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ECONOMICS AND FINANCE. GILBART'S History, Principles, and Practice of Banking. Revised to 1881 by

A. S. Michie, of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Portrait of Gilbart. 2 vols. ios. RICARDO on the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. Edited

by E. C. K. Gonner, M.A., Lecturer, University College, Liverpool. [112 the press. SMITH (Adam), The Wealth of Nations. An Inquiry into the Nature and

Causes of. Edited by E. Belfort Bax. 2 vols, 78.


32 Volumes at Various Prices. (8!. 185. per set.) BLAIR’S Chronological Tables. EPIGRAMMATISTS (The). A Selec

Comprehending the Chronology and His tion from the Epigrammatic Literature of tory of the World, from the Earliest Times Ancient, Mediæval, and Modern Times. to the Russian Treaty of Peace, April 1856. With Introduction, Notes, Observations, By J. W. Rosse. 800 pages. Ios.

Illustrations, an Appendix on Works conIndex of Dates. Comprehending

nected with Epigrammatic Literature, the principal Facts in the Chronology and

by Rev. H. Dodd, M.A. 6s. History of the World, from the Earliest to GAMES, Handbook of. Edited by the Present, alphabetically arranged; being Henry 'G. Bohn. Numerous Diagrams. a complete Index to the foregoing. By

55. (See also page 21.) J. W. Rosse. 2 vols. 55. each.

HENFREY'S Guide to English BOHN'S Dictionary of Quotations

Coins. Revised Edition, by C. F. Keary. from the English Poets. 4th and cheaper

M.A., F.S.A. With an Historical IntroEdition. os.

duction. 6s. BOND'S Handy-book of Rules and

HUMPHREYS' Coin Collectors' Tables for Verifying Dates with the Chris

Manual. An Historical Account of the tian Era. 4th Edition. 55.

Progress of Coinage from the Earliest BUCHANAN'S Dictionary of Science Time, by H. N. Humphreys. 740 Illus.

and Technical Terms used in Philosophy, trations. 2 vols. 55. each.
Literature, Professions, Commerce, Arts,
and Trades. By W. H. Buchanan, with

LOWNDES' Bibliographer's Manual

of English Literature. Containing an AcSupplement. Edited by Jas. A. Smith. 6s.

count of Rare and Curious Books pubCHRONICLES OF THE TOMBS. A lished in or relating to Great Britain and

Select Collection of Epitaphs, with Essay Ireland, from the Invention of Printing, on Epitaphs and Observations on Sepul. with Biographical Notices and Prices, chral Antiquities. By T. J. Pettigrew, by W. T. Lowndes. Parts 1.-X. (A to Z). F.R.S., F.S.A. 55.

35. 6d. each. Part XI. (Appendix Vol.),

55. Or the II parts in 4 vols.. half CLARK'S (Hugh) Introduction to

morocco, al. 2s. Also in 6 vols, cloth, 55. Heraldry. Revised by J. R. Planché. 55. each. 950 Illustrations. - With the Illustrations coloured, 155.

MEDICINE, Handbook of Domestic,

Popularly Arranged. By Dr. H. Davies. COINS, Manual of.-See Humphreys.

700 pages. 55. COOPER'S Biographica.! Dictionary,


Dictionary of. Including also Familiar Containing concise notice of upwards of 15,000 eminent persons of all ages and

Pseudonyms, Surnames bestowed on Emicountries. 2 vols. 55. each.

nent Men, &c. By W. A. Wheeler, M.A. 55. DATES, Index of.-See Blair.


Dictionary of Political, Constitutional, DICTIONARY of Obsolete and Pro Statistical, and Forensic Knowledge ;

vincial English. Containing Words from forming a Work of Reference on subjects English Writers previous to the 19th of Civil Administration, Political Economy Century. By Thomas Wright, M.A.. Finance, Commerce, Laws, and Social F.S.A., &c. 2 vols. 55. each.

Relations. 4 vols. 35. 6d. each.

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NOVELISTS' LIBRARY. 13 Volumes at 35. 6d. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (21. 8s. 6d. per set.) BJORNSON'S Arne and the Fisher | FIELDING'S Joseph Andrews and Lassie. Translated from the Norse with his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams. Tith an Introduction by W. H. Low, M.A.

Roscoe's Biography. Cruikshank's Illus

trations. BURNEY'S Evelina; or, a Young

- Amelia. Roscoe's Edition, revised. Lady's Entrance into the World. By F.

Cruikshank's Illustrations. 55. Burney (Mme. D'Arblay). With Introduction and Notes by A. R. Ellis, Author

- History of Tom Jones, a Foundof ‘Sylvestra,' &c.

ling. Roscoe's Edition. Cruikshank's

Illustrations. 2 vols. - Cecilia. With Introduction and Notes by A. R. Ellis, 2 vols.

GROSSI'S Marco Visconti. Trans.

by A. F. D. DE STAËL. Corinne or Italy.

MANZONI. The Betrothed: being By Madame de Staël. Translated by

a Translation of 'I Promessi Sposi. Emily Baldwin and Paulina Driver.

