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For the University of Konigsberg an institution for the care of professors' widows and orphans had been established by the governmental decree of July 28, 1831, its statutes published with governmental approval under date of August 4, 1835, by the minister of religious, etc., affairs, and subsequently supplemented with additions on August 17, 1878, and May 16, 1885.

All ordinary and extraordinary professors, drawing at least 900 marks of salary, were with certain exceptions entitled to membership. The annual membership fee was 96 marks for which the widows were granted annual pensions of 80 marks and the orphans (full and half orphans) annual stipends of 200 to 400 marks.

Since April 1, 1890, the following statutes, approved by the minister of religious, etc., affairs, have been in force:

Statutes of the Professors' Widou's and Orphans' Pension Institute of the Royal

Albertus University of Konigsberg in Prussia,


$1. The following provisions shall determine the membership of the Professors' Widows and Orphans' Pension Institute of the University of Kønigsberg in Prussia.

Remainder of the paragraph as above, page 135 (Berlin),


$$ 2 to 8. As above, page 135 (Berlin).


$9. Members that may attain membership after the adoption of these statutes shall pay no fees nor issue reserve drafts on account of entrance.


$$ 11 and 12. As above, page 140 (Bonn), except the closing proviso of the first subparagraph of $10, which reads as follows: Provided, however, that the secretary of the university, the purser of the university, and the questor shall hold rank with the extraordinary professors.


8 13. As above, page 136 (Berlin).


$14. The property of the institution heretofore in its possession shall remain under its control, together with the statutory annual allowance of 3,000 marks by the state. Remainder of § 14 as above, page 136 (Berlin).

$ 15. As above, page 141 (Bonn).


&$ 16 to 20. As above, page 141 (Bonn).


$$ 21 to 24. As above, page 137 (Berlin).


825. These statutes shall take effect on April 1, 1889. On this day the statutes of December 23, 1853, and of March 4, 1854, together with all subsequent additional provisions, shall cease to have effect, in so far as they are not sustained by $$10 to 12.

In addition to this general state provision for the relicts of professors, there is at the University of Konigsberg an quriliary fund for relicts of teachers and officials of the Albertus University, the statutes of which, approved by the minister of religious, etc., affairs under date of December 3, 1891, are as follows:


$1. The object of the auxiliary fund of the university established at Konigsberg is to furnish assistance in case of need to the relicts of the instructorsprofessors, private instructors (privatdozenten), and teachers (lektoren) of the university judge, as well as of the officials of the secretary's and treasurer's department of the Albertus University.

Among the relicts are included : (a) Widows, (1) sons and daughters, (c) other near relatives who may have lost in the deceased their provider.

82. As a rule assistance shall be accorded only to relicts of members of the fund; in very exceptional cases, however, it may be granted also to relicts of nonmembers of the categories named in $1, subparagraph 1, to a total amount not exceeding 10 per cent of annual income as indicated in $9 under a, b, c.


$3. All teachers and oflicials designated in $1, subparagraph 1, are entitled to membership in the fund.

84. Membership may be acquired either by the written pledge of payment of quarterly fee of at least 5 marks, payable in advance, or by the payment of a single contribution of 250 marks.

Relicts of a member that has failed to join the fund within the first year after these statutes have taken effect, or in case of their becoming associated with the university at a later period within the first year after such entrance, may, as a rule, be granted assistance only if the respective member has belonged to the fund for a period of at least five years.

85. The obligation to pay fees on the part of members shall begin with the first day of the quarter in which membership may bave been acquired. 86. Membership ceases-(a) l'pon written declaration at any time of voluntary withdrawal,

addressed to the executive committee. (6) Upon separation from the university in any other way than by retire

ment as emeritus. (c) Upon nonpayment of the fees after a third request by the executive committee.


87. The fund shall have the privileges of a corporation. Particularly, it shall be competent to acquire gifts and legacies in accordance with the provisions of the law.


$8. Relief shall be granted on motion of one or several members by the executive committee ($11) on the ground of its own judgment, but in accordance with $81, 2, 4. 89. Relief sums shall be derived from

(a) The interest of the capital of the fund. (6) The annual fees of the members (84); (c) The gifts placed at the free disposal of the fund, after deduction of 10

per cent of the amounts designated under a and b, which (deductions), together with the eventual surplus of the preceding year, shall be

capitalized. $10. Relief sums may be granted in single or periodic payments, the latter for at most three years (not excluding renewal of the grant).

