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goaded by Dr. Lee and other Tory members. The opposition to Mr. C.'s evidencing a want of information perfectly startling :-“Next, Barlow's second attack arose, I believe, from the fear of a second goading. Then record is certainly missing, but Cranmer's wickedness ramified into as regards the Irish Church, what a contrast between a feeble protest minute details of neglect of duty as well as into great crimes, and he against desecration so worded, and intentionally so, as to mean nothing, kept his Register so carelessly that nine consecrations out of forty-five, and the stir they made when the Union of Benefices in London was and five out of eleven translations, are absent from the Records during being urged by Bishop Tait. But it seems to me that viewed apart from his Primacy. If the Register had been decently kept, and only this one any bias as to who the actors are, there can be no question that the name were missing, it would be a weighty fact, but not as matters stand.” sacrilege and desecration in Ireland, besides the loss to the poor in many The writer of this evidently has the loosest views both of the duty of an districts of the means of grace, is many thousand times greater and worse Archbishop and of the nature of an Episcopal Register. A Register, let than in London. Only last night, in telling me of Archdeacon Denison's me inform him, is a volume into which the Bishop's Registrar copies all letter as to the E.C.U., the Vicar of Wymering (an advanced Liberal, by the acts and deeds of the Bishop. The keeping of the Register is not a the way), remarked that at this crisis the E.C.U. had so utterly failed part of the Bishop's duty, and he never even signs his name on its pages. that actually the Church Association was what we had to look to for the The Bishop grants Licenses, gives Induction, performs Episcopal Acts, &c., work the E.C.U. was specially formed to carry on.

and the Registrar carefully records them. The keeping of the Register Ever yours faithfully, GEORGE J. MURRAY. of Archbishop Cranmer belonged to Anthony Huse. He is to blame if Purbrook House, Cosham, Nov. 7, 1869.

any one, not his master, if it be defective.

Furthermore the Register of Cranmer is not at Canterbury, as this MR. FFOULKES' CASE. reviewer declares, but at Lambeth. The only Register at Canterbury is

too Sir, I am not a little astonished to find that amongst Catholics Mr. random. I fear they set themselves up as teachers before they have

that of the Dean and Chapter. Our modern "Reformers” are Ffoulkes' case is very much misrepresented. Only heretics are condemned

Obediently yours,

M. A., Oxon. by authority and excluded from the Sacraments. But Mr. Ffoulkes has

British Museum, W.C. Nov. 4, 1869. never been condemned: has never taught heresy—if so I should be glad to know, in exact and express terms what it is—and has had no fair trial before his Diocesan. By a fair trial I mean a regular, public inves- MR. JOHN EDWARDS' LETTER TO THE GUARDIAN. tigation at which he might plead his own cause, explain his statements, SIR,—It is not often that my friend, Mr. John Edwards, Vicar of prove his facts, and generally defend himself,

Prestbury, writes weak letters: but anything more weak than his recent The same pro-foreign faction which "wrote to Rome,” might have communication to the Guardian he never wrote in his life, and never in remembered that it is not now as it was in my friend Dr. Lingard's day the future will be able to write, if he should make the attempt. when he was similarly persecuted: for we now have a hierarchy. Then Dr. Miller belongs to a school which, whether rightly or wrongly, has there were only Vicars Apostolic. This high-handed exhibition of always had a position in the Church since the Reformation, and he personal persecution,—because the subject of it told the truth and wrote appears to me, though I only know him as a public man, one of the the truth about history,—will not commend our rulers to the admiration most learned, scholarly, and efficient members of it. I dislike his views of educated Englishmen. Alas! alas ! that it should be so.

on Confession, and I suppose he dislikes ours. But as regards the A LANCASHIRE ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST.

Essays and Reviews' school, there is nothing but undraped Paganism P.S. I ought to add that I know nothing whatever of Mr. Ffoulkes with a superficial coating of mere Christian sentiment. A Church personally, but have read his book with admiration. I myself am not a which admits this latter principle as one to be tolerated is far on the convert, but a member of a Roman Catholic family, no member of which road to ruin. How it will be possible to meet the taunts and arguever turned Protestant.

ments of Roman Catholic controversialists is more than I can see.

As regards both Mr. Bennett and Mr. Edwards—and if they will SIR, -I am indignant beyond measure at the treatment Mr. Ffoulkes which was at once painful and costly, that the toleration allowed in the

allow me I will add myself-I can only say, speaking from an experience has received. The Register, the Tablet, and the Westminster Gazette, Established

Church of England is fifty-fold more generous and free than burke all letters in his favour, though their conductors have had plenty. that which is denied to Catholic principles in Scotland. In Scotland there Of what heresy has Mr. Ffoulkes been condemned? Let the VicarGeneral or Dr. Johnson tell us. This kind of persecution will crush all

is no such thing as law. The Bishops there abjectly do the bidding of the proper independence, and leave religion as a thing merely for women

laity, whatever it may be, and change their policy with the moon. If a and children, as it is in France and abroad.

man is un popular, or becomes so by attempting to make Church prinNo cause needs to be supported— least of all the cause of the Church ciples popular—one of the deadly sins in Scotland-he will be sure to of the God of Truth—by the fabrication of history. And the policy of suffer for his pains. I venture to say that if a tithe of the ceremonial shutting a man out from the Sacraments because he has thought fit to

carried out at Frome or Prestbury had been set on foot in Edinburgh or tell unpalatable truths will work more harm than good in the long run.

