Quantum Signatures of Chaos

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 22 дек. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 479
The warm reception of the first edition, as well as the tumultuous development of the field of quantum chaos have tempted me to rewrite this book and include some of the important progress made during the past decade. Now we know that quantum signatures of chaos are paralleled by wave signa tures. Whatever is undergoing wavy space-time variations, be it sound, electro magnetism, or quantum amplitudes, each shows exactly the same manifestations of chaos. The common origin is nonseparability of the pertinent wave equation; that latter "definition" of chaos, incidentally, also applies to classical mechanics if we see the Hamilton-Jacobi equation as the limiting case of a wave equation. At any rate, drums, concert halls, oscillating quartz blocks, microwave and opti cal oscillators, electrons moving ballistically or with impurity scattering through mesoscopic devices all provide evidence and data for wave or quantum chaos. All of these systems have deep analogies with billiards, much as the latter may have appeared of no more than academic interest only a decade ago. Of course, molec ular, atomic, and nuclear spectroscopy also remain witnesses of chaos, while the chromodynamic innards of nucleons are beginning to attract interest as methods of treatment become available.

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