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rather astonished at seeing before him on the Go, Johnnie,” she added, with decision, after water a little boat, moored, and apparently a pause. deserted by its owner. But a glance around I am sorry to have to record the first sympshowed him upon the wall the shoes and tom of ill-humour in Johnnie ; but I must stockings, and farther on, the just visible confess that the funny look upon his face, heads of the two boys among the flags. For feeling itself useless, changed to an equally tunately for them, he was a good-natured useless and far less becoming expression; and man, who had boys of his own at home. that he didn't shut the door after him quite

“ Hollo !” he cried. "Skipper ahoy. Boat as gently as it might have been done, or proloose, and a whale coming!”

ceed up-stairs with the quietest possible footJohn and Stephen began to scramble back step; and even, that his mother, if her ears over the stones at a rate of speed that threat- had been as fine as ours, might have caught a ened a wetting.

muttered something as he retreated, which “ Take it easy 1” cried out the man in the sounded like waggon. “Whale’s inclined to be quiet, and “Catch me bringing you any more lilies!” boat's safe enough, if he don't happen to But mothers' ears have a peculiar anadrink it up."

tomical construction of their own,


suppose. As they reached the road, shoes and stock. It must be a sort of little valve that opens ings in hand, and hastened round to secure and shuts at will, for I have known them the boat, the village close struck one. look as placid and unconscious as possible,

“Dinner-time !” cried Stephen. “We'd sometimes, when, if they had heard all that better make haste home !"

I did, I think they must have worn a very "Jump up, if you're going my way,” said different expression; and then again, at night, the man in the waggon, "and I'll take you perhaps, when all the house beside was sound along."

asleep, I have known the first little moaning, Nevertheless, John was late at dinner. “Mother !” from a restless and wakeful

He was somewhat surprised, on coming child, call the mother in an instant to her into the house, at its improved and orderly feet and to the bedside. It must be she is aspect. A great deal had been done in this most especially careful to set the little valve long, busy morning; and already to his inex. wide open when she kisses her children the perienced eyes, it looked as if really nothing last “Good-night," and lays her head on her remained to do now but to go on living own pillow. comfortably.

" Why, mother 1” he exclaimed, as he In the afternoon John had a new and wonerashed into the dining-room, boy-fashion, derful achievement to carry out. Nothing less with his lilies in one hand and his dismasted than an inquisitorial visit to the swallows' boat in the other—"you've got all finished, nests under the eaves of the barn. This idea haven't you? Here's a lot of blue lilies I got had come into his head early in the morning, for you down at the brook."

during the few moments that he had stood And depositing lilies and boat upon the watching the curious little settlements of mudsideboard, he was sliding into his seat at the houses, built so cosily all along in a block, table, with a very hungry, eager look, and and pouring out of every aperture their busy utterly oblivious of his toilet.

inhabitants. A long ladder lay upon the " Johnnie! Johnnie !” expostulated Mrs. ground beside the building, and with a mental Osburn, “ you know you can't possibly come putting of this and that together," the to the table in that plight !!!

suggestion was not slow in coming to the “Why, yes, I ean, mother. Don't you brain of a boy of ten. see ?” he asked, with a funny, insinuating So, with the help of Jacob, his father's look, as he seated himself. “It's a real easy man, he raised the ladder, and climbed care

fully to the top, Jacob standing beneath and " I'm sorry if you find it so. At any rate, holding it firmly for him. it is quite impossible for us to have you

here. When he got there, he didn't see exactly



what he expected, but he saw in the end come and go in ceaseless flights, to and from something better. The openings into the her little house--never stopping to chatter nests were small and round, and the nests with her neighbours—and, in fact, each one deer, built against each other in clusters. of them was all the while steadily minding Their interior arrangements, therefore, still her own business—building up, little by remained rather a mystery, after all. He little, with persevering labour, the brown could only discover that every little house walls in which she was already on one side keeper evidently had a feather bed of her own, shaping the aperture for her door. He didn't laid carefully above a straw one; and from see, though, all that I can tell you about it. one and another protruded anxiously little rest. He didn't kuow that this was the third time less black heads--one or two-or sometimes, she had patiently gone through all this toil; where the family had been longer established, that last week, in a gust of rain, her house, fonr or fire, in a huddle together.