Stirling, the people who did it would have surely suffered for their I belong to an old Catholic family. One of my cousins has already pains. As regards Frome and Prestbury, how has the State in the very joined the Established communion, and his brother, a peer, is awfully smallest degree interfered either with Mr. Bennett or Mr. Edwards ? impressed by the increased vigour of your Church.' But we wait (for They have done as they pleased within the limits of, and protected by neither of us are writers) for the good day coming and hold our tongues. Providence that there is a law in England to protect them. In that

the law, and with my experience they should daily thank a merciful ALOYSIUS.

disestablished Utopia, Scotland, there is no law. Should Mr. Bennett by [We give the above letters from two Roman Catholics of position and personal experience contrast the two Churches, 1 have no doubt as to the rank because their own organs of opinion are closed to such indepen- ) result. dent writers.-Ed. C. H.]

As regards Mr. Bennett's public policy in the present case I cannot at

all admire either its wisdom, prudence, or common sense. Unless he ROME AND ANGLICAN ORDERS.

sets out with the axiom that he, the Vicar of Frome, is amenable to Sir,- It is now seen that the facts provided by Mr. Ffoulkes in favour before the Arches Court. The Arches' Court is a spiritual court : the State

no authority whatever, I cannot comprehend why he does not appear of older rather than more modern theories of the Catholic Church, have does not appoint the Judge: but the Archbishop. And unless, now he is been simply ignored, without any enquiry, and that he has been cruelly accused of inaccurate teaching, Mr. Bennett intends to set all authority refused the Sacraments because he published them. Now Mr. Gerard Cobb, Dr. Littledale and the High Church Radicals, commit others by so unprecedented a policy. I for one, however,

at defiance, I own I cannot comprehend his line. He has no right to appear to have a great belief in the Ecclesia docens. But if the

decline to be so committed. Yours faithfully, Ecclesia docens treats the facts and documents relating to English

FREDERICK GEORGE LEE, Orders, (which Dr. Lee is so soon to publish) in this fashion, it is of little use to depend on any decisions at Rome. As it was in Bishop John Gordon's case, so it is in Mr. Ffoulkes'--the plainest and most notorious

HER MOST RELIGIOUS AND GRACIOUS MAJESTY facts of history are denied and repudiated. And why? Because it is SIR, -All loyal Englishmen, especially Catholic Conservatives must essential to bolster up a foregone conclusion.

feel deeply for the widowed Queen in her lonesome and isolated position Your faithful servant, A STUDENT OF HISTORY, -too much of a cypher in the hands of the designing. As regards Lansdowne-place, Bath, All Saints' Day, 1869.

religion, can anything be more melancholy than the policy which Her

Majesty has been induced to adopt. To have her desolate soul doctored THE CHURCH TIMES AND THE LAMBETH REGISTER.

alternately by Mr. Norman McLeod at Crathie, and Dean Stanley at Sir,–Our High Church Radical friends look upon themselves as quite hope to realize the full importance. Let us pray for the Queen every

home, must be a blessed privilege of which no one in this life can ever infallible in questions of history, and of course their followers take a

Yours, &c., A TORY CATHOLIC. similar view. When Dr. Littledale's random rhodomontade about the day with more fervour and faith. Reformation was defended by the Church Times, my respected friend, Mr. Denton, one of the most learned of the City Clergy, wrote a powerful Mr. E. W. Urquhart wishes us to point out two errors in his last comment upon Dr. Littledale's vagaries which was sent to that paper, week's letter. In page 37, line 4, for party hack”, “party leader” and was, of course, “respectfully declined.” In a recent review of Mr. should be substituted, and in the 4th line of the letter the word Haddan's Apostolical Succession in that publication, the following occurs "national" should be "natural."


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of Cheselden, the great anatomist and surgeon, who did so much and Fragmenta et Miscellanea.

worked so long for the Hospital, is among those which most need atten

tion. The surgeon's memory deserves more respect than has, for some No. II.-LETTERS FROM THE CATHOLICOS OF ARMENIA TO years past, been vouchsafed to it. THE ARMENIAN PATRIARCH OF CONSTANTINOPLE IN

A few days ago, some alterations were being made in an old building REGARD TO THE COUNCIL OF THE VATICAN.

once an Abbey, and prior to that a Monastery of the Knights Templars, Feb. 11, 1869.-To the Right Reverend Archbishop Bogos, Patriarch now occupied by a farmer at Sandford, near Oxford. The workmen were of Constantinople. our dear brother, health. We have received your letter preparing an old room for occupation, and picked out what appeared of the 14th December last, together with a translation of the letter of at first to be a moth-eaten piece of flannel. It was discovered to be an His Holiness Pope Pius IX., which was sent to you by his Vicar in your old-fashioned genuine felt hat, which had “once belonged to some capital. We have read attentively this letter, of which the gist Rascally Roundhead."" the preservation of which—almost intact—is a is ibat His Holiness has the intention of calling together on the sth of matter of wonder. The hat is destined for the Ashmolean Museum. December next, at Rome, a General Council, to which he invites you. Chosen, unworthy as we are, by the will of Providence, to be one of the

