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SECTION I. - Preliminary Remarks. Prosody is the fourth and last part of Grammar, and treats of the construction of verse, and comprises all connected with poetical composition, in distinction from

that of prose.

The word Prosody is derived from two Greek words -pros ode, which we may understand to imply - pertaining to the ode; d, by the common consent of grammarians, is used to imply rules for all kinds of poetical composition.

The Greeks were the first people who made any great advances in science, and who formed institutes and rules of grammar. From them the Romans, and other nations, derived the principles and knowledge of grammar; and hence the technical terms pertaining to grammar (as well as of some other sciences) are of Greek derivation. Odes were among their first and most ancient compositions, and prior to the days of Homer ; hence, on the formation of their grammar (which was commenced at an early period) that part which treated of poetical compositions was called Prosody.

On entering upon this branch of science, it is obvious to remark - the cardinal principles of prosody, together with the technical terms pertaining thereto, being derived from the Greeks, have come down from antiquity to the nations of modern Europe. Those cardinal principles are essentially the same in all languages, antient and modern ; but the rules and technical terms, adopted by the

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