Berea College, Ky: An Interesting History

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Elm Street Printing Company, 1875 - Всего страниц: 108

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Стр. 28 - ... have supported ourselves and families by honest industry, and endeavored to promote the interests of religion and education. 2. It is a principle with us to " submit to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake, unto governors as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evil-doers and the praise of them that do well," and in accordance with this principle we have been obedient ID all respects to the laws of this State.
Стр. 21 - This College shall be under an influence strictly Christian, and, as such, opposed to sectarianism, slaveholding, caste, and every other wrong institution or practice.
Стр. 82 - ... the war into the enemy's camp, and has brought its whole Christian panoply and armament into the immediate encounter with the surviving spirit of slavery — a spirit made all the more virulent by the destruction of its body. At other institutions black students are admitted to an equality with the white ; at Berea white students are admitted to an equality with, the black. The trustees and professors at Berea can not invite their white neighbors to unite with them in throwing the doors of their...
Стр. 18 - ROGERS. in Kentucky forbidding education to free colored persons, or even to a slave with his master's consent, this question affected the whole community. The opinion of all the teachers and the founder was uniform and decided. "If any one made in God's image," said the principal, "comes to get knowledge which will enable him to understand the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, he cannot be rejected.
Стр. 29 - United States, called at our respective residences and places of business, and notified us to leave the county and State, and be without this county and State within ten days, and handed us the accompanying document, in which you will see that unless the said order be promptly complied with, there is expressed a fixed determination to remove us by force. In view of these facts, which we can substantiate by the fullest evidence, we respectfully pray that you, in the exercise of the power vested in...
Стр. 93 - Search me, 0 God, and know my heart, and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.
Стр. 75 - Kentucky the colored race have no share of the common school fund, and are opposed by peculiar laws. A colored school-house is not allowed within a mile of a white school, nor in towns within six hundred feet." It is easy to see, then, that the present state of affairs in the South, as they relate to education in general, and to Negro education in particular, did not fly into existence at the stroke of a magician's wand, nor sprang they forth as the fabled goddess, full-armed from the head of Jupiter.
Стр. 35 - April he left the mountain fastnesses, and, walking all that night, he passed his beloved home and his mill in ruins. The next day, having passed the small town of Kirksville, he was pursued by two of the original committee of " sixty-five sensible and discreet men." They searched him for "fighting tools," as they said; but he assured them he never carried any, and had no wish to hurt any man, and was then going out of the State. They told him they were in honor bound to deliver him in Richmond....
Стр. 23 - Ph.D., school, though it did not desPresident. troy them. When John Brown made his raid it was felt by some that an opportunity had arisen for the suppression of the school. All northern men were regarded as dangerous, and especially those who openly opposed slavery. It was announced in the newspapers that a box of rifles had been intercepted on its way to Berea. In view of this the boxes containing the household goods of Rev. John Boughton who was then moving to Berea were examined at night. At...
Стр. 30 - Magoffin, who received them courteously, but replied that the public mind was deeply moved by the events in Virginia, and that he could not engage to protect them from their fellow-citizens, who had resolved that they must go.

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