Mr. B. Brogden Orridge has been busy among the Corporation and pastors of the Christian flock, we desire with all our heart the union of parochial records to good purpose. One result will be in a volume, to be the Church, and we offer our prayers that peace and charity may reign published by subscription, by Mr. Hotten, entitled “ The City Friends of in her, and may banish the spirit of division, for it belongs only to the Shakespeare, with some Account of John Sadler and Richard Quiney, enemy of the human race to fight against the union of the Church. But Druggists and Grocers of Bucklersbury, and their Descendants.” Sadler in carefully considering the letter of His Holiness Pius the IX., we have and Quiney migrated from Stratford-on-Avon about the year 1600, the perceived with sorrow that the union which we desire, which the Saviour

one being the near relative of Judith Shakespeare's godfather and the of the world longs for, and for which He prayed to His Father, cannot

other her husband's brother. This matter comes from the parish books be attained by the approaching General Council. If Rome desires of St. Stephen's, Walbrook. really the union of the Christian Church, she ought, as a first step, to A cargo of antiquities has been conveyed from Smyra to Malta by find out what is the cause of the divided condition of the Church. Why, H.M.S. Antelope, to be eventually brought to England. They consist united in one faith, and one love for the Head of the Church, are the of a large collection of sculpture, architectural marbles and inscriptions, members of the Church disunited among themselves, and whence comes recently excavated at Prime, in Asia Minor, by Mr. Pullan, on account the secular hostility which separates Christians? Is not the cause of of the Dilettunte Society ; several cases of inscriptions, discovered by this separation, as the whole world is aware, the claim of the See of Mr. Wood at Ephesus, in the excavations carried on there under the Rome to a supremacy over the Churches of the East ?. Consequently, direction of the trustees of the British Museum ; a curious archaic head those who strive for the truth, would desire to see His Holiness set him- of colossal size, discovered by Mr. Consul Dennis near Smyra, together self in earnest to get rid of the cause of this separation; to follow in with some fragments of very ancient pottery, the fruit of his diggings the footsteps of the Holy Fathers, and after having acted in concert with in the tumuli, near the lake of Gyges, in the neighbourhood of Sardes. the pastors of the Church of the East, in conformity with the Canonical decision, to form a distinct plan as to the questions to be submitted to the In the gallery which crosses the north end of the South Court, at the General Council; and, after these questions have been unanimously South Kensington Museum, may be seen several pictures, which are approved, to fix the date and place of the Council. However, disregarding ascribed to S. Botticelli, lent by Mr. A. Barker. One of these works all that might really conduce to the union of the Church of Christ, the illustrates that strangelegend which Boccaccio relates in the “Decameron," head of the Roman Church has thought fit to publish an anticipatory and is known as “Onesti's Dream”—the appearance of a lady pursued letter of invitation, and to address it to the Pastors of the Church'; thus by a huntsman and his hounds, in presence of a company of ladies and giving ground to the supposition that he wishes to select himself as the gentlemen at a festival. Likewise four figures of " The Seasons,” Italian Supreme Head of Christendom, and that he does not recognise the work of the fifteenth century; “Mars Asleep,” probably executed under Pastors of the Church of the East as his equals in the hierarchy, in the influence of S. Botticelli : Venus looks upon the sleeping god, Cupids jurisdiction, and in the inheritance of the Apostles, to whom the Holy accompany the pair, and play with his armour. Near these is the Spirit gave equal power and equal gifts. The Pope proclaims haughtily' companion picture to that which displays the legend of Onesti, and the throne of Rome to be the centre of unity, a doctrine which the Holy | probably represents a marriage festival : it may be that of Jacopo de' Orthodox Armenian Church can never admit; for she, with the other Medici and Francesca de’ Pucci. Likewise a “Virgin and Child with people of the Church of the East, recognises our Lord and Saviour St. John.” Jesus Christ as the only Head of the Church. He who makes a pretext What has become of the Great Charlemagne Bible? That is the cry of the union of the Church, and leaves on one side that which is a which reaches us from Paris. It is attributed to Alcuin, whom the necessary basis of a General Council, separates himself more and more Emperor enticed from York to Tours, in the scriptorium of which place by the assertion of his own imaginary personal authority from the union English and Irish as well as French, Italian and Greek writers and illuof the Catholic Church, and sets out from principles in opposition to minators worked. This must be the superb Bible presented by Alcuin to those which are the true doctrine of the Holy Gospel. To hope for true Charlemagne, and known here as that of San Calisto, from the monastery unity is not a light thing. And will not a way be thus opened for new by which it was once possessed. The French account of this magnificent quarrels, for incurable discord, and for relations still more inimical, which work is, that it was left by one of the Emperor's descendants to the conwill be a scandal for the world, and an occasion for the denial of the

vent of Prum, in Lorraine, from whence it passed to the Canons of Holy Christian Faith? Consequently, we who are incessantly labouring Motier Grandval, near Basle. In the year 1792 it was sold; but its for the spiritual well-being of the people which God hath entrusted to us, owners are traceable down to M. de Spreyer-Passavant, of Basle, who and who seek to preserve peace in our flock; we, who are justly proud of offered it for sale in Paris in 1830. Since that period the Charlemagne our Apostolic Church founded by the Holy Apostles, Thaddeus and Bar- Bible has disappeared, and French bibliophiles are anxious to know of tholomew, and by the prayers of St. Gregory the Great, against which its whereabouts. the gates of hell have not yet prevailed, we look upon it as our duty, of our independent authority, to prescribe to you, our venerable brother,

