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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1897, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Omce of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.



This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or reported Notes of Recent Decis-
ions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon
in our Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.



Adams v. New Jersey Steamboat Co. (N. Y.) Carriers

of Passengers Steamboats Liability as Inn.

keepers, R. D. 92.
Allen 7. State of Georgia (U. S. S. C.) Constitutional

Law-Due Process --Escaped Criminal - Dismissal

of Appeal, R. D. 341.

Allgeyer 5. State of Louisiana (U.S.S. C.) Limitation

of the Power of States in Attempting to Regulate

Foreign Corporations, Ed. 299.

American Oak Leather Co. v. Fargo (U.S. C.O., ill.)

Fraudulent Acts of Officers and Directors of Corpo.

rations, Ed, 49.

Argabright v. State (Neb.) Criminal Law-Credibility

of Witness, R. D. 82.

Barker v. Central Park, N. & E. R. R. CO. (N. Y.) Rail-

road Company-Street Railway-Reasonableness of

Rules-Tender of Fare, R. D. 116.

Baxter v. Louisville, N. A. & C. Ry, Co. (III.) Carriers

of Live Stock -Limitation of Liability-Reasonable.

ness, R. D. 260,

Beatty v. Cullingworth (Eng.) Legal Responsibility of

Surgeon in Operating upon Patient, Ed. 153.

Bell F. Hiner (Ind.) Laborer's Lien-Chattel Mortgage

- Priorities, ann. case, 37.
Bierman 7. City Mills Co. (N. Y.) Sale-Implied War-

ranty by Manufacturer-Latent Defects, R. D. 204.

Blackmore v. Grauberry (Tenn.) Pledge


Security-Appropriation of Payment, R. D. 321.
Boerner 9. Traders' Nat. Bank (Tex.) Usury - Na-

tional Banks, . D. 360.
Brown V. State (Tex.) Criminal Law-False Pretepses

-Bogus Check on Bank, R. D. 281.
Byrnes 5. Palmer (N. Y.) Liability of Attorney for

Negligence in the Examination of Title, Ed. 421.
Carey, Admr, v. Hulett (Mind.) What constitutes a

Valid Marriage, Ed. 115.

Carrer v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Criminal Law-

Dying Declarations, R. D. 175.

Chapman, In re (V. S. 8. C.) Power of United States

Senate to Force Witnesses to Testify, Ed. 403.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. Co. v. Miller (U. S.

C.C. of App., Eighth Circuit) Railroad Company-

Reliet Association-Validity of Release, R. D. 240.

Childs v. N. P. Carlstein Co. (U.S. C. C., E. D. Mich.)

Preference to Officers-

Assets as a Trust Fund, R. D. 2.

Citizens of De Soto Parish v. Williams (La.) Nature of

Majority Required in Favor of


Amendment Submitted to a Popular Vote, Ed. 377.

City of Grand Rapids v. Newton (Mich.) Municipal

Corporation-Unreasonable Ordinance, R D. 31.
City of La Porte v. Gamewell Fire Alarm Tel. Co.

(lad.) Municipal Corporations-Limitation on In-

debtedness, R. D. 135.

City of Winchester v. Redmond (Va.) Municipal Cor

porations -- Offering Reward for Criminals, ann.

case, 57.

Clayton v. Clark (Miss.) Agreement by Creditor to AC-

cept Smaller Sum of Money in Satisfaction of Debt,

Ed. 377.

Cleveland, C.C. & St. L. Ry. Co. v. Huddleston (Ind.)

Trial-Damages-Physical Examination, R. D. 450.
Coombs v. Beede (Me.) Architect-Rights and Respon.

sibilities-Compensation, R. D. 154, 321.

Cornwell v. Fraternal Acc. Asen. (N. D.) Accident In.

surance-Violation of Game Laws-Exposure to Un.

necessary Danger, ann. case, 122.

Cunningham v. Bucky (W. Va.) Innkeeper-Liability

-Theft by Servants, ann. case, 183.

Curren v. Galen (N. Y.) Right of Freedom of Labor

Contract, Ed. 259.

Davis v. Clark (Kan.) Escrows-Revocation Deeds-

Delivery, ann. case,
Davis v. Commonwealth (U. S. C.C., Mion.) Regula.

tion of the Use of Parks for Public Addresses, Ed.

Davis v. Hurt (Ala.) Warehousemen-Conversion, R.

D. 822.

Davis' Will, In re (N. Car.) Will-Joint Will-Probate,

R. D. 281.

Dennis v. Joslyn Mfg. Co. (R. 1.) Evidence-Proof of

Dividend of Corporation by Parol, R. D. 174.
Dicken v. Mckinlay (11.) Statute of Frauds Parol

Promise as to Will, R. D. 31.
Downey v. Riggs (Iowa) Vendor and Purchaser-Sale

of Land-Recovery of Money Paid by Purchaser,

ann, case, 515.
Early v. Hummelstoun Mut. Fire Ins. Co. (Pa.) Insur-

ance-Waiver of Defense, R. D. 174.
Edington v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Proof of Good

Character in Criminal Cases, Ed. 153.
Edwards v. Randle (Ark.) Contract - Public Policy-

Sale of Public Office-Payment on Illegal Contract

-Recovery, R. D. 155.

Eliason v. Grove (Md.) Eagement-Servitude, R. D. 343.

Ewan v. Brooks. Waterfield Co. (Ohio) Negotiable In.

strument-Note-Payable to Maker-Blank Indorse.

ment of Third Person-Parol Evidence, ann, case,


Fallbrook Irrigation Dist. V. Bradley (U. S. S. C.)

Validity of Taxation for Irrigation, Ed. 29.

Farmers' National Bank v. Salina Paper Manuf. Co.

(Kan.) Negotiable Instrument--Promissory Note-

Premature Action, R. D. 506.

Ferguson v. Moon (Tenn.) Tears of Counsel as Ground

for Setting Aside Verdict of Jury, Ed. 219.
Flannery v. Jones (Pa.) Auctions--Fraud-Pufing, R.

D. 378.
Fowler v. Bell (Tex.) Chattel Mortgage – Insolvent

Corporation-Law of Place, R, D. 117.
Fox v. Citizens' Bank & Trust Co. (Tenn.) Negotiable

Instrument-Note Payable to Trustee, R. D. 90.
Gibson v. Connecticut Fire Ins, Co. (U. S. C. C., E. D,

Insoivent Corporations




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