Periodic relief allowances shall cease before the end of the time tired for them or be reduced by the executive committee whenever the committee shall no longer consider the claimants as needy.


$11. The fund shall be administered, without compensation, by the executive committee, which shall consist of the rextor (prorector)-even if he is not a

member—as chairman, and four members, of whom at least one shall be a jurist, to be elected annually by the regular general assembly (816).

Should a vacancy occur before the time fixed in the preceding subparagraph, a substitute shall be elected by the executive committee for the unexpired term.

The old executive committee shall conduct affairs until its successor for the coming year shall have organized ($ $ 14, 16).

$12. The resolution of the executive committee shall be valid, if it has been approved by at least three votes. The votes may be taken by written ballot.

$13. The executive committee shall watch over the affairs and interests of the fund in all respects; it shall administer the assets of the fund and shall represent the latter in court and out of court.

In the investment of the capital it shall be determined by the statutory provisions governing the investment of the money of wards.

$14. At the close of the administrative year (April 1 to March 31) the executive committee shall submit a report of its administration to a regular general assembly to be called by it at the time ($16), and also submit to it the annual financial report for inspection and resolution of discharge.

$15. The care of the cash and cash accounts shall be the duty of the exchequer of the university, under the direction of the executive committee.

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$16. In addition to the regular general assembly, to be called at the close of each administrative year, and whose object is indicated in $ $ 11 and 14, general assemblies shall be called whenever the executive committee may consider this requisite in the interest of the fund, or whenever at least one-tenth of the members may request this in a written petition to the executive committee, stating the object thereof and the reasons therefor. In the latter case the assembly shall be held within two weeks after receipt of the request.

During the fall vacation no general assemblies shall be held. $17. The calls of assemblies shall state their objects.

$18. General assemblies shall be competent to adopt resolutions, except with regard to the dissolution of the fund ($20), if at least two-thirds of the members are present. However, a second general assembly, called for the same purposes shall be competent to pass resolutions, if at least one week, and at most one month, shall have elapsed between the time fixed for the first and that fixed for the second assembly.

$ 19. Resolutions shall be passed, except in cases provided for in $20, by simple majority of votes. In case of a tie vote the vote of the chairman of the executive committee, who shall preside also at the general assemblies, shall decide.


$20. Resolutions concerning amendments of the statutes shall require a majority of two-thirds of the members present at the respective general assembly; resolutions concerning dissolution of the fund, a majority of twothirds of all the members of the fund. Such resolutions shall also require the approval of the minister of religious, etc., affairs.

821. In the event of dissolution of the fund, its property shall revert to the Albertus University.

As to its disposition, the general council shall determine with due regard to Deedy relicts of members of the fund.


At Marburg the rector, the deans, and professors of the Grand Ducal Ilessian University had established, as early as 1688, a " widows' fund,” of which every new professor was under obligation to become a member. The original statutes of December 24, 1688, suffered various amendments, primarily by the amendatory act of December 21, 1736, and subsequently by an appendix, approved by a governmental decision of March 13, 1856. Ex officio only the ordinary professors were members of the widows' fund; no others could become members. The

annual membership fee was 36 marks and shares of certain fees (paid to them in their work). The pension of a widow, which in case of her remarriage was transferred to the children, varied according to the annual balance sheet of the fund, and amounted, in 1888, to about 600 marks annually. Orphans received the amount of pension allowed to the widow.

Since April 1, 1889, the following statutes, approved by the minister of religious, etc., affairs, under date of November 18, 1889, have been in effect:

Statutes of the Institution for Pensioning Professors' Widows and Orphans at



$1. The following provisions shall determine the membership of the widows' fund existing at Marburg since December 24, 1688, and which shall be known hereafter as the Institution for Pensioning Professors' Widows and Orphans :

$2. No other persons except those designated under 1 shall become members.


$$ 3 to 8. As above, page 135 (Berlin).


$9. Members who shall join the institution after these restrictions become operative shall pay no entrance fee or other fees.