Numerous Woodcuts. I vol. 55. EBERS' Egyptian Princess. Trans. STOWE (Mrs. H. B.) Uncle Tom's by Emma Buchheim.

Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly. 8 fullpage Illustrations.


9 Volumes at Various Prices. (21. 8s. 6d. per set.) BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy 1 HEATON'S Concise History of

and Philosophy of Expression, as Con Painting. New Edition, revised by

nected with the Fine Arts. 55. Illustrated. W. Cosmo Monkhouse. 55. DEMMIN History of Arms and LECTURES ON PAINTING by the Armour from the Earliest Period.

Royal Academicians, Barry, Opie, Fuseli. Auguste Demmin. Trans. by

With Introductory Essay and Notes by Black, M.A., Assistant Keeper, S. K.

R. Wornum. Portrait of Fuseli. 55. Museum. 1900 Illustrations. 75. 6d. FAIRHOLT'S Costume in England.

LEONARDO DA VINCI'S Treatise Third Edition. Enlarged and Revised by

on Painting. Trans. by J. F. Rigaud, R.A. the Hon. H. A. Dillon, F.S.A. With

With a Life and an Account of his Works more than 700 Engravings. 2 vols. 55.

by J. W. Brown. Numerous Plates. 55. each.

PLANCHÉ'S History of British Vol. I. History. Vol. II. Glossary.

Costume, from the Earliest Time to the FLAXMAN, Lectures on Sculpture. Toth Century. By J. R. Planché. 1. 400 With Three Addresses to the R.A. by Sir Illustrations. 55. R. Westmacott, R.A., and Memoir of Flaxman. Portrait and 53 Plates. 6s.


10 Volumes at 3s. 6d. and 55. each. (21. 6s. od. per set.)

N'S Handbooks of Athletic Go Bang, Rouge et noir, Roulette, E.O., Boports. With numerous Illustrations. In Hazard, Faro, by ‘ Berkeley.' 3 vols. 35. 6d. each.

Vol. II. CARD GAMES. Vol. 1.-Cricket, by Hon. and Rev. E.

Contents :-Whist, by Dr. William Pole, Lyttelton ; Lawn Tennis, by H. W. W.

F.R.S., Author of "The Philosophy of Wilberforce ; Tennis, Rackets, and Fives,

Whist, &c.'—Solo Whist, by R. F. Green ; by Julian Marshall, Major Spens, and J. A.

Piquet, Ecarté, Euchre, Pézique, and Tait; Golf, by W. T. Linskill; Hockey,

Cribbage, by ‘Berkeley ;' Poker, Loo, by F. S. Cresweil.

Vingt-et-un, Napoleon, Newmarket, Rouge Vol. II.-Rowing and Sculling, by W.

et Noir, Pope Joan, Speculation, &c. &c., BAWoodgate ; Sailing, by E. F. Knight ; by Baxter-Wray: Swimming, by M. and J. R. Cobbett.

Vol. III.-Boxing, by R. G. Allanson CHESS CONGRESS of 1862. A colWinn ; Single Stick and Sword Exercise, lection of the games played. Edited by by R. G. Allanson-Winn and C. Phillipps. I J. Löwenthal. New edition, 55. Wolley: Wrestling, by Walter Armstrong; Fencing, by H. A. Colmore Dunn.

MORPHY'S Games of Chess, being Vol. IV.--Skating, by Douglas Adams; the Matches and best Games played by the Rugby Football, by Harry Vassall ; Asso American Champion, with explanatory and ciation Football, by C. W. Alcock.

analytical Notes by J. Löwenthal. With

[In the press. short Memoir and Portrait of Morphy. 55. Vol. V. – Cycling and Athletics, by H. H. Griffin ; Rounders, Field Ball, Base. STAUNTON'S Chess-Player's Handball, Bowls, Quoits, Skittles, &c., by J. M. book. A Popular and Scientific IntroWalker, M.A., Assistant Master Bedford duction to the Game, with numerous DiaGrammar School.

[In the press. grams. 55. Vol. VI.-Gymnastics, by A. F. Jenkin; - Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the Clubs and Dumb-bells, by G. T. B. Cobbett

Chess-player's Handbook. Containing the and A. F. Jenkin. [In the press.

most important modern Improvements in Vol. VII.-Riding, Driving, and Stable the Openings ; Code of Chess Laws; and Management. By W. A. Kerr, V.C., and a Selection of Morphy's Games. Annotated. other writers.

[Preparing: 636 pages. Diagrams. 55. BOHN'S Handbooks of Games. New

- Chess-Player's Companion. Edition, entirely rewritten. 2 volumes.

Comprising a Treatise on Odds, Collection 39. 6d. each.

of Match Games, including the French

Match with M. St. Amant, and a Selection Vol. I. Table GAMES.

of Original Problems. Diagrams and CoContents : - Billiards, with Pool, Pyra.

loured Frontispiece. 55. m ds, and Snooker, by Major-Gen. A. W. Drayson, F.R.A.S., with a preface by - Chess Tournament of 1851, W. J. Peall-Bagatelle, by 'Berkeley'- ! A Collection of Games played at this cele. Chess, by R. F. Green-Draughts, Back ! brated assemblage. With Introduction gammon, Dominoes, Solitaire, Reversi, and Notes. Numerous Diagrams. 55.