THE HARBOUR OF AMBOYNA.--Mr. Wallace, in his new book, “The both to refuse this invitation to a Council

, which has not a legitimate Malay Archipelago,” thus describes this barbour :-“Passing up the basis

, and to forwarn the Archbishops and all Vicars of our Church in harbour, in appearance like a fine river, the clearness of the water Turkey, not to give place to misunderstanding and to discord. We shall afforded me one of the most astonishing and beautiful sights I ever continue to pray from the bottom of our heart, as we have ever done, beheld. The bottom was absolutely hidden by a continuous series of that Christ, the Saviour of all, the True Corner-stone, and the peace of corals, sponges, actiniæ, and other marine productions of magnificent the Holy Church, who has established peace by His blood-shedding and dimensions, varied forms and brilliant colours. The depth varied from crucifixion, would summon all men to the one Evangelic doctrine, would about 20 to 50 feet, and the bottom was very uneven ; rocks and chasms keep His Church in peace, and preserve the Armenian people from unfor- and little hills and valleys offering a variety of stations for the growth of seen dangers.

these animal forests. In and out among them moved numbers of blue and red and yellow fishes, spotted and banded and striped in the most

striking manner; while great orange or rosy transparent medusæ floated Notes, Literary, Archæological, &c. along near the surface. It was a sight to gaze at for hours, and no

description can do justice to its surpassing beauty and interest. For once While Irishmen are differing as to the memorial to be erected to the wonders of a coral sea.

the reality exceeded the most glowing accounts I have ever read of the late Dr. Todd, of the Dublin University, Mr. J. T. Gilbert has wisely in marine productions, corals, shells and fishes than the harbour of

There is, perhaps, no spot in the world richer suggested that the most appropriate memorial to the great scholar would Amboyna. From the north side of the harbour a good broad path be the foundation of a Professorship of the Ancient Irish Language. passes through the swamp, clearing and forest, over hill and valley, to the We might, in such case, hope for what Dr. Todd long hoped to see,-a farther side of the island; the coralline rock constantly protruding perfect Irish Dictionary of the Academy of Ireland.

through the deep red earth which fills all the hollows, and is more or We are glad to learn that the old military burial-ground attached to less spread over the plains and hill-sides. The forest vegetation is here Chelsea Hospital, which contained many monuments to famous soldiers, of the most luxuriant character : ferns and palms abound, and the climband to the neglected condition of which we have formerly called atten- ing rattans were more abundant than I had ever seen them, forming tion, is to be properly restored, and put in order as a garden. The tomb | tangled festoons over almost every large forest-tree.”

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at their Establishment.

2 very god set of Vestments at £9 98.

The Church Herald.

Flemish Ecclesiastical Art Workmanship. And that we shall get this taste, there is very little doubt.

In all probability it will do us good, Moreover as the nation ESSRS. BRA NGWYN & Co., of BRUGES, have now -lazy Peers, cowardly Bishops, artful politicians, and odorous opened a place in London for the Sale and Exhibition of their famed agitators-robbed God by passing the Irish Church Disestab

. Embroidery, Vestments, and Church Work. All that is requisite for the duo and Atting service of the Church is to be procured lishment Bill we must expect our well-deserved punishment.

Pray we, therefore, that if sharp and painful, it may be They can supply rich Altar Fontals, in any style, after special designs, at £16, and

endured in patience and soon be over. A visit is respectfully invited to No. 36, BAKER STREET, LONDON, W.C.

The appointment of Canon Dale to the Deanery of Ely is explicable on two grounds. First, because that eloquent

Clergyman has been cruelly passed over very often, and LITERARY COMMUNICATIONS AND BOOKS FOR REVIEW TO BE ADDRESSED

certainly deserved something more than a Deanery; and TO THE EDITOR. Business COMMUNICATIONS AND ADVERTISEMENTS TO BE ADDRESSED TO secondly because the Liberals have long seen that it would be THE PUBLISHER.

highly disadvantageous to allow the management of the ADVERTISEMENTS RECEIVED TILL FIVE O'CLOCK ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Cathedral of the metropolis to be in the hands of ConservaQUARTER'S SUBSCRIPTION, IN ADVANCE 3s. 3d., INCLUDING POSTAGE. PER tive Churchmen, such as the Dean and Canon Gregory. ANNUM, 12s. 6d.

The High Church Mission in the metropolis commences on Sunday next, and will no doubt be a success. It will be held at between seventy and eighty Churches, ten elevenths of which are in the hands of Catholics. The pleasant comment on this

Mission which appeared in our last impression from the pen of LONDON, NOVEMBER 10, 1869.

a Clerical correspondent of the Record shows how bitter and

malignant the mis-called “Evangelicals” are becoming in The week.

their death struggle. Their false religion is a thing of the

past, and has given place to “envy, malice and hatred ; ” The King of Piedmont, Victor Emmanuel, who styles him- which are violently intensified when they mark the steady self " King of Italy” (having basely and shamefully robbed progress of Catholic faith and practice. bis neighbours, with the connivance of people who ought to In the miserable and unhappy Temple case, it should be know right from wrong), has for some days' past been at noticed that the Rock newspaper has taken a far more digniDeath's door. Of this kingly person it was cleverly remarked fied and consistent line than the Record.

