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Стр. 203 - I never heard of the man in my life, yet I find your name as a subscriber. He is too grave a poet for me; and I think among the Mediocrists, in prose as well as verse.
Стр. 277 - Nothing can depress his genius. Whatever befals him, he will still be the greatest man in the world, either in his own time, or with posterity.
Стр. 64 - There is a woman's war declared against me by a certain lord ; * his weapons are the same which women and children use, a pin to scratch, and a squirt to bespatter : I writ a sort of answer, but was ashamed to enter the lists with him, and after shewing it to some people, suppressed it ; otherwise it was such as was worthy of him, and worthy of me.
Стр. 18 - I am one of the governors of all the hackney coaches, carts, and carriages, round this town, who dare not insult me like your rascally waggoners or coachmen, but give me the way ; nor is there one lord or squire for a hundred of yours, to turn me out of the road, or run over me with their coaches and six...
Стр. 103 - I am at present in the case of a man that was almost in harbour and then blown back to sea — who has a reasonable hope of going to a good place, and an absolute certainty of leaving a very bad one. Not that I have any particular disgust at the world, for I have as great comfort in my own family and from the kindness of my friends as any man ; but the world in the main displeases me, and I have too true a presentiment of calamities that are to befall my country.
Стр. 111 - I am happy that what you write is printed in large letters; otherwise between the weakness of my eyes, and the thickness of my hearing, I should lose the greatest pleasure that is left me.
Стр. 221 - I have observed, that not only Voiture, but likewise Tully and Pliny writ their letters for the public view, more than for the sake of their correspondents ; and I am glad of it, on account of the entertainment they have given me.
Стр. 222 - I often ride a dozen miles, but I come to my own bed at night : my best way would be to marry, for in that case any bed would be better than my own. I found you a very young man, and I left you a middle-aged one ; you knew me a middle-aged man, and now I am an old one. Where is my Lord ? methinks, I am inquiring after a tulip of last year.
Стр. 3 - When I was of your age, I thought every day of death, but now every minute ; and a continual giddy diforder more or lefs is a greater addition than that of my years.
Стр. 87 - Portique, that a philosopher was not to exempt himself from the duties of society, neither in the community to which he particularly belonged, nor in the great community of mankind. Mencius, and his master Confucius, were strange metaphysicians, but they were good moralists, and they divided their doctrines into three parts ; the duties of a man, as an individual, as a member of a family, and as a member of a state.

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