Price Is. each.

A Series of Complete Stories or Essays, mostly reprinted from Vols. in Bohn's Libraries, and neatly lound in stiff paper cover, with

cut edges, suitable for Railway Reading


ASCHAM (Roger). Scholemaster, 1 IRVING (Washington). Lives of By Professor Mayor.

Successors of Mohammed. CARPENTER (Dr. W. B.). Physi

- Life of Goldsmith. ology of Temperance and Total Abstinence. Sketch-book. EMERSON, England and English

Tales of a Traveller. Characteristics. Lectures on the Race,

Tour on the Prairies. Ability, Manners, Truth, Character,

- Conquests of Granada and Wealth, Religion. &c. &c.

Spain. Two Parts. - Nature: An Essay. To which are

- Life and Voyages of Columbus. added Orations, Lectures, and Addresses.

Two Parts. Representative Men : Seven Lec

- Companions of Columbus: Their tures on PLATO, SWEDENBORG, MON

Voyages and Discoveries.

Adventures of Captain Bonne- Twenty Essays on Various Sub

ville in the Rocky Mountains and the Far jects.

Knickerbocker's History of New - The Conduct of Life,

York, from the beginning of the World to FRANKLIN (Benjamin). Autobio

the End of the Dutch Dynasty. graphy. Edited by J. Sparks.

Tales of the Alhambra. HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel). Twice

- Conquest of Florida under Her. told Tales. Two Vols, in One.

nando de Soto. Snow Image, and Other Tales.

- Abbotsford & Newstead Abbey. Scarlet Letter.

Salmagundi; or, The Whim-Whams

and Opinions of LAUNCELOT LANGSTAFF, House with the Seven Gables. I

Transformation ; or the Marble - Bracebridge Hall; or, The HuFawn. Two Parts.

mourists. HAZLITT (W.). Table-talk: Essays

— Astoria ; or, Anecdotes of an Enter. on Men and Manners. Three Parts.

prise beyond the Rocky Mountains. - Plain Speaker : Opinions on Books,

- Wolfert's Roost, and other Tales. Men, and Things. Three Parts.

LAMB (Charles). Essays of Elia. - Lectures on the English Comic

With a Portrait. Writers.

Last Essays of Elia. - Lectures on the English Poets.

Eliana. With Biographical Sketch. Lectures on the Characters of Shakespeare's Plays.

MARRYAT (Captain). Pirate and - Lectures on the Literature of the Three Cutters. With a Memoir of the Age of Elizabeth, chiefly Dramatic.

the Author


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Bohn's Select Library of Standard Works.

Price is. in paper covers, and is. 6d. in cloth. 1. BACON'S ESSAYS. With Introduction and Notes. 2. LESSING'S LAOKOON. Beasley's Translation, revised, with Intro

duction, Notes, &c., by Edward Bell, M.A. With Frontispiece. 2. DANTE'S INFERNO. Translated, with Notes, by Rev. H. F. Cary. 4. GOETHE'S FAUST. Part I. Translated, with Introduction, by

Anna Swanwick. 5. GOETHE's Boyhood. Being Part I. of the Autobiography,

Translated by J. Oxenford. 6. SCHILLER'S MARY STUART and THE MAID OF ORLEANS. Trans

lated by J. Mellish and Anna Swanwick. 7. THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH. By the late Dean Alford. 8. LIFE AND LABOURS OF THE LATE THOMAS BRASSEY. By Sir

A. Helps, K.C.B. 9. PLATO'S DIALOGUES: The Apology-Crito—Phaedo--Protagoras.

With Introductions. 10. MOLIÈRE'S PLAYS: The Miser-Tartuffe-The Shopkeeper turned

Gentleman. Translated by C. H. Walt, M.A. With brief Memoir. II. GOETHE'S REINEKE Fox, in English Hexameters. By A. Rogers. -*2. OLIVER GOLDSMITH'S PLAYS. 13. LESSING'S PLAYS : Nathan the Wise-Minna von Barnhelm. 14. PLAUTUS'S COMEDIES : Trinummus — Menaechmi — Aulularia —

Captivi. 15. WATERLOO DAYS. By C. A. Eaton. With Preface and Notes by

Edward Bell. 16. DEMOSTHENES-ON THE CROWN. Translated by C. Rann

Kennedy. 17. THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD. 18. OLIVER CROMWELL. By Dr. Reinhold Pauli. 19. THE PERFECT LIFE. By Dr. Channing. Edited by his nephew,

Rev. W. H. Channing. 20. LADIES IN PARLIAMENT, HORACE AT ATHENS, and other pieces,

by Sir George Otto Trevelyan, Bart. 21. DEFOE'S THE PLAGUE IN LONDON. 22. IRVING'S LIFE OF MAHOMET. 23. HORACE'S ODES, by various hands.



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