that was just completed, had come down about John stood very quietly, partly for his own her ears, because of a loose shingle that hapsafety, and partly that he might not frighten pened to be left lying upon the roof, and which the birds, and presently,--whir! close past came clattering down just above her. He was his head a little pair of wings went suddenly, rather puzzled to make out how such a busy, and a bird, with a beak full of mud, alighted industrious little creature as she seemed to be at about a yard's distance upon an unfinished should have been so behindhand in her work. nest. She laid the morsel of mud upon its Well,--we don't all know each other's hin. wall as a masou might do with a trowel; and drances, that's very certain. then, poising herself on her little futtering And so the shadows grew longer, and John wings, she beat it down with rapid strokes of sat and watched. I suppose he had hardly her round black head.

ever had in his life a much happier two hours John was amazed. He felt the thrill that than those. Yet there was one queer thing comes with the first observation or discovery about it. That, observing and admiring as of a new fact that one has chanced upon for he was the thrift and activity of a bird, he himself. Just as if he were the first boy and altogether forgot that there was anything in this the first swallow in the world, he was the world that he himself, at that very time, absorbed — elated --- with a new knowledge ought to have been doing. and a near approach to a great mystery. When five o'clock came, John went down

When the bird flew away again, he came with Jacob, driving Blackbird, to meet his softly down the ladder, without speaking a father at the train; and he was very talkative word till he reached the ground; and then, all the way back, givivg him an account o eagerly, like any other discoverer, proceeded the varied excitements and enterprises of the to publish the matter and claim his glory. day; but he was a little abashed when Mr.

“Jacob!” said he, with wide-open eyes and Osburn asked him at last, "how he liked his emphatic utterance, "I've fonnd out how they own little room P" and whether the new do it!”

wardrobe was all right. At the back of the new part of the barn "Oh, yes, it's first-rate,” he replied; building, as I described it to you in the last “only I haven't bad time to get the things chapter, were two windows, one on each side, fixed yet." looking out at right angles to the long barn, “Not had time, Johnnie? Are you sure and high enough up to come nearly on a level that's it? You have had as long a day as with the swallows' nests ; the new frout being your mother, haven't you? And you tell me somewhat higher than the rest. To the one that she has arranged the whole house of these which commanded a view of the spot already, so that it . seems like home and not he had just quitted, John quickly betook him like moving. I think you might have taken self, and thence watched for a longer time time.” than he was aware, and longer than most of “ Well, so I did, father ; or, at lcast, I my little friends would believe, the progress began; but mother called me just when I was of the zealous little architectHe saw her in the midst of it, and sent me tg the village

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on an errand ; and so I couldn't finish, you expect to see on your first day of possession.

Go directly up, and put thiugs in proper Was Johnnie quite true and entire in his order. Jane is too tired to be called on for statement ? Don't you begin to see how anything more to-uight.” faults hang together in links, and one draws “Oh, mother !” pleaded John, “just wait another along after it ? Ill-humour, and shuf- till I come home with the cow. We sha'n'l fling excuses — don't these almost always be long, shall we, father ? ” accompany untidy habits ?

"I'm afraid your chance is lost, John,” Not that he really wished to deceive, or replied Mr. Osborn. " Things that are not could have done so in this. Mr. Osburn, of done at the right time are nearly sure to force course, knew quite well how it all was ; but themselves upon us when we can least bear Johnnie made a half statement-a one-sided the trouble of them. Do as your mother representation-nevertheless. He didn't set wishes, first, and then, if you are ready, come things quite straight in his mind, any more and meet me afterward." than in his surroundings.

Thoroughness and John squeezed back a tear, for he knew it truth are pretty much the same thing in their was no use. Up-stairs he went; but in his essential element; and people who allow them- heart he was wrongly and unreasonably angry selves to shuffle away anyhow, and smooth with his mother. To this last evil of all his over hastily to the eye, in outside matters, morning negligence had brought him. had better take heed to this indication of what It was tedious work, picking up the scraps they will be easily tempted do in things that littered the floor, and gathering up the graver and greater.

odds and ends that he had thrown from his John's day-beginning with a neglect— trunk. And when this was done, he no ended, as such days are very apt to do, with a longer felt interested in arranging all his bedisappointment.

