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In looking over the numerous articles which compose this volume, the reader will find that many of them are avowedly original; and we can venture to assure him, that a great proportion of those which are anonymous, and that appear under artificial signatures, are of the same description. He may also gather, from the masterly style in which many communications are written, that they are the productions of superior talents, although their authors have found it convenient to conceal their real names under fictitious appellations.

Why this secrecy should be observed, may to some appear exceedingly strange; but many reasons might be assigned, which can hardly fail to prove satisfactory to those who have a competent knowledge of mankind.

The connexions that subsist in civilized society are so complicated and various, that publicity would in many instances retard the operations of genius, and lead to unpleasant consequences, which concealment now prevents. Selfishness and jealousy are so nearly allied, that, in their united influence, they pervade all orders of mankind. A man of superior talents, every publisher wishes exclusively to possess ; and should he perceive any production of his pen in a rival publication, which, in his estimation, appeared more elegant, sprightly, or argumentative, than that with which he had been supplied, awakened suspicion would destroy confidence, and perhaps generate an open rupture, which time would be unable to heal.

It also frequently happens, that local transactions create ties which prudence durst not openly violate ; and when the influence of such causes becomes imperative, an embargo being laid on the mental powers, the world is deprived of half the energies of intellect.

It is a well-known fact, that truths of the utmost importance are frequently encumbered with difficulties, which, to ordinary minds, appear insuperable; and those who accustom themselves to close investigation, feel the perplexity in all its force. To have these incumbent weights removed, they sometimes sigh in secret, and wish for aid which their own minds are unable to furnish. Their stations in literature, in science, and theology, forbid them to express their doubts to others, lest they should sink in their estimation, for suspecting the infallibility of dogmas which have nothing but age and common consent to render them respectable. A fictitious signature supplies these rational sceptics with the means of stating, in the most formidable manner, the various objections which may be urged against their respective theories. These are occasionally proposed in the form of real arguments, by individuals who secretly court opposition, and whose highest gratification arises from seeing what they have advanced completely refuted. From contrivances such as these they obtain new ideas, which fortify their minds, and lead them onward to results, which previous obstacles had half tempted them to abandon in despair. Many important truths have been thus elicited by the discussions that have appeared in the pages of the IMPERIAL MAGAZINE ; and several articles of a similar character, now in the Editor's hands, may be expected, in due time, to make their appearance.

That subjects of a pernicious nature and tendency sometimes obtrude themselves on the notice of the Editor, under this cover of darkness, may very readily be conceived ; but it is his business, standing as a centinel at the doors of his pages, to see that nothing improper is permitted to enter. How far in these respects he has discharged his duty, may be best known by an appeal to the eight VOLUMES of the IMPERIAL MAGAZINE which are now before the world. On these he looks back without personal remorse, and without having his recollections imbittered by any complaints from his numerous readers. The same liberal integrity which has thus far been his guide, will, he hopes, be his future companion, while arranging the diversified articles he may have the honour of submitting to the public eye.

The tide which a few years since ran high in favour of infidelity, has of late experienced a considerable ebb; but irreligion has still its advocates, and genuine piety its foes in the same individual characters.

To prosecute their unhallowed warfare, vulgar ribaldry, refined profligacy, and philosophical pride unite their powers, but it is only in the region of animal sensuality and mental libertinism that the standard of licentiousness is permanently reared.

Of this moral Simoom, it is indeed to be lamented, that many nominal Christians, of little knowledge, and of weak judgments, who want fortitude to bear sarcasm, and courage to avow their own convictions, feel the withering influence. But while such characters are entitled to compassion, they cannot expect that the real friends of virtue and moral worth should compromise the rectitude of principle, to furnish their infirmities with an accommodation.

In this polluted atmosphere all who espouse the cause of unadulterated Christianity, anticipate reproach; but the opprobrious epithets of Enthusiasts, Fanatics, Methodists, and Saints, with which they are stigmatized, like the weapon of aged Priam, either fall short of their mark, or only tinkle on the shield.