The latter paper, that he has “the manners of a moss-trooper aud the morals like some of the High Church Radical prints-has waited to of a he-goat ”—no doubt a very accurate description of him. see which way the wind blows; and, consequently, has spoken

, At all events he is a perjured thief. And as perjury and in ambiguous utterances regarding this scandalous appointtheft are frightful sins, it is to be hoped that ere he goes to ment. The Rock, on the other hand, to its great credit, has his last account he may mercifully obtain Absolution and commented on the policy of Dean Boyd, in bold and forcible the Sacraments. For he certainly needs them. We must language which expresses a genuine and sincere distaste for confess that though there runs in his veins the blood of our the wretched policy of dogmatic compromise, now so popular right noble and ancient race, the Stuarts, we are invariably with the Bible-and-the-Bible-only party. repelled when contemplating this Piedmontese Harry VIII. of the nineteenth century-with the exception of Garibaldi and

We learn from all sides that the policy both of the E.C.U. Juarez—the most revolting character of the present day.

and of the Ritualistic Radical press has caused the deepest

alarm in all parts of the country; and that the strongest On Saturday last the Queen went to open the new Blackfriars expostulations, disregarded by the Union and burked by the

, standing the fact that Her Majesty, everlastingly in Scotland, newspapers, have been made from many influential quarters. lives so much away from her proper royal residence in the dangers and to mark how good a chance they themselves have metropolis, and in face of the exceeding great poverty and of being betrayed into the hands of the Liberal enemy, before wretchedness of the unemployed thousands-received her they realize what has happened to them. When we contrast with something like a feeble welcome. The special decorations the policy which was adopted at the boisterous, disorderly and were poor, the ceremonial contemptible, many of the city impotent meeting at Freemasons' Tavern after the Cairns magnates next door to ridiculous.

Mr. John Brown, the Judgment with the silent apathy and studied indifference of notorious Highland "gillie ” accompanied the Queen, riding our great leaders " -as a correspondent recently. termed at the back of Her Majesty's carriage, and was the observed them—we cannot but note how completely corruption and of all observers. The Queen appeared to be in the best of disorganization are doing their work." Candlesticks, Church health, strong and robust as ever she was. Mr. Lawrence,

crockery and chasubles are no doubt very important subjects the Lord Mayor, because of this royal visit, is made a baronet. both for contemplative and active action; but when, with Soon an esquire with a bona fide right to the title, and not exaggerated and unchastened zeal for these—at best but the retired tinkers, tailors, and tallow-chandlers who assume

means to an end—there exists a startling apathy as to whether it, will rank in the estimation of gentlemen far higher than a the principle of Essays and Reviews be or be not a part baronet, for baronetcies have recently been so degraded of the Anglican tradition, we cannot help observing that it is through the many queer appointments of the Liberals. Mr. far better to have the Divinity of our Blessed Saviour mainLawrence, however, is a very respectable and upright tained by Christian zeal and Apostolic resolve, than to be Hradesman.

possessed of all the pleasing paraphernalia of twenty St. The Fenians will infallibly give this nation trouble ere Alban's Churches rolled into one. To deck up in green gewhong. And very properly so; for they are but carrying out gaws the Clergy of a National Church in which Dr. Temple is in England that identical principle which Mr. Gladstone and to be one of the chief Pastors, and with whom, therefore, the the unwashed Liberals so strongly and eloquently recom- Clergy in green hold communion, seems to us an insult to God mended as so blessed and beneficial for Italy. It is quite and a betrayal of His Son. The Church of England, as well that the nation which by its mouthpieces preached regards dogma, has to some extent blown hot and cold ever Treason, Bloodshed and Robbery should have a taste of them, since the Reformation ; but until now she has never admitted



as tolerable the odious principle of Sceptical Infidelity which will The Bishop of Norwich has appointed Wr. W. T. Bensly, LL.D., his

Secretary. surely destroy what remains of her Divine life, and—as surely as to-morrow's sun rises-give a speedy triumph to A richly jewelled processional cross has been presented by the ladies of Rome here like to nothing that has yet been seen. Archbishop the

congregation of St. Michael's

, Swanmore, to the Vicar. Manning need neither lift his finger nor wag his tongue. Other

The Bishop of Salisbury will be enthroned in his Cathedral on Saturpeople are efficiently playing his game. What Mr. Gladstone has day. The Clergy are to appear in surplices. jast effected for the Irish Church, he is now doing, by another in the Churches in Pembrokeshire this year than in any former years.

More Harvest Thanksgivings were held during September and October and different, but far more efficacious policy for the Church

The special Mission Services at the East end of London will be inauof England; and this men will find out when it is too late.

gurated to-morrow morning with a celebration of the Holy Communion

in the Parish Church of Stepney. We are informed that the Prelates who are expected and are ready to

The new Dean of Durham has set to work to remove certain abuses in consecrate Dr. Temple, are the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop his Cathedral—specially as regards the conduct and attendance of the

choir. Desiguate of Winchester, the Bishop of St. David's, and the Bishop of Worcester. Bishop Ewing of Scotland will also probably take part Rev. J. C. Haden, is to be conferred on the Rev. Flood Jones, of St.

