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Page 28, line 23, for dæuvre read d'auvres.

39, 24, for unfold read enfold.
h.. 74, 1, for to thy read not thy.



Drosera rotundifolia. Round-leaved sundew.

Pentandria Pentagynia.
Stalks from the root. Leaves circular. Styles six.

Summits clubbed-shaped. Stamens shorter than the petals.

Petals inversely heart-shaped. Flowers on fruit-stalks, upright. Leaves hollow, covered on the upper surface with viscous red hairs. Flower-stalks several, upright, two to three inches high, cylindrical, smooth. Bunch terminating, most frequently solitary, re-curved, simple. Blossom white.-Withering.

The beauty of the Drosera rotundifolia consists in the form and appearance of the leaves, which are thrown out immediately from

the root, and spread over the surface of the ground; each plant forming a little circular plot of green cup-shaped leaves, thickly fringed with hairs of a deep rose-colour. These hairs support “small drops, or globules, of a pellucid liquor like dew, which continue even in the hottest part of the day, and in the fullest exposure to the sun.” This plant is found in mossy bogs, and on the borders of ponds and rivulets in moorland districts.

By the lone fountain's secret bed,
Where human footsteps rarely tread,
Mid the wild moor, or silent glen,
The Sun-dew blooms unseen by men;
Spreads there her leaf of rosy hue,
A chalice for the morning dew,
And, e'er the summer's sun can rise,
Drinks the pure waters of the skies.

Wouldst thou that to thy lot were giv'n,
Thus to receive the dews of heav'n,
With heart prepar’d, like this meek flow'r,
Come, then, and hail the dawning hour;
So shall a blessing from on high,
Pure as the rain of summer's sky,
Unsullied as the morning dew
Descend, and all thy soul imbue.

Yes! like the blossom of the waste,
Would we the sky-born waters taste,
To the High Fountain's sacred spring
The chalice let us humbly bring;

So shall we find the streams of heav'n
To him who seeks are freely giv'n;
The morning and the evening dew
Shall still our failing strength renew.

Drosera longifolia. Long-leaved sundew.

Pentandria Pentagynia.

Stalks from the root. Leaves inversely egg-shaped. Styles

six, sometimes nine.

This plant grows with the former, and Linnæus asks, Is it a distinct species? Later botanists have decided that it is.-Withering.


In recommending natural science to the rising generation, Professor Smith has observed, that “in Sweden natural history is the study of the schools, by which men rise to preferment, and there are no people with more acute or better regulated minds than the Swedes."

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