Through England and Scotland by the West Coast Royal Mail Route ...

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London & N.-W. Caledonian R'ways, 1903 - Всего страниц: 215

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Стр. 27 - The dews of summer night did fall ; The moon, sweet regent of the -sky, Silver'd the walls of Cumnor Hall, And many an oak that grew thereby.
Стр. 52 - ... had I but served God as diligently as I have served the King, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
Стр. 127 - I wish I were where Helen lies; Night and day on me she cries; And I am weary of the skies, For her sake that died for me.
Стр. 128 - O that I were where Helen lies ! Night and day on me she cries; Out of my bed she bids me rise, Says, 'Haste and come to me!
Стр. 27 - Silver'd the walls of Cumnor Hall, And many an oak that grew thereby. Now nought was heard beneath the skies, The sounds of busy life were still, Save an unhappy lady's sighs, That issued from that lonely pile.
Стр. 28 - The village maids with fearful glance Avoid the ancient moss-grown wall, Nor ever lead the merry dance Among the groves of Cumnor Hall. Full many a traveller oft hath sighed, And pensive wept the countess' fall, As wandering onwards they 've espied The haunted towers of Cumnor Hall.
Стр. 27 - Thus sore and sad that lady grieved, In Cumnor Hall so lone and drear ; And many a heartfelt sigh she heaved, And let fall many a bitter tear. And ere the dawn of day...
Стр. 152 - While the blue Night crept up the stream. The wild Train plunges in the hills, He shrieks across the midnight rills; Streams through the shifting glare, The roar and flap of foundry fires, That shake with light the sleeping shires; And on the moorlands bare, He sees afar a crown of light Hang o'er thee in the hollow night.
Стр. 45 - You meaner beauties of the night, That poorly satisfy our eyes More by your number than your light, You common people of the skies, — What are you when the sun shall rise?
Стр. 37 - Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones And cursed be he that moves my bones.

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