The Precentorship of Westminster Abbey, vacant by the death of the in the ceremony, if the Archbishop accepts his proposal to be present.

Matthew's, Spring-gardens. On Thursday next the Exeter Chapter meets for the election of the

The motion of Mr. Sinclair, of Balliol College, “That the French new Bishop. It is known that the numbers on each side will be nearly Revolution was a blessing to mankind,” was carried in the Oxford Union even, but it is probable that Dr. Temple will have a majority of one or Society by 20 to 11. two votes out of about twenty. It is thought that the proposed scheme

The Rev. F. D. Maurice occupied one of the Prebendal Stalls at St. of nominating Mr. Mackarness will be abandoned.

Paul's Cathedral on Sunday afternoon. His appointment to the vacant

Canoniy is considered certain. A correspondent at Rome thus writes :-"Words fail me to describe the frantic delight with which Dr. Temple's appointment to Exeter is fields will be open for Special Services in connection with the mission

Thirty-five Churches in the Rural Deaneries of Stepney and Spitalwelcomed in Ultramontane circles here. The converts from the Church | movement. Nearly 100 Churches altogether will have extra Services. of England, at the Collegio Romano, and elsewhere, who know pretty accurately the true state of in our Church, see that it will greatly the Holy Communion in eight of the Islington Churches every Friday

We hear with deep sorrow that it is intended to have a Celebration of tend to a disruption. When it was told and explained to the Pope he evening during Advent. is said to have made an excellent pun on Dr. Temple's name—the

It has been suggested to rebuild the Parish Church of Hayton, in substance of which (I cannot vouch for the exact words,) was that this memory of the late Lord Derby. It was in this parish that the noble Temple would soon destroy all that remained of the old temple.” Earl was born. The alms of Churchmen are asked for this work.

We regret to announce the decease at Bath, on Oct. 25, of the Very Once more it is reported that Canon Melvill will resign the Living of Rev. Canon Thomas McDonnell, a distinguished Roman Catholic Priest of Barnes at Christmas. It is also stated that the Rev. H. Westmore, the old school. He was one of the first founders of the A.P.C.C., and for Minor Canon of Manchester will succeed him. many years, like the late Cardinal and other of the R.C. Bishops, was a The winter meeting of the Norwich Pastoral Work Association was warm ally and active supporter of it. When the convert outcry was made held on Tuesday, when there was a Celebration in the Cathedral. The against it in the Anglo-Roman newspapers, he thought it wise to with question discussed was Family Prayer. draw from formal membership, but continued to say Mass once a month

The Rev. E. K. Creed, in a letter to the Bury Post, says the only

unwise step he ever knew the E.C.U. to take was to offer £500 to prosefor its intention, and prayed daily for Corporate Reunion. He was a man

cute Mr. Voysey. of simplicity, moderation and unaffected piety. R. I. P.

A copy of the first edition of the Bible in Welsh, a very rare book,

occurred in a sale at Puttick and Simpson's Leicester-square, on Friday, KALENDAR FOR THE WEEK.

and although imperfect, sold for £37. NOVEMBER.

The fourth anniversary of the consecration of All Saints' Church, 10. WED. Feria, Green.

Reading, was celebrated on the eve of All Saints' Day. The Bishop of 11. THURS. St. Martin.

Oxford preached at the morning Service, and Archdeacon Pott in the 12. FRID. Feria, Green. Abst.

evening 13. Sat. St. Britius, B.C., White. At Evensong, Green. Collect

The new Church of St. Matthew, Silverhill, St. Leonard's, was consefor 25th Sunday after Trinity. 14. SUND. 25th after Trinity. Green,

crated on Friday last by the Bishop of Chichester. The Church, a plain 15. Mon. St. Machutus, B.C., White.

Gothic structure, has been built amid a poor population by the Rev. John

Cumberlege at his own expense. 16. TUES. Feria, Green. 17. WED. St. Hugh, B.C., White.

On Saturday morning, immediately after the conclusion of Service in York Cathedral, the Rev. Francis Whaley Harper, M.A., Perpetual Curate

of Selby, who was recently appointed by the Archbishop of York, PrebenPREFERMENTS AND APPOINTMENTS..

dary of Barnby-on-the-Moor, was duly inducted a Canon of the

The Rev. J. M. Ashley, Incumbent of St. Peter's Church, Vere-street, London.
The Rev. W. T. Bensly, Secretary to the Bishop of Norwich.

We hear that a London Clergyman offered his services to the Bishop The Rev. E. Clowes, Curate of Bromsgrove.

of London to act as Secretary to the Diocesan Home Mission without The Rev. W. Haughton, Vicar of Barton Turf, and Rector of Irstead.

receiving any remuneration. The offer was declined. The salary paid The Hon. and Rev. A. F. A. Hanbury-Tracy, Curate of Cowleigh. The Rev. W. E. Beygate, Incumbent of Brighstone alias Brixton, in the Isle of

to the Secretary is over £400 a year. The office is vacant. Wight.

The Rev. J. Edwards, Vicar of Prestbury, will conduct the Twelve The Rev. C. Kingsley, Canon of the Cathedral Church of Chester, The Rev. H. S. Marriott, Rector of Wilby, Suffolk.

Days' Mission at All Saints', Lambeth. It will commence on Sunday The Rev. F. Wood, Rector of Erwarton with Woolverstone, in the County of evening. On week nights the Service will commence at seven o'clock Suffolk.

