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The poetical works of William Wordsworth, ed. with a critical ...

William [poetical works] Wordsworth


great federative festival; and was bo outburst of vivid national enthusiasm witnessed in all directions during his to England, he stayed in London for France, and was there at the downfa He saw, for months before this ev ferment, accompanied as yet with youth he had been conscious of very pride, the traditions and associations been much addicted to interest in questions of public moment. Now veloped into aversion; while his p patriotic enthusiasm. He became found much encouragement and d military officer named Beaupuis, wh in an extreme degree, and in all wa racter, was looked at much askance This high-souled patriot died whil Loire soon afterwards. Wordswo such was his tension of spirit in th that he would probably have taken ments of that great country and stances called him decisively hom two years, he again returned to I afterwards, in 1793, he published 1 Walk, and Descriptive Sketches in his pedestrian tour on the continent

Wordsworth's Gallic enthusiasm at the present day; our contempora some degree, much toned down th ponements, and by meagre instalme of a new era, not only of political e but also of lofty virtue, intellectual To him the cause of France was th republic, the dawnstreak of a mille ing of genuine horror and bitter sh very soon entering into the coalition so far a cosmopolitan, rather than a in the reverses which befell Grea attended the French arms, and case. Not that he sympathised republicans who were now wielding of the great nation: the downfall o of a Robespierre and a Danton, we orthodoxy; and he triumphed wher tible-he also-was guillotined. Prelude, completed in 1805, Wo opinions of his youth to maintain t arose, not from the principle of libe of past oppression; he loathed the enlightenment into an empire of

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