In the momentous cause of unsophisticated truth, the IMPERIAL MAGAzine is engaged. Here it originally took its stand; and this uninverted pyramid, having furnished it with ample support amidst the storms and earthquakes that have convulsed the literary world, by still forming the basis on which it rests, affords a pleasing presage of its future prosperity.

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817 ABORIGINĖS of Australia,

49 EARTHLY enjoyments, instability of, Easter Monday at Rome,..

198 Aphorisms from the writings of the Rev.

Education, observations on,.

711 R. Hall, 43, 127, 212, 393, 416,

104 510, 607, 701, 797, 892, 991, 1085 Edward the Sixth's wish, Arctic expedition,

684 Elephant at Exeter 'Change destroyed, 396 Ark of Noah, on the capacity of the, 214 Ellis, Rev. Wm. memoir of the,...... 305

F. Attributes of God displayed in the plag

837 of redemption, 339, 431, 548 Faith, hope, and charity, in heaven, .. Faiths, comparison of,..

641 B. False religion, particularly popery,....

252 BAKEWELL, Mr. Thomas, memoir of, 401, 514

Female stranger, a fragment,

1065 Barrington, Shate, LL.D. bishop of Dur

Fernandi Po, description of the island
497, 610

33, 129 Basil, St. an extract from,


Field diversions, inquiry relative to, . 934 Beatification of a Saint at Rome,


remarks on, ......

1082 Benevolence,


719 Bible Society,


G. Bogue, Rev. David, memoir of the, 113

GAMBLER, character of a,

777 Burmese carriage,


General principles, on the use of,
-·, reply to a query on the, 872
Genius, essay on, .. :

441 Burning of a Jew in Spain,


Geology, analysis of, 159, 247, 334,425, Batterworth, Joseph, Esq. death of, 779

541,650, 745, 809,876,907, 1022, 1114 C.

Gifford, Robert Baron, memoir of, 977 CALVINISM, foreknowledge, &c. 217, 321 Gleavings, 105, 204, 301, 396, 491,588, Character of Nero Cæsar,


683, 779, 876, 969, 1070, 1149 Christian husband and christian wife, 476 God, on the nature of,..

257 code, saperiority of the, 566

“Good,"observations on the term,Gen. i. 197 Christianity, saperior excellency of, 731

Goodwin Sands, account of the,

91 Chorob of England,


Gold and silver in their native states,.. 541 Civilization and barbarism contrasted, 101

Gorthinund, a Saxon poem,

632 Clarke, Rev. E. D. memoir of,.... 785, 895 Gospel, dignity and perfection of the, 45 Clement, bishop of Rome, death of,.. 951

Greek Testament, on the study of the,. 527 Comet of 1825, observations on the, 270 Gretna Green, marriages at,

726 Colonial produce, abstinence from,... 1015

H. Commercial retrospect for the past year, 111 Half an hour, the importance of, .... 1028 Common sense, importance of,

927 Hall, Rev. R. extracts from the writings Comparison of faiths,..


of,-see Aphorisms. Conscience, essay op, rocoo... 69, 190 Hawaii, description of the volcano in, 373 Consolation in adversity, 537 | Hebrew tale,

482 Contentment, essay on, 1098 History of Lucy Mar,

774 Contingency, the meaning of,

reflections on the use of,

801 Copper in its native state,

Human mind, analysis of the,

Hutcheson, Dr. anecdote of,


907 DEATH, 49 Hydrogen and nitrogen,

783 Deistical infidelity, difficulties of, 281 Hydrophobia, remedy for the,.

I. Delage, objections against the, answered,......

378 IDIOTISM and insanity, difference be

297 Dialogue between two ghosts,


1004 Disappointment, causes of, 241 | Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, death of, . 952

1032 Diversity of religious opinions among Innovation, on the dread of, mankind, 814 Inquisition,

294, 969 Dreams, remarks on, ...... 535 Instability of earthly edjoyments,

40 Dress, strictures on, .......

164 Jones, Richard Robert, memoir of, 593, 705

201 Dalwich picture gallery, a day at,

650 Iron in its native state, .....

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KIDN, Rev. James, memoir of, .