longings to the very best aspect and advan“I am going,” said his father, as they tage. His whole mind was intent on getting drove down the avenue to the house on their through his unavoidable task, and being in arrival home, "to see Farmer Simmons, at time for Jacob and the new cow. Wherefore the foot of the lane, about a nice little cow I his garments were hastily placed in the nearthink I shall buy of him. Perhaps, if you est drawers; his toys and traps were stowed come too, Johnnie, you may have the pleasure away in a heap upon the floor beside his toolof driving her home and seeing Jacob milk box: and so it came to pass that, while the her."

room outwardly was restored to a tolerable “That's agreed !” cried Johnnie, joyfully. appearance of tidiness, the cunning and weari.

But bis mother met them on the piazza, some elf, Disorder, crept into the new and looked with a very grave face at John. wardrobe, and took possession, and laughed

“I have been to your room, Johnnie,” she triumphantly at Johnnie out of all its said, " and I have seen what I really did not corners.


I will hope, I will hope,

Though my pathway be set
With the darkest of sorrow

And deepest regret.
I will hope, I will hope,

Though youth's visions may flee;
I'll believe there is something

In future for me.

I will launch my frail bark,

I will breast every gale,
Though my rudder be riven,

And shattered my sail.
Hope's anchor shall guide me,

And bring me aright,
When the world's fleeting shadows

Shall fade from my sight.


‘BITZER, your definition of a horse !” face of the Black Sea Horses! Here is

Quadruped, graminivorous. Forty our dear old friend Pegasus, winged horse of teeth; namely, twenty-four grinders, four poetry, chosen steed of Apollo-Pegasus who, eye teeth, and twelve incisive. Sheds coat in when he was put into harness, rose superior the spring; in marshy countries, sheds hoofs to his circumstances, and dashed the farmer's too. Hoofs hard, but requiring to be shod cart to pieces. Beautiful sample of true with iron. Age known by marks in mouth. genius, that feels it ought to be everywhere These and much more-Bitzer."

honoured and revered, but kicks at hard Now we know what a horse is. Do we? work ! There is the Centaur-man and

I have loved horses all my life, and yet I horse gone into partnership and putting up know nothing about them, and I would not at the sign of the Sagittarius, where there is call them such hard names as graminivorous good entertainment for man and beast. Then quadrupeds on any account. My earlier re- I see the famous wooden horse of Troy, and collections belong to going cock-horse to Ban-call to mind my classics, and think of parsing bury Cross, to see an old woman upon a white and construing, and of that sort of borsing horse. I was introduced to the living speci- of which every school-boy knows. There is mens, not as the Equidæ, but as "gee-gees.” | old Nero's horse, who was made a senator ; I was the owner of a horse that had his har- there is the horse of Nicomedes, who died of ness nailed on to him, and was remarkable grief for loss of his master; there is the horse for very straight legs, and a mane that looked on whom Hadrian wrote a sweet elegy; there exceedingly like rabbit-skin. Once I was is Bucephalus, tamed by Alexander; there is presented with a horse made of sheet copper, the avenger of the Scythian Prince, who that galloped very beautifully, and could look trampled to death his master's murderer ; as much like a real racer as Flying Scud, whose there is Theocritus comparing Helen to a carte-de-visite (horse and cart-joke!) I see horse, and Solomon likening his love to "a upon the walls. I never had a real rocking company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots." horse of my own, but I have ridden them- | What a splendid horse was that on which and, by the way, it is not so bad to ride other Seuthes the Thracian rode, on his retreat people’s horses : it is positively cheaper than from Babylon! Were not horses so general riding your own ! Rocking horses seem to in Persia that the Persians were counted as a me all built on one model. They are not like nation of horsemen, and their land was hence our horses ; they look more like the stout called Percshcorrupted into Persia—on acgeldings of the Stuart days; but I ken jolly count thereof ? Did not 150,000 horses well most youngsters like thom. Vive-la- graze on the plain by the Caspian Gate ? bagatelle-may we all get what we want ! Horses ! What a figure they cut in plays and By the way, when we played at forfeits, did stories and poetry. There is Duke Lancaster not we also ask about the number of horses entering London, “mounted upon a hot and in the stables

fiery steed, which his aspiring rider seemed Horses ! An immense array of horses to know.” There is Crookback Richard spring up before me at the word; everything seeking for Richmond in the throat of seems to turn to horses, as the Lancashire death,” and crying, -"A horse! a horse ! witches changed men or mopsticks into horse- My kingdoin for a horse !” There is the flesh when they wanted to keep Saturnalia Bronze horse of operatic celebrity; there is (Satan alia-query) on Pendle Hill. They the horse in Masaniello; there is the stone seem to rush before my mind's eye as horse that brings its rider to sup with Don the herds of Russian horses, overtaken by Giovanni; there are Cinderella's horses ; there a snow-storm, rush over the frozen sur. is Mazeppa's untamed steed, "with spur or



