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and chasing away all her aquatic enemies. Hence, as this plant formed a new genus in the reformed botanical system he was then arranging, he chose for it the name of Andromeda.

It has been asserted, that the poetical allusions and the elegancies of style observable in the writings of Linnaeus, have done as much to recommend the study of botany, and to establish his own celebrity, as his more serious labours. Whether this be the case or not, it is at least highly interesting and delightful, thus to behold the solitary traveller cheering himself with classical recollections, and handing down to posterity the result of his daydreams, by affixing a new name to the flower which had been his solace in the wilderness.


Addressed to a young Lady, on seeing at the house of an aquaintance a magnificent French Time-piece.


For her who owns the splendid toy,
Where use with elegance unites;

Still may its index point to joy,
And moments wing'd with new delights.

Unlike Silena, who declines

The garish noontide's blazing light;
But, when the evening crescent shines,

Gives all her sweetness to the night.

Thus, in each flower and simple bell,
That in our path untrodden lie,

Are sweet remembrancers, to tell
How fast the winged moments fly.

Time will steal on with ceaseless pace,
Yet lose we not the fleeting hours,

Who still their fairy footsteps trace,
As light they dance among the flowers.

Ulex EuropcBus. Whin, or Gorze.
Common Furze.

Diadelphia Decandria.

Calyx shorter than the blossom, with two spear-shaped deciduous scales at the base.

Stemt and branches very numerous, deeply furrowed, hairy, and extremely thorny. Spines angular, extremely pungent, smooth. Leaves springing from the base of the spines, solitary, awl-shaped, roughish, deciduous. Calyx sometimes very woolly, but not equally so in all plants. Blossom yellow, half as long again as the calyx, emitting

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a smell like honey. Besides the pair of scales at the top of the fruit-stalk close to the calyx, there is a single scale at its base, on the outer side—Withering.

'Mid scatter'd foliage pale and sere,
Thy kindly floweret cheers the gloom;

And offers to the waning year
The tribute of its golden bloom.

Beneath November's clouded sky,
In chill December's stormy hours,

Thy blossom meets the traveller's eye,
Gay as the buds of summer bowers.

Flower of the dark and wintry day!

Emblem of friendship! thee I hail!
Blooming when others fade away,

And brightest when their hues grow pale.

Viola odorata. Sweet Violet.

Pentandria Monogynia.

V. Leaves heart-shaped. Suckers creeping. Floral-leaves above the middle of the fruit-stalk.

Leafstalks nearly smooth. Fruit-stalks channelled on the upper side, above the floral-leaves. Flowers both with

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