Martial Arts: Mind & Body

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Human Kinetics, 2000 - Всего страниц: 157

Take performance to the next level! Martial artists have long been admired for their discipline and feats of mental and physical strength as well as the ability to shut out distraction and focus precisely on the task at hand. Martial Arts Mind & Body reveals how you can achieve excellence through mind and body training for enhanced performance and enjoyment in martial arts or any other sport.

Martial Arts Mind & Body combines the best mental and physical training principles of various martial art forms. Centered on the Japanese concept of kiai, the book explains how to unite your mental, physical, and spiritual energies. As a result, you will be able to

- sharpen concentration and awareness,
- improve your ability to learn new skills,
- perform better in training and competition, and
- remain focused under stress.

As you learn how to integrate the energy of the mind and body, you will increase your resistance to fatigue, discomfort, and distraction. You'll also learn techniques to control the body's responses to respiration, metabolism, and muscle relaxation. Make Martial Arts Mind & Body part of your training and soon you will think, feel, and move better than ever.


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The Competitive Kiai
The Meditative Kiai

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Об авторе (2000)

A native of Argentina, Claudio A. Iedwab, sixth-dan, also holds a fifth-dan black belt in taekwondo and jujitsu, and third-dan in karate. He is a former Argentinean national taekwondo champion, South American taekwondo champion, and Chinese national martial art champion. Iedwab has served as a certified instructor at the Fédération Française de Boxe Française Savate et Disciplines Associées and as head instructor at both the United States Taekwon-do Association and the Richard Chun Taekwon-do Center in Argentina. In 1990, he founded the Gorindo School of Martial Art, integrating principles and techniques of taekwondo, karate, savate, jujitsu, and yoga with his personal research and study.

Roxanne L. Standefer holds a third-dan black belt in gorindo and is an instructor trainer at the Gorindo School of Martial Art. She has written two manuals on gorindo, as well as numerous educational and promotional materials in boating safety and outdoor education for the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards, state and provincial governments, and nongovernmental organizations.

Together this husband-and-wife team have written, edited, and published materials ranging from martial arts books, magazines, and newsletters to bilingual cultural magazines. They are in the process of establishing an outdoor education and art center at their 75-acre property in Bancroft, Ontario, on the edge of Algonquin Wilderness Park, where they enjoy running in the woods and swimming in the lake.

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