Inside Cisco: The Real Story of Sustained M&A Growth

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Wiley, 22 апр. 2002 г. - Всего страниц: 320
An insider reveals the core strategies behind Cisco's phenomenal success

Most savvy business observers agree that the major component in Cisco's phenomenal growth has been their unwavering commitment to expanding their product line through aggressive acquisitions. Since 1995, the "New Goliath," as Cisco is known throughout the business and finance communities, has acquired more than sixty companies. In this groundbreaking book, a Silicon Valley veteran, Ed Paulson, uses his strong connections to Cisco's management to reveal the M&A gospel according to Cisco.

Paulson explores how Cisco has used acquisitions to stay ahead of its competitors, analyzes their strategies and proven methods for incorporating new companies seamlessly, positively, and profitably. Paulson reveals the centerpiece of Cisco's acquisition strategy-one that is company-focused, culturally compatible, and retains staff. He examines how Cisco executives determine if a target company is compatible with Cisco's corporate culture and strategic outlook and describes the extraordinary lengths to which these executives will go to gain the loyalty of acquired people. This book details the Cisco methodology and illustrates how it can be applied to companies across industries.

Ed Paulson (Chicago, IL) is President of Technology and Communications, Inc., a business and technology consulting firm and a visiting professor at DePaul University's School for New Training. He is a Silicon Valley veteran with more than two decades of experience and the author of numerous business and technology books, most recently, The Technology M&A Guidebook (Wiley: 0-471-36010-4).

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ED PAULSON is the President of Technology and Communications, Inc. He is a ten-year Silicon Valley start-up veteran who previously worked with several executives instrumental to Cisco Systems's incredible success story. He is the author of over ten business and technology books, his most recent being The Technology M&A Guidebook (Wiley). Currently a Visiting Professor of Business at DePaul University in Naperville, Illinois, his professional background spans over twenty years as a business manager, engineer, and entrepreneur in both Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas. He can be reached at

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