810. The provisions of $82, 3, and 5 to 8, clause 1, shall apply also to the relicts of those who may be members at the time these statutes shall take effect, if these members, in a written declaration, to be delivered to the executive committee of the institution on or before December 1, 1889, a renounce for their relicts all claims that might acerue to the latter in accordance with the statutes of December 24, 1688, and the additions thereto of March 13, 1856. Otherwise the relicts of these members shall remain subject to the provisions of the statutes heretofore in force, with the understanding that the amount of each pension (widows', respectively, orphans' pension) shall be fixed at 900 marks annually.

8 11. As above, page 130 (Berlin).

812. The claims of the relicts of the members deceased before these statutes became operative shall be adjudged according to the provisions of the statutes heretofore in force and in acordance with $10, subparagraph 2.


$ 13. As above, page 136 (Berlin).


$14. The properties of the widows' fund of the university, as well as the revenues heretofore in its possession, shall remain under its control.

The remainder of the paragraph, as above, page 130 (Berlin), with the following addition to the last subparagraph: The shares from fees for promotions, examinations, etc., assigned to the institution shall hereafter be turned over to the exchequer of the university. The so-called “ legacy fees " shall not be levied hereafter. The so-called "rector's salary," amounting to 121 marks 88 pfennigs shall be discontinued in favor of the exchequer of the state.

$ 15. As above, page 136 (Berlin), requiring, however, the approval of the curator of the university instead of the minister for religious, etc., affairs.

VII. ADMINISTRATION OF THE INSTITUTION. &$ 16 to 20. As abore, page 136 (Berlin), requiring, howerer, in $ 18, transmission of the report the curator of the university instead of the minister of religious, etc., affairs.

a Changed to “ on or before January 1, 1890." U. I., 18360.)

(Ministerial decree of January 15, 1890,


8 8 21 to 23. As above, page 137 (Berlin).


$24. As above, page 137 (Berlin).

X. CONCLUSION. $25. These statutes shall take effect on April 1, 1889. On this day the statutes of December 24, 1688, together with the additions thereto of March 13, 1856, shall cease to be operative, in so far as they may not be sustained by 8 $ 10 to 12.



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In connection with the academy at Muenster and the Lyceum Hosianum at Braunsberg there do not exist and have not formerly existed widows' and orphans' funds.

Under the principles published in the Government decree of May 20, 1889, a complete new regulation of the relations of widows and orphans at these places is made by the decree of the minister of religious, etc., affairs of July 20, 1889.

This decree, addressed to the curator of the Royal Academy at Muenster, respectively, of the Lyceum Hosianum at Braunsberg, is as follows (U. I., 17011):

BERLIN, July 20, 1889. His Majesty the Emperor and King, in the governmental decree of May 20 of this year, and of which a certified copy is here added, has been pleased to order me to regulate anew the relations of widows and orphans at the universities, the Academy of Muenster, and the Lyceum Hosianum at Braunsberg, in accordance with the provisions published therein. The required means have been appropriated in the provisions of the state appropriations, chapter 119, section 15a,

Accordingly, the following regulations shall go into effect for the Royal Academy at Muenster (respectirely the Lyceum Hosianum at Braunsberg) with the 1st of April of this year.

1. The widow and the surviving legitimate children, or children legitimized by subsequent marriage, of professors deceased after March 31 of this year (including emerited professors) who at the time of their death occupied a professorship with salary from the exchequer of the academy (respectively of the Lyceum), shall receive widows' pension, respectively orphans' pension, from the exchequer of the state. 2. The amounts to be paid to widows shall be as follows:

Marks. For the widow of an ordinary professor-

1,400 For the widow of an extraordinary professor

1,000 The amounts to be paid to orphans shall be as follows: For an orphan who has lost both parents (full orphan)

000 For each additional full orphan.

400 For a half orphan--

400 For each additional half orphan..

250 3 to 7, as above, $$ 4 to 8 (Berlin).

I request your excellency most respectfully to cause payment of the widows' and orphans' pensions due according to the above provision, in so far as there shall be no doubt in individual cases, to those entitled thereto, in monthly installments in advance, from the respective (dortige) Government depository, and to have the amounts entered as additional expenditure in its accounts of the religious and educational administration for April 1, 1889-90, under chapter 119, section 15a. The respective Royal Government officials have received corresponding order by the accompanying decree of to-day. Should there exist, however, in individual cases, doubts concerning one or another of the indicated conditions, or should their determination require expressly the decision of this offiee (compare No. 4), I shall most respectfully receive the respective report your excellency may be pleased to transmit.


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