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LOOKING to the friendly character of the relations which exist between England and Nepaul, and considering the position which Nepaul already holds in Anglo-Indian history, it has appeared to the Author that, in writing an account of that country, nothing should be omitted which can throw light on its characteristics and history. In addition, therefore, to the narrative of his residence there; his account of the wild sports and the productions of the soil, and the description of the wars of 1814 and 1816, he has deemed it indispensable to append a Memoir of the late General

Sir David Ochterlony, who was not only the
conqueror of Nepaul, after all other Generals
had failed, but was one of the finest, best, and
bravest soldiers the Indian army ever had to

Besides this Memoir, it has been considered expedient to publish an account of the formation and services of the Sirmoor battaliona corps of Goorkhalees, formed out of the Nepaulese, after the hills had fallen under the British yoke.

Other works have appeared in reference to Nepaul; but the Author of the present one confidently believes that no complete account of the kingdom, and all that relates to it, has been published until now.

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