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TO A FRIEND GATHERING WILD FLOWERS. 59 While every bleaching breeze that on her blows, Chastens her spotless purity of breast, And hardens her to bear Serene the ills of life.


E. Y. D. R.

Whebe thorny ramparts seem to chide
The hand that plucks the flowery wreath,

I've seen thee thrust the thorn aside,
To pluck the flower that blooms beneath.

And thus, Maria, as the wheel

Of life leads on the changing hour,
Remember still the sweets to steal;

Elude the thorn to pluck the flower.

When fortune shows a dubious sky,
The east may smile, the west may lower:

Still to the brighter turn thine eye;
Elude the thorn to pluck the flower.

In pity to its child below,

If Heaven the cup of comfort sour,
The lesson learn, but chase the woe:

Elude the thorn to pluck the flower.

But shun, ah, shun the sweets that grow
Where Pleasure paints her poison'd bowers:

Dark are those streams that gently flow;
And rude the thorns that guard her flowers.

But seek thy sweets on holier ground,

And where Religion's altars rise:
Hers are the thorns that never wound;

And hers the flower that never dies.

Anagallis tenella. Bog Pimpernel.

Pentandria Monogynia.

Blossom wheel-shaped. Capsule cut round, of one cell and many seeds.

Leaves egg-shaped, rather acute. Stem creeping, striking root at the joints Withering.

There is perhaps no soil more abundant, in some of the curiously beautiful smaller kinds of plants, than bog, or moor-land. Possibly their beauties may be more striking, after traversing a steril track of country, such as must often be crossed in search of bog-plants. The botanist is rarely more delighted, than when, after such a ramble, he arrives at the head of a rivulet, or some little inland lake, where the herds of cattle gather together to refresh themselves with the cooling waters, and at every step they take, tread on ground carpetted by these "flowers of the forest." In such situations the Anagallis tenella is often found in company with the sundew; its light leaves and delicate blossoms spreading along the ground, and mingling with moss and minute wild-flowers.

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