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The doubling storm roars thro' the woods;
The lightnings flash from pole to pole;
Near and more near the thunders roll:
When, glimmering thro' the groaning trees,
Kirk Alloway seem'd in a bleeze;
Thro' ilka bore the beams were glancing;
And loud resounded mirth and dancing.

Inspiring bold John Barleycorn! What dangers thou canst make us scorn! Wi' tippenny, we fear nae evil; Wi' usquebae, we 'll face the Devil! The swats sae ream'd in Tammie's noddle, Fair play, he car'd na deils a boddle. But Maggie stood right sair astonish'd, Till, by the heel and hand admonish'd, She ventur'd forward on the light; And, wow! Tam saw an unco sight! Warlocks and witches in a dance; Nae cotillion brent new frae France, But horupipes, jigs, strathspeys, and reels, Put life and mettle in their heels. At winnock-bunker in the east, There sat auld Nick, in shape o' beast ; A towzie tyke, black, grim, and large,


"And, wow! Tam saw an unco sight!"

To gie them music was his charge:

He screw'd the pipes and gart them skirl,
Till roof and rafters a' did dirl,
Coffins stood round, like open presses,


That shaw'd the dead in their last dresses;
And by some devilish cantrip slight
Each in its cauld hand held a light, –
By which heroic Tam was able
To note upon the haly table,
A murderer's banes in gibbet airns ;
Twa span-lang, wee, unchristen'd bairns
A thief, new-cutted frae a rape,
Wi' his last gasp his gab did gape;
Five tomahawks, wi' blude red rusted;
Five scymitars, wi' murder crusted;
A garter, which a babe had strangled;
A knife, a father's throat had mangled,
Whom his ain son o' life bereft,
The gray hairs yet stack to the heft;
Wi' mair o' horrible and awfu',
Which ev'n to name wad be unlawfu'.

As Tammie glowr'd, amaz'd and curious, The mirth and fun grew fast and furious: The piper loud and louder blew;

The dancers quick and quicker flew ;

They reel'd, they set, they cross'd, they cleekit,
Till ilka carlin swat and reekit,

Aud coost her duddies to the wark,
And linket at it in her sark!

Now Tam, O Tam! had thae been queans A' plump and strapping in their teens ; Their sarks, instead o' creeshie flannen, Been snaw-white seventeen-hunder liuuen; Thir breeks o' mine, my only pair, That ance were plush, o' gude blue hair, I wad hae gi'en them off my hurdies, For ae blink o' the bonnie burdies!

But wither'd beldams, auld and droll,
Rigwoodie hags, wad spean a foal,
Lowping and flinging on a crummock,
I wonder didna turn thy stomach.

But Tam kend what was what fu' brawlie, "There was ae winsome wench and walie," That night enlisted in the core, (Lang after kend on Carrick shore; For mony a beast to dead she shot,

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