Religious world, 138, 358—worship,.. 489
King's evil cured by the royal touch, 1128 Romantic notions, danger of,

Rome, Easter Sunday at,..

LEAD in its native state,

beatification of a saint at,

Lime and magnesia, their properties,

Resurrection of Christ vindicated,

Literary notices, 109, 207, 303, 399, Rule of conduct, our Saviour's,

495,591,687,784, 880,979, 1072,1151

London university, .

825 SABBATH days, on the Jewish and Chris-
Long life, description of a person de-


signed for,
103 Sandwich islands,

Love, essay on, .......
828 Seduction, character of,

Lunar atmosphere, probability of a, 106, 495 Seraphic obsequies, from Erasmus, . 453, 519
Scarlett, James, Esq. memoir of,


585 | Sharp, Granville, Esq. memoir of, 881
Mass, virtues of the,
721 Silk stockings, black, to clean,

Marriage, essay op,....

1008 Slavery, 31, 114, 235, 302, 589, 973
Marrying for money,


-, a sare way of terminating, 1015
May-day in the village, a sketch, 1054

gradual or immediate abolition
Meetings in the metropolis,...


Members of parliament, reply to a query Slave trade, a severe blow to the,

on, ........

679 Solitary hours, 49, 144, 235, 339, 431,
Memory, the art of, from Erasmus, 1119

548, 621, 731
, essay on, ....
727 Soul, immortality of the,

Mental diseases, instances of, 407, 514 Spain, statistical account of,.

- improvement, essay on, ...... 418 Spectacles, on the use of,.

Meteorological observations, 717, 843,

--, on the construction of,

912, 1112 Speculation,

302, 783
Mercury in its native state, .

543 Struel stations-papal apparitions, 637
Methodist missionaries lost at Antigua, 492 Submission to the Divine will, 144, 235
Mind, analysis of the human,
355 Sunday schools, origin of,

Missionary intelligence, . 779,818, 878

thougbts on,

Monument to William Caxton,


Sun extinguisbing fire, reason of the, 772
Mountains, heights of the principal, 971, 1070 Swearing reproved,


NAPOLEON, reflections on the glory of, 841 Tea, natural and commercial history
Natural history : Cycas Revoluta,. 1148


936, 999
Noah's ark, on the capacity of,
214 Temperance, thoughts on,

Northcote, James, Esq. memoir of, 1073 Thief detected with the stolen goods, 769
Nun, affectiog story of a,.
722 | Thomson, John, memoir of,.

Tin in its native state,

OCCURRENCES, remarkable,
894 Tracts, distribution of,..

Old clotbes for the relief of the poor, . 1084 Trust in God, man's best consolation, 537
Oliden, an Eastern tale,


Omar, the sage of the valley, the words of, 41 VOLCANO in Hawaji described,

Oxygen, on the nature of,
813 Village poet's grave,

921, 993

Visbpoo, and other Hindoo deities,.... 645
PAPAL apparitions--Struel stations, 637

cruelty in Spain,
294, 969 WAR, destruction by,

Paper, duty, &c. on,

304 Warren, Rev. S. memoir of the,.. 689
Parliament, members of,

Water, uses of,

Parry, Captain, his third voyage,
914 Weber, Charles M. Von, death of,

Particular providence, doctrine of a, . 621 Worship of the Deity,.

Pentateuch, Faber's corroboration of the, 225

Persevering prayer crowned with success 987 Young, on the fire-side training of the, 62
Platina in its native state,


Poet's grave, a narrative,

921, 993 ZEALAND, New, disastrous intelligence
Popery, 254,—and the Bible,


Prophetical speculations of the Rev. E.


QUERIES proposed, . 208, 304, 592, 880

RAFFLES, Sir Thos. Stamford, death of, 779 | Adieu to Romance,.

Reason with revelation, coincidences of, 349 Affliction,

Reasons for circulating the scriptures, • 105 Anniversary Tribute,

Reformed criminal, a true narratire, 1122 BEAUTY's burial,


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