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bridle undefiled;" there is John Gilpin's horses, and heavy Flanders, being tested on horse, on which he went to Edmonton; and the level 'green of Smithfield. I see some Rosinante, lean and sharp-boned, on which fleet hacks, the property of Harry the Don Quixote went to seek adventures. There Eighth's conrtiers, flying over Chester raceis the nation of horses, into whose company course. I see—though I know more of hobby fell Lemuel Gulliver; there is the horse on horses than of any other breed-that our which Mordecai was mounted, heavy with English horses are improved: the roadsters Persian panoply; and there is Black Bess. are better, the hunters are better, the war

horses are better. King James is improving Dick Turpin once on Hounslow Heath His bold Black Bess bestrode her,

the breeds for common use, for he loves to When there he saw the bishop's coach, follow the chase ; Charles the Second is bent A coming along the road-er.

on establishing a good breed of racers. I

notice that the introduction of coaches does The coachman he not liking the job, Set off at a full gallop;}

much for the horses; and though, at first, But Dick put a couple of balls in his nob, horses one remove from the cart horses are And purwailed on him to stop!

considered good enough to put in the shafts, Did not Dick Turpin ride all the way from we change all that, good blood horses take London to York in-how long? Did not he, their places. Riding horses also are wonder. to dodge his pursuers, turn his mare's shoes fully improved, and wrong side foremost ? Oh, my poor feet ! When I look at what they be, Try to screw your own toes into the heel of

And what they used to was, your boot, and see how you like it! I was

I think we grumble now a days

Without sufficient cause, always very sorry for Black Bess. I do not think Dick-a nice fellow in his way, no ' Boy,” says Mr. Squeers, "spell horse.” doubt, and a capital boy to go to school with -behaved fairly to that animal ; just as I “Quite right. Go and rub him down.” have my own opinion about certain other Beautiful simplicity, combining the pracpeople who override their faithful servants tical with the theoretical. Most boys would and best friends, and work their willing horse know a horse again, if they had rubbed him to death. And, while I am speaking about down. When my dad was a boy, volunteering this, what do you think of that Croydon his services in the stable, a horse, disapprovSteeple Chase ? What do you think of the ing of his amateur valet-de-chambre, caught owner of the good horse mentioned by Lady him by the hair of the head, and held him up Herbert, in her recent book on Spain, who to public derision till the hair broke and he was torn to pieces at a bull fight, and who-tumbled. But I may add that he and the literally with his inside out-crawled back to horse grew very friendly afterwards, and that his master's home, and died at the stable door ? he used to ride him when his legs were much What do you think of the lady who went to too short for stirrups. see the bull fight, and saw this ? Further. I


horses have their own views of more, what do you think of vivisection as politics. Perhaps—and they are quite right practised in Paris, where the poor horses are they don't "fash” about it. I entertain a subjected to sixty-four cruel operations, and great respect for Copenhagen. He carried the then-die.

Iron Duke for eighteen hours at Waterloo, Horses! I see whole herds of small shaggy and, at the end, gave as little sign of being steeds, with painted savages upon their backs, beaten as his master; for, on his rider patwhom I recognise as ancient Britons ; I see a ting him on the quarter, as he dismounted group of "horsey” Saxons admiring some after the battle, the game little horse struck running horses imported from France-the out as playfully as if he had had only an hour's present to Athelstane from Hugh Capet; I see canter in the park. But I am not at all sure, old Lion-heart in the stable, exhibiting with notwithstanding this, that Copenhagen was pride and affection a couple of Arabian horses ; strong in his zeal against Napoleon, I have I see some Spanish barbs, some Lombardy war an idea that when, as he did, he lay down at

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