded by the lilies embroidered on the altar steps that making a special attack upon sin and Satan, by devoting twelve days it was his duty to wash his hands in innocence, and thus approach His preceding the season of Advent—November 14th to 25th-to earnest altar. Coming more immediately to his subject, they would bear in prayer and preaching for the conversion of sinners. mind that it was by His incarnation that Christ as it were married our "We intend (D.V.) to open our Churches, Mission Rooms, and School nature, and the incarnation of Christ was the very root of all Christian Rooms daily during this period, for Services, Sermons, Classes, Prayer doctrine.

Meetings, and whatever spiritual exercises may be suitable for this one

end the conversion of men's hearts from the the love of the world and The Rev. J. C. Ryle at a meeting last week, presided over by Bishop sin unto the love of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Anderson, gave utterance to his views as follows :-"His theories--they were at liberty to call them Ryle's follies if they liked—were these :- Each Priest must judge of the needs and capabilities of his own people,

“No uniformity of method in the different Churches will be attempted. 1st, that they wanted a diminution of the size of their Dioceses. As to and arrange his Services accordingly. Our union consists in our making multiplying Bishops he did not say much on that point. He did not simultaneously this special supplication to God and appeal to man, and think they would feel much gratified by the multiplication of such men in our remembering in prayer, not only each one his own needs, but also as the Bishop of Oxford. 2. It was necessary for the organization of each one the needs of his brethren. We venture to recommend, however, the Church of England that there must be a thorough going, a wholesale at least, a daily Celebration of the Eucharist, and a Course of Sermons, bringing in of the laity to the management of the Church. 3. If they not by different Preachers, but by the same Preacher throughout. were to have Convocation they should insist on a complete reform of it. For the sake of those Clergy who are unable to procure an effective He would shovel the whole concern out of the way, and have a new Preacher for such a Course, we have made arrangements with some well thing altogether. There should be no official members in it, no Deans, suited for the work, to give their help, if required.” Already more or Archdeacons, or Canons, because they were so. Let there be a proper than fifty Churches have agreed to take part in this scheine, which representation of the Parochial Clergy, and side by side with them, man promises, by the blessing of God, great good. for man, an equal number of picked men, to represent the laity. 4. They must reduce the autocracy which the Bishops of the Church of England had at the present moment. He hoped the day would come when the Bishops would be put on a different footing, and when instead of being Notes, Literary, Archæological, &c. autocrats, every Bishop should be surrounded by a Council properly chosen, composed of Clergy and Laity, who should advise him in every thing he did. 5. One of the weakest points of the Church of England, has discovered the real Junius by means of an expert in handwriting,

It has been announced that the Hon. Edward Thistleton believes he and in which they wanted a complete re-organisation, was that of the Deans and Chapters of their Cathedral bodies. Speaking of the duty and intends to lay the evidence before the public. of the Evangelical body, he says that they should take care in all Tourists in France are likely to have a new delight. The old and Diocesan movements or conferences called by the Bishop, and where they famous Chateau de Pierrefonds has been thoroughly restored. It will be had the opportunity of speaking, to speak out boldly and let their voices the favourite residence of the Imperial family. The Empress now travels be heard : let them have done with shilly shally, and cast away the idea incognita as “ La Comtesse de Pierrefonds." that there was a great deal of common ground between Evangelical men and Ritualists."

Mr. Charles H. Pearson's series of maps illustrating the state of Early

Britain at different periods, will soon be issued. The proportions of Yesterday the Bishop of Oxford solemnly consecrated a new Church in forest and cleared land will be shown, as well as the towns, castles, his Diocese dedicated to St. Barnabas, the foundation stone of which his monasteries and roads; and an explanatory text will accompany each Lördship laid last year. The Church has been erected under the direction map. of Mr. A. W. Blomfield, and is said to be a very cheap, and at the same time substantial and effective edifice. A choir

, raised three steps above mechanical photographs" printed with printer's ink. They are neces

Photographic portraits are likely to become cheap. We have seen the general level, is separated from the nave by a screeu or septum of sarily as permanent as a printed text, and so easy of production that stone and metal-work, which entirely surrounds it, having gates at the twelve thousand may be produced from a single plate in one day! They west and on the north and south sides, at the east end of the stalls.

with any width of margin. Within the septum the stalls are arranged in the ordinary manner. The may be printed on any sort of paper, altar, which is raised nine steps above the nave floor, stands with its The fossil remains of a flying dragon-long thought to have been a front on the chord of the apse, under a lofty baldachino of wood, mythical creature—have recently been placed in the British Museum. decorated with colour and gilding. A metal cross, seven feet in height, It measures upwards of four feet from tip to tip of the expanded wings. hings from the roof over the entrance to the choir. There are no mould- The head is very large in comparison to the trunk. His tail is as long ings throughout the building, and the carving is confined to the capitals as the rest of the body. This remarkable flying reptile, now restored as on the nave arcade. The contemplated decorations have as yet only regards its fossil bones, is in many respects of a distinct generic form. been carried out in the roofs, the baptistery, and the eastern apse. In the semi-dome of the latter is a figure of our Saviour enthroned, the

