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Sound head, clean hand, and piercing wit,
And patriotic heart-as Pirt !
A garland for the hero's crest,
And twined by her he loves the best;
To every lovely lady bright,
What can I wish but faithful knight?
To every faithful lover too,
What can I wish but lady true ?
And knowledge to the studious sage ;
And pillow to the head of age.
To thee, dear schoolboy, whom my lay
Has cheated of thy hour of play,
Light task, and merry holiday!
To all, to each, a fair good night,
And pleasing dreams, and slumbers light !






Note 1. Caledonia's Queen is changed...P.5. The Old Town of Edinburgh was secured on the north side by a lake, now drained, and on the south by a wall, which there was some attempt to make defensible even so late as 1745. The gates, and the greater part of the wall, have been pulled down, in the course of the late extensive and beautiful enlargement of the city. My ingenious and valued friend, Mr Thomas Campbell, proposed to celebrate Edinburgh under the epithet here bor. rowed. But the “ Queen of the North” has not been so fortunate as to receive from so eminent a pen the propo. sed distinction,

Note II. Flinging thy white arms to the sea.-P. 6. Since writing this line, I find I have inadvertently bor.

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