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THE labours of another year are closed; and we embrace the opportunity of presenting a few remarks to our readers. The past year has been one of peculiar difficulty. It commenced with the dark cloud of war hanging over us; it closes with the bright star of hope shining on our path. Storms have swept over the political and commercial world; strife has been hushed between nations, and has broken out among churches; and vast changes have remodelled civil and ecclesiastical positions. Events full of deep significancy have transpired, which have aroused the energies of the world, and led it forward in the grand march of civilization and religion.

It is with sincere thankfulness we can contemplate the present position of our Connexion. The clouds which have hung over us are fast passing away; light has broken in, and revealed to us our situation, our prospects, and our duty; and we trust that our combined energies will be concentrated on the fine fields which are now open to our activity. Home must be cultivated with a diligent and skilful hand; and our foreign missions must be fostered with an enlightened liberality. Africa requires from us particular attention, now the light of science glows around her name; and Turkey will yield a plentiful harvest, if we faint not.

We rejoice to be able to state that the circulation of the Magazine increases, and that the gratuitous circulation has been a source of spiritual advantage to many. The existence of this periodical is essential to the welfare of the Connexion; and we hope that all our friends will do their utmost to secure for it the support of the body. It will be our aim to make it as efficient as possible; and we rely on the co-operation of our ministers to render it worthy of bearing the name of the Countess.

The cold touch of death has summoned a few of our able co-adjutors from their posts. The Venerable Elliott who, for so many years, has superintended the African churches, has gone to his rest; and the face of our well-known brother, Scipio Wright, will be seen no more here. Their departing shadows call upon us to arise, and labour, while it is day. God will never forsake those who cling to him; and if we set ourselves heartily and prayerfully to work in his cause, he will give us as great success as crowned the early efforts of our Connexion.

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