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The following Epitaph on himself (which is not noticed in

Walpole's Life of Lord Herbert) is too characteristic of the writer not to deserve insertion.

The monument which thou beholdest here,

Presents EDWARD LORD HERBERT to thy sight; A man so free from either hope or fear,

To have or lose this ordinary light,
That when to elements his body turned were,

He knew, that as those elements would fight,
So his immortal soul should find above,

With his Creator, peace, joy, truth, and love.



Born about 1581, entered at Corpus Christi College, Cam

bridge, in 1597, and took the degree of B. A. at Oxford, in 1600. Some time after this he went to Utrecht, where he wrote a comedy called “ Hans Beer Pot's invisible Comedy," a work which has little to recommend it, except its rarity. But the following song, if it be (like the rest of the comedy) translated from the Dutch, may possibly be thought worth preserving, as a specimen of Batavian fancy.

WALKING in a shadowy grove,
Near silver streams fair gliding,
Where trees in ranks did


those banks,
And nymphs had their abiding;
Here as I staid, I saw a maid,
A beauteous lovely creature;
With angel face, and goddess' grace,
Of such exceeding feature:

Her looks did so astonish me,
And set my heart a quaking;
Like stag that gazed, was I amazed ;
And in a stranger taking;

Yet roused myself, to see this elf,
And, lo, a tree did hide me;
Where I, unseen,

beheld this

queen Awhile, ere she espied me.

Her voice was sweet, melodiously She sung in perfect measure, And thus she said, with trickling tears : Alas, my joy and treasure, “ I'll be thy wife, or lose my life, " There's no man else shall have me: “ If God say so, I will say no; “ Although a thousand crave me.

« Oh stay not long, but come, my dear, “ And knit our marriage knot ; “ Each hour a day, each month a year, 6. Thou know'st I think, God wot. “ Delay not then, like worldly men, 6 Good works till wither'd “ 'Bove other things the King of Kings “ Blest lawful marriage.”

age :

With that she rose, like nimble roe,
The tender grass scarce bending,
And left me there, perplex'd with fear,
At this her sonnet's ending,

I thought to move this dame to love,
But she was gone already:
Wherefore I pray, that those who stay
May find their loves as steady!


Cousin to the celebrated dramatic writer, was author of the

“ Purple Island,” “ Piscatory Eclogues," “ Locustæ,” and of a dramatic work intitled “Sicelides," 1631. For his poetical character, the reader is referred to Mr. Headley's “ Select Specimens of English Poetry.”.


Love's sooner felt than seen; his substance thinne

Betwixt those snowy mounts in ambush lies ; Oft in the eyes he spreads his subtle ginne;

He therefore soonest wins that fastest flies. Fly thence, my dear, fly fast, my Thomalin, Who him encounters once, for ever dies.

But if he lurk between the ruddy lips,

Unhappy soul, that thence his nectar sips, While down into his heart the sugar'd poison slips.

Oft in a voice be creeps down thro' the ear,

Oft from a blushing cheek he lights his fire: Oft shrouds his golden flame in likest hair;

Oft in a soft smooth skin doth close retire :

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