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were needful) if Unbelief therefore hindred them from casting that Devil out, then it is plain they did not believe that they should cast him out ; and why should you think then they attempted it, who be- . lieved they should not effect , it ? I think it much more likely, that finding themselves distrustful of the event, and wanting Faith, they would not venture the Success. This, I think, is the on: ly Instance, that seems to gainsay, what I have laid.. down, and this, were there a good Occasion, might be otherwise accounted for, if what is said be not sufficient. And, to speak what I think,

T ? this

this ought to make the difference between Workers of Miracles, above all other things whatever. This Consideration shews, that tho' all Miracles have their Use, yet that those alone can attest to the Mission of a Prophet ; which he fore-knows he shall be enabled to do, and so fore: tells to others ; leaving no room for suspicion that he intends to make use of what accidental Miracles may happen to be wrought by him, to gain belief to what he says. But I forget my self, and doubt I have rather been repeating than recapitulatiug what we have lately faid. But you will pardon Me, if the Zeal I have


for the Cause in hand, hath made me tedious; and out of a great deal said, you may afford to forget a great deal.

1. A. I will study to forget nothing of what I have heard from You, for, methinks, I am better able to defend my Religion, on this bottom, than I was before, without it. But whatever else I forget, I will not forget my Obligations to You, for Your Pains and Patience with Me.



iracle, what it is.

30. 33


IV How distinguish'd.
Who can work it.
Whether Spirits con.
Why none but God.
How Miracles prove the Being of God.
The chief use of Miracles.
The History of Moses's.
of Jannes and Jambres.
The common Solutions unsatisfactory.
of Miracles, few or many.
Whether Moses or the Enchanters wrought greater Mi.

The Devil can work no true ones independently on God. 39
Nor false ones that may not be detected.
Wicked Men work them by God's Power and Commission, if
at all.

Jannes and Jambres wrought three Miracles by the same

Power that Moses did.
How they might come to attempt it.
Mofes, Daniel, and the Three Children Accounted

Conjecture, why God might let the Enchanters work

three Miracles.
Of turning Dust into Lice.
That this was no greater a Miracle than the foregoing

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Another Conjecture why God might let the Enchanters

work three Miracles.
The Case of hardening Pharaoh.
The Force of the Objection.
The Enchanters own Confeffion.
Hw the Enchanters Miracles are to be consider'd.
Siim of the Whole.
acestions to be considered.
no worser Consequences from allowing the Enchanters to



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