An “Autobiography of Edward Wortley Montagu," son of Lady general ground being a pale blue, powdered irregularly with stars of Mary, is among the announcements for the autumn, it will give life-like various sizes. Below the cornice in a series of arches are the figures of portraits of dead men and women, amongst whom will be found : the Apostles, two and two, SS. Paul and Barnabas occupying the centre. George the Second-Frederick, Prince of Wales—Lady Mary Wortley The Bishop was the celebrant and preacher. The congregation was

Montagu-Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough—The Earl of Chesterfieldvery large and there were a considerable number of Clergy present all Walpole_Fielding-Colley Cibber-Pope, whose absurd lore adventure vsted in surplices, stoles, and hoods. During the Octave the Holy Com

with Lady Mury is described at length-Howard, Earl of Suffolkmunion will be celebrated daily at sever and eight a.m. Last night the

Savage-- Lord Lyttelton-Bully Rooke-Lord Scarborough- Molly Sermon was preached by the Rev. W.J. Butler, Vicar of Wantage, and

Segrave— The Duchess of Manchester-Dr. Young-Lady Vane-Lord during the octave Sermons will be preached by the Vice Chancellor, Revs. Patmore and his wife, the Duchess of Lecds—Kitty Hyde, afterwards J. Crosby White, Luke Rivington, James Ridgway, Canon 'King Duchess of Queensbury-Lady Betty Molyneux-Lady Fanny ShirleyRichard Randall, A. H. Mackonochie, A. H. Ward, and Archdeacon Pott. Hamilton-Sir William Yonge-Tom Warrington—Hogarth-Congreve

Windham-Pulteney–Lady Bolingbroke-Dodington—Lady Archibald . In connection with the consecration the Holy Sacrifice was cffered at the undermentioned Churches :-In Oxford, at St. Paul's, at 5, 7 and --Gay-Prior-Fox, afterwards the celebrated Lord Holland-Lord 8 am.; St. Philip and St. James's, at 7.45 a.m.; St. John's (Cowley), Lady Bella Bentinck – The profligate Duke of Wharton, &c. The sub

Hervey— The Duke of Kingston-Bishop Burnett-Richard Steeleat 7.30 a.m.; St. Thomas's, St. Giles's, and Holywell, at 8 am, Inject is of the greatest interest. We should like, however, to have, as in the neighbourhood, at Abingdon, Dorchester, Wantage, Littlemore, North Moreton, Culham College, and ilton, at 8 a.m.

the case of the promised biography of Flora Macdonald, explicit details

as to the documents on which the work is founded. At present, the THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND “MISSION" TO BE HELD IN SEVERAL public (as regards the Montagu biography) is kept completely in the LONDON CHURCHES DURING NOVEMBER.— The following proposition, dark.




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S. d. VV. Stitched

0 1 ROYAL 32mo.DIAMOND DOUBLE COLUMNS. v. Paper covers

0 2 0 3


On Second Paper. AA. Glazed cloth, cut flush

0 51 0 24 BB. Cloth, turned in, gilt lettered

0 5

0 4 CC. Roan, red edges

1 0

08 On Fine Paper. DD. Superior limp roan, gilt lettered, red edges

1 8

2 0 1 3 Morocco, gilt edges

3 0
3 6


On Second Paper.
Cloth, turned in

0 10 0 5 B. Cloth, turned in, gilt lettered, red edges

0 10
1 2

0 g Roan, red edges

1 2

1 8 0 10 On Fine Paper. D. Superior limp roan, gilt lettered, red edges

2 9

3 0 2 3 E. Morocco, gilt edges

4 0
4 6

3 0
Double CROWN 16mo.-Pica.
Limp cloth, turned in

1 8 2 0 1 2 s. Cloth boards, red edges : :

2 0
2 6

1 6 N.B.–Of the above Editions, No. 2 (with Appendix) can be had with the Introits without any extra charge, or the Introits can be had alone, in

Paper covers, at 2d. each.

Limp cloth, turned in

1 2 1 8

0 11 GG. Cloth boards, red edges , gilt lettered

1 6
2 0

1 3
Cloth boards, gilt lettered

3 0
4 0

1 10 G. Cloth boards, gilt lettered, red edges

3 2
4 2

2 0 H. Best Morocco, gilt edges.


VOIC 0. Treble, Alto, Tenor, or Bass, limp cloth, turned in.

010 1 2 0 8 P. Ditto, cloth boards, red edges, gilt lettered

1 2 1 6

1 0 Manuscript Music Paper in quires or in books can be supplied corresponding with any of these Editions. The Editions can also be had interleaved for Manuscript Music.

Editions of the TONIC SOL-FA NOTATION may also be had. In ordering any Edition it is necessary to state the letter and number, and in 0 and P, the Voice Part. If the Introits, which can be had with the “Hymns only,” are required, the letter N must be added.

A discount of 10 per cent. will be allowed to the Clergy for cash, when not less than 6 copies are taken. Post-Office Orders to be made payable to William Clowes and Sons, at the Charing Cross Post Office.

Applications for permission to print any of the Copyright Tunes or Words for Choral Festivals, &c., should be made to the Rev. Sir HENRY W. BAKER, Bart., Mockland, near Leominster.

Other descriptions of Binding may be had, if specially ordered.

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