On the Festival of SS. Simon and Jude, the Bishop of Norwich held

his Annual Confirmation in the Parish Church of Great Yarmouth, and Home and Foreign Church News. on Sunday celebrated the Holy Communion at eight o'clock in the

morning, when there were more than 700 communicants. Earl Nelson has rejoined the Church Institution.

On Sunday week the Parish Church of Minehead, Somerset, was Canon Dale, who has been promoted to the Deanery of Ely, is in his reopened after a restoration conducted by Mr. W. A. Sandford, the eldest

son of the squire of the parish, who acted as architect. On the previous

day Mr. Sandford distributed an ox among the poor. The Secretaryship of the S.P.C.K. has been resigned by the Rev. J. J. Evans, who has held it for many years.

On Wednesday Hollybush Chapel, Castlemorton, was opened by

licence from the Bishop of Worcester. The Service was rendered by the The Bishop of St. Asaph has sent in his resignation to Mr. Gladstone. Eastnor choir ; and the Bishop's license was read aloud by the Rev. A. The Bishop is in his 80th year.

C. Lefroy. Prebendary Selwyn was the preacher. The Ritual Commissioners met on Wedạesday, under the presidency of The Synod of the Greek Catholic Bishops, which lately met at Damasthe Archbishop of Canterbury.

cus, has ended its sittings. The decision has been come to that the

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72nd year.

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Patriarch Melchitus shall go to the Ecumenical Council at Rome with An address from the Rural Dean and Clergy of the Deanery of Dedeight Prelates, the others remaining at home for reasons of age or of dington, Oxon, adopted by 41 out of the 42 Clergy resident in it, has health.

been transmitted to the Bishop of Oxford, and his Lordship has replied A meeting of Prelates of the Church of Ireland was held on Friday, 1 echo back your affectionate farewell. I thank you with hearty grati

as follows :—" Rev. and dear brethren,-It is with the deepest pain that at which resolutions were unanimously passed agreeing to convene the General Synod and appoint a committee to prepare the business for it, tude for all the ready and generous help you have rendered me in the as recommended by the lay conference, also declaring the intention of discharge of my duties here, and for all your forbearance and kind judgthe Bishops to sit in a separate chamber whenever they think fit, though your persons, in your families, and in your work. -I am ever, in ties of

ments of me. May the blessing of Almighty God rest upon you all, in in general consulting with the rest of the Synod.

strong affection, most sincerely, your faithful friend and brother, S. Oxon." The Record announces an intended series of Special Services in the parish of Islington. The Clergy have met, under the Presidency of the

The Echo thus refers to the Services at St. Paul's Cathedral :-- There Vicar, and determined on opening eight of the principal Churches for is a general want of dignity and reality about the internal arrangements Special Services during the four weeks of Advent. The Services will be

at St. Paul's, which is in strange contrast to the solemn grandeur of the held each week in two of these Churches, on the Tuesday, Wednesday, pile itself. First, it has always struck us as being somewhat odd, that in Thursday, and Friday evenings at 7} p.m.

the very centre of a great city of between three and four million inhabi

tants, professedly religious, it should be so difficult, as it appears to be, to On All Saints' morning the Bishop of Oxford celebrated the Holy get a congregation together at the usual week-day Services. There must Communion at St. Mary's Parish Church, and delivered a short but most be some reason for this, and we believe it is, that the hours fixed upon affecting address, from the words, “Out of weakness was made strong,” are inconvenient to the general body of the public. If we are to have and thus most appropriately closed his personal official intercourse with week-day Services in our great City Church, let measures be taken to a parish in which his influence has been always valued, and where he make them real and hearty." will ever be remembered with the warmest affection.

A statement is made by the Exeter Gazette, on the authority of a The Parish Church of Bunington has been restored, and on Thursday | correspondent who vouches for the facts, and authorizes the editor to was reopened with Special Services. The internal alterations consist of publish his name if necessary.

The writer declares from personal the removal of a very ugly gallery at the west end, and replacing the knowledge that when the Essays and Reviews were first issued Dr. old floor and high pews with new and open seats. A new altar has been Temple assembled the masters of Rugby and told them that he had been presented to the Church. The prayer desk and lectern are new, but

to some extent drawn unawares into complication with the other six from want of funds the old pulpit has been refixed. The elaborate and essays of that book; that he was shocked when the work came out to handsome rood screen is in process of restoration.

find his essay associated with such writings as those of the other essayısts Ritualism seems to be progressing and is beginning to influence the and reviewers; and that he felt he had committed the greatest mistake of dull, cold, lifeless Services at St. Paul's Cathedral. At the last meeting his life when he allowed his essay on "The Education of the World ” to of the Chapter it was decided that the choir should leave the Church in appear in that work. procession, as they entered it, instead of walking out indiscriminately with The Archbishop of Paris has addressed a Pastoral to the Clergy of the congregation. But the procession does not prevent them from laugh- his Diocese, announcing his departure for Rome to be present at the ing and talking all the way. When will the Cathedral choir learn to Ecumenical Council, explaining the utility of that Assembly, and rebehave with the same reverence as is shown by the choirs of numerous futing errors which have been disseminated on the subject. His Grace Parish Churches ?

says:"Notwithstanding the imperfections which may be discovered On Sunday morning Dr. Vaughan, the new Master of the Temple, in the relations between the Church and the State, those relations must preached his inaugural Sermon to a crowded congregation. He chose be upheld in the form in which they have been settled by the Concordat. for his text the words, “And who is sufficient for these things ?” In The patriotism of the Bishops must be satisfied with wise compromises place of the scoffers and scoffing with which St. Paul had to deal, the which are sufficient guarantees for all essential rights and interests." modern Minister has, he observed, to contend against the freethought The Pastoral further repels as absurd the rumour that the majority of tendencies of the age, and the mere outward form of godliness with very the Bishops, stifling the free action of their colleagues, will vote by little of its power. Another great impediment, he thought, to the acclamation the dogma of the personal infallibility of the Pope. advance of the Gospel was the want of sympathy between the Clergy and the laymen of the Church,

At the afternoon Service on the Eve of All Saints' Day the Bishop of

Oxford delivered an impressive Sermon at St. Mary's Church, Reading, It is stated that Dr. Temple's refusal to withdraw from his complicity on the words Woep with them that weep.” The Church was inconwith the Essays does not arise from a merely “chivalrous feeling" but veniently crowded, and numbers could not gain admission, it being supfrom his thorough acceptance of the position laid down in his own Essay, posed that this would be the last opportunity of hearing his Lordship in that conscience is the judge of Holy Scripture ; and on this it is now Reading. The Mayor and Corporation also marked their high appreciacertain that he is prepared to act as Bishop, to the extent of giving very tion of his ability by officially attending in full force. The offertory, large and wide toleration to a denial of Anselm's doctrine on the part of which realised nearly £165, was in aid of the fund for building a chamber those whom he is answerable for placing in their positions, such as for the organ. A number of persons waited in the Church after the candidates for Holy Orders, Curates, and Incumbents.

Service to bid “ good-bye to his Lordship and wish him “God speed ” Archdeacon Denison has addressed a letter to Dr. Temple urging him in his new sphere of duty, and the Bishop most lovingly shook hands to reconsider his determination of not giving any explanation of his and bade farewell to them. doctrine until after his consecration. “Do not leave it (says the Arch- Sunday fortnight Pére Hyacinthe was present at the Service in Mr. deacon) to be removed, after consecration, by personal intercourse,' Beecher's Church at Brooklyn, New York, and the Herald's report of the which must, in its nature, be casual and limited; and will, to many, scene is characterestic. When the Service concluded :—“The low and come too late, if at all; but help us now, that we may be able to pray, inquisitive whispering which had hitherto prevailed now swelled forth for you that you may do the work of a Bishop in the Church of God.” audibly, and Pere Hyacinthe! Pére Hyacinthe !' was heard distinctly The Archdeacon says he has received a reply, but as it is marked through the building. The aisles were quickly packed again, and “private” he cannot publish it.

curiosity was stamped on every countenance. In order to have a more St. Paul's Cathedral was crowded on Sunday afternoon to hear a complete view of the distinguished visitor some stood on tiptoe upon the Sermon preached by Canon Gregory on the forthcoming mission. In seats, while others, more lucky in their natural altitude, stretched their an eloquent discourse he remarked that the higher classes were engrossed necks with considerable earnestness. .. The two great pulpit in pleasures, the middle classes were engaged in business, whilst the orators shook hands, and the reception on the part of the Rev. Mr. lower classes were given up to all kinds of viciousness and lust. It was Beecher was apparently very cordial, Mr. Beecher saying that he cordially to arouse each of these classes to the reality of religion, to prepare them welcomed Pére Hyacinthe, not because he was a curiosity, but because he for another world, that the Mission had been projected by a body of had asserted his independence. This brought the interview to a close.” earnest-minded Clergymen. Most heartily he wished it God-speed, and hoped every one would pray God to bless it.

The Dedication Festival of All Saints', Lambeth, was brought to a

close on Sunday. At the High Celebration on Sunday a thoroughly The following letter, addressed by Mr. Gladstone to the late Bishop Catholic Sermon was preached by the Rev. J. Going, of St. Paul's, Blomfield, on his refusal to join with the then Archbishops in the Gorham Walworth, at the conclusion of which he urged upon the congregation Judgment, is worth reprinting at the present moment :-" My dear Lord to try and do something towards removing the large debt incurred in Bishop, -- It is, I trust, not wholly improper that a layman should write restoring the Church, and for which, he said, the Vicar was personally to thank his Bishop ; and I must be early in offering thanks to your responsible. He referred in high terms of eulogy to the part Dr. Lee had Lordship from the bottom of my heart, for the act you are to-day taken in bringing about and carrying on the great Catholic Revival

, in announced as having done on behalf of the Church of England---not the which cause no man had worked harder, and regretted the serious illness last, I trust, and surely not the least, but the greatest in a line of services which had debarred the Vicar from taking any part in the Festal Services as long and bright, as adorns the name of any of the Prelates of modern of his Church. At Evensong, the Rev. C. Dunbar, the Curate, was the times; an act of faith and courage, and of fatherly protection to weaker preacher, and gathered up the various lessons taught by the Festival of men, for which your name will, I trust, be blessed to the latest genera- of All Saints. The procession left the Church, singing with some tion."

vigour, “We March